Field reference for public SAM API v3

Deployed June 27, 2015

The fields listed here match up to the SAM data as defined in the public data extract available on SAM. The documentation for the extract is available on the openIAE site here. There are a few fields like the NAICS code which have been broken out into objects or arrays. The documentation will be updated to provide more information about how to expect those codes to be sent to the user, but most of the fields are one-to-one mapped from the public extract file.

We are working on improving access to the information on SAM. If you are directly integrating with SAM and need information about this or other interfaces into SAM, you can go to Interact, sign up, and then contact the your Change Control Board member to get access to the SAM Interfaces and Extracts Working Group forum.


Field References SAM API v3
Field Name: Data Type: Description:
activationDate string The date on which the entity's registration went active after all validations were completed. ISO-8601-formatted date
address object The address provided
altElectronicBusinessPoc object The alternate point of contact for electronic business transactions within the entity
altGovtBusinessPoc object The alternate point of contact for government business within the entity
altPastPerformancePoc object The alternate point of contact for past performance information for business within the entity
answers array of objects The answers array corresponding to the proper FAR/DFAR responses
answerText string The answer of the question for any FAR/DFAR response
businessStartDate string The date the entity was started or acquired. ISO-8601-formatted date
businessTypes array An array of business types determined by SBA or Ability One.
cage string Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to an entity which provides a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location. All US entities must meet a CAGE Code validation process, or will be assigned one by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).
cageRejectionReason string Detailed description of why the entity's CAGE validation was rejected.
certifications object Nested within this objects contains the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) responses and Defense Federal Acqusition Regulation (DFAR) responses
certificationsURL object An object wrapping a URL linking to a PDF of certification data
city string The city or town of the affected object
civilJurisdiction string The civilian average annual unemployment rate during the previous two calendar years of 20 percent or more above the average annual civilian unemployment rate for all states during the same 24-month reference period.
company object The company name of the on file TIN
companyDivision string This field is the Division Name as provided by the Entity
congressionalDistrict string The Congressional District in which the entity resides, per their SAM address
corporateStructureCode string The structure of the entity as defined by the IRS as a code
corporateStructureName string The expanded description of the corporate structure
corporateUrl string The URL provided by the entity for the corporation
correspondenceFlag string This field is used to identify an entity's preferred correspondence type. 'M' indicates US Mail', 'F' indicates fax, 'E' indicates email
county string See list more info
countryCode string The country code where the entity was incorporated. This follows the ISO3166 3-digit format.
countryOfIncorporation string If you are incorporated outside the U.S., you must provide country of incorporation. Non U.S. registrants doing business outside the U.S. are not required to complete the Financial Information section of the registration.
creditCardUsage boolean Indicates whether an entity is willing to be paid by Government credit card
dfarResponses array of objects The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation responses are nested in this array
disasterRelief object An object which describes the disaster relief locations which can be serviced by the entity.
divisionNumber string This field is the Division Number as provided by the Entity
doingBusinessAsName string The Doing Business As (DBA) name of the entity provided by D&B monitoring
duns string The 9-digit DUNS number of the awardee
dunsPlus4 string User-created 4-digit extension to the DUNS number indicating more than one set of U.S. banking information for that physical address
electronicBusinessPoc object The point of contact for electronic business transactions within the entity
email string The email address for the entity/contact
endProduct array of objects The list of foreign end products manufactured in the United States that do not quaify as domestic end products (e.g. an end product that is not a COTS item and does not meet the component test of the definition of a domestic end product.
excpCounter boolean Number of exceptions the NAICS contains
expirationDate string A system generated date for the date when the entity's registration expires. Any time the user updates the company's information; this date needs to be updated to the current date. ISO-8601-formatted date
