Using SAM Web Services

SAM offers web services to search for both Entity data and Exclusions data.

Entity Management data can be searched by:

The web service returns the Entity Management Record in XML format for you to consume into your local application. The Entity Management record has four areas:

You have to put a “Y” in any one of the above element tags to get a result from the web service.

EndPoint: WSDL File:

Need more help? Click here for the SAM entity web service management tutorial.

Exclusions can be searched by:

If there is a match the web service returns the Public Exclusion Record in XML for you to consume into your own system.


WSDL File:

Testing SAM Web Services

Web Service Endpoint in Test Environment
SAM Entity Management
SAM Exclusion

Test IDs:

ID Name Password Description
SAMPublic Contact The public Entity Management Web Service requires authentication
SAMFOUO Contact For Official Use Only
SAMSensitive Contact Offers more secure data including banking information and MPIN.

A test id is not needed for the SAM Exclusions XML web service. There is no role or authentication requirement. For more information on SAM account access levels click here.

Tools available:

Tool Name Description
Web Services tutorial Documents how to build an Entity Management web service. Includes various sample request and response for Entity Management.
Web Serivces field mappings Field and tag mappings for Entity Management Web Services.
Soap UI project for Web Services Project ready for import into Soap UI. Coming Soon!
SAM Functional Data Dictionary All SAM field definitions and enumerations.
Web Services Response Schema Documentation Coming Soon!

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