About SAM Data

An Introduction to SAM Entity Data

SAM is the primary database for the U.S. Federal Government to manage information on potential government business partners or federal financial assistance recipients.

SAM nomenclature uses the term “Entity” to refer to prime contractors, organizations, financial assistance recipients, loan recipients, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, and any Federal Government agencies desiring to do business with the government. These Entities need to have an active Registration on SAM.gov in order to do business with the Federal Government. The SAM Registration includes information such as; Name, address, various POCs

An Introduction to SAM Exclusions Data

Exclusion records identify those parties excluded from receiving federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and from certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits. These are also commonly known as “suspensions” and “debarments”.

There are 4 types of Exclusions:

  1. Ineligible (Proceedings Pending)
  2. Ineligible (Proceedings Completed)
  3. Prohibition/Restriction
  4. Voluntary Exclusion

Exclusions have a Cause and Effect or in other words, what events lead to the Exclusion and what limitations are imposed on the Entity with the Exclusion. sam.gov has more information on Exclusions.

Where to get SAM Data

You can get Entity Data or Exclusions data by using SAM Web Services or by downloading SAM extracts from the Github IAE Architecture Repository folder

Lots of work has recently been done SAM APIs. You can search Entity Data and also check the status of a SAM Registration. Learn more by clicking here.

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