###Developer Resources

For IAE system operational questions or issues, please visit www.fsd.gov.

The Developer Resources area is organized into the following sections:

About SAM Data: An introduction to the definition and structure of data collected and maintained by System for Award Management

Using the SAM Data Extracts: References to test files, extract user guides, web service WSDL guides, and extract mappings

Using the SAM API: Content and guidance associated with using the SAM API are located in the Github SAM API microsite

Using SAM Web Services: All previously published and evolving guidance on using SAM Web Services, including Interact content, tutorials, field mappings, links to WSDL, all linked to their Github host directories

Accessing SAM Data: Complete Data Access Request instructions for non-public data

FPDS Data Documentation: Coming soon

About IAE Architecture: A reference to the Github GSA IAE Architecture repository, which contains architectural artifacts and reference documents

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