About SAM Data Extracts

SAM Processes Entity Management extract files and Exclusion extract files for you to download and consume into your local applications.

The Entity Management extract contains information related to a Registration of an Entity including Core Data, Points of Contacts, Representations and Certifications, and other data elements depending on your level of access.

The Exclusions extract contains a list of all currently open exclusions in SAM. This identifies entities that are in some way restricted from doing business with the US Federal Government.

####Extract file processing times:

Monthly extract files are processed on the 1st Sunday of each month. The monthly files contain all active SAM records and SAM records that have become Expired within the last 6 months.

Daily extract files are processed Tuesday - Saturday of each week. The daily files contain records that have been updated since the last daily file was processed.

Where to get SAM Data Extracts

SAM hosts the extract files on our SFTP server and on the sam.gov site.

  1. SFTP - Click here for How to Download SAM Extracts from the SFTP server
  2. SAM.gov website. Go to SAM.gov under the “Data Access” area and you will find all of the extract files.

SAM Extract files are available at three access levels:

  1. Public (includes name, address, Point of Contact information, etc.)
  2. For Official Use Only (FOUO) (includes certain types of Point of Contact Information and Federal Hierarchy information)
  3. Sensitive (includes banking information and MPIN)

If you require either FOUO or Sensitive levels of access you will need to add a role to your SAM account. To do that click here for instructions.

Tools available:

Tool Name Description
SAM Extract Mappings v1.0 Description of field mappings, data types, etc.
Database load scripts for extracts Use these scripts when you are setting up your database to consume SAM Extracts.
Guide to SFTP Download Instruction guide on how to download SAM extract files.
Sample Files Sample files at all data access levels. Samplease are in .xls files and zipped up .dat files.
SAM Functional Data Dictionary Version 4.0
Exclusions Extract User Guide SAM Exclusions Extract contains a list of all currently open exclusions in SAM

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