extension number The telephone extension of the point of contact for DFAR 252.209-7002
farResponses array of objects The Federal Acquisition Regulation responses are nested in this array
fax string The fax number of the entity/contact
firstName string The first name of the entity/contact
fiscalYearEndCloseDate string The day of the year in MM/YY format that corresponds to the day on which the company's fiscal year closes
foreignGovtEntity array of objects The foreign government entity information for DFAR 252.209-7002
fscCode number The 4 digit Federal Supply Codes which is a subset of PSCs
fscInfo array of objects The array that contains the information about whether the FSC codes were manufactured in the US or Outside the US
geographicalAreas array of objects Identifies the state if "Multiple States" is presented. Identifies the metropolitan statistical area and county if "One State" is presented.
govtBusinessPoc object The point of contact for government business within the entity
govtCountry string The foreign government entity country for DFAR 252.209-7002
hasDelinquentFederalDebt boolean The Delinquent Federal Debt (DFD) Certification (Flag) tracks status of an outstanding Delinquent Federal Debt owed by the registrant. This flag set to true indicates that the registrant has been determined to have a delinquent obligation owed to the U. S. Federal Government as shown by records at the Department of the Treasury. This flag set to false means the Treasury Department found no delinquent obligation. A non-entry [-] indicates that this registrant has not yet been verified with Treasury. Foreign registrations are not verified.
hasKnownExclusion boolean This flag indicates whether an entity has an exclusion record
hasOwner string Indicates if the Immediate Owner has a higher level owner for CAGE Ownership Details
hasSBAProtest string As a contracting officer, you may protest the size of a procurement or sale and file the size protest with the SBA Government Contracting Area Office.
hasSizeChanged string Indicates if the size metrics have changed
highestLevelOwnerCage object The Highest Level Owner for CAGE Ownership Details
id string This is the specific FAR/DFAR clause number
immediateOwnerCage object The Immediate Level Owner for CAGE Ownership Details
interestDescription string The description of interest if the Offeror is a subsidiary, it shall also disclose any reportable interest a foreign government has in any entity that owns or controls the subsidiary for DFAR 252.209-7002
internationalNum number The international phone number for the point of contact for DFAR 252.209-7002
isPrimary boolean Indicates whether a naics is the primary
isSmallBusiness string Indicates if the entity is a small business
jointVentureCompany array of objects The name of the Joint Venture company doing business with the entity
laborSurplusConcern array of objects Labor Surplus Area means a geographical area identified by the Department of Labor in accordance with 20 CFR part 654, subpart A, as an area of concentrated unemployment or underemployment or an area of labor surplus (FAR 2.101). A list of labor surplus areas is available from the Department of Labor at
lastName string The last name of the entity/contact
lastUpdateDate string The last date on which the entity's registration was updated. ISO-8601-formatted date
legalBusinessName string The legal business name of the entity.
line1 string The address line 1 for the entity/contact
line2 string The address line 2 for the entity/contact
mailingAddress object The mailing address for the entity
metropolitanStatisticalArea string The Metropolitan Statistical Areas associated with the county. More information can be found here
mi string The middle initial for the point of contact for DFAR 252.209-7002
middleInitial string The middle initial for the entity/contact
naics array of objects The North American Industry Classification System is the standard used by Federal Statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting and analyzing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy
naicsCode string The 6 digit NAICS code associated with your business. More information can be found here
naicsName string The name of the NAICS code
name string The legal business name of the entity for FAR 52.209-5
ncageCode string CAGE Codes that are used internationally as part of the NATO Codification System (NCS) are called NCAGE codes. All foreign entities must provide an NCAGE Code
nonUsPhone string The non-US phone number for an entity/contact
ownerAddress object This is the Owner/Operator place of performance address for FAR 52.214-14
ownerName string This is the Owner/Operator name of the Plant or Facility for FAR 52.214-14
ownershipPercentageType number This is the ownership percentage of the company for DFAR 252.209-7002
pastPerformancePoc object The point of contact for past performance information for business within the entity
pdfUrl string The URL linking to a PDF of the SAM entity registration data
placeOfManufacture string The place of manufacture for each FSC code below is in the US or outside the US
plantAddress object This is the Owner and Operator of the Plant or Facility address information if Other than Bidder for FAR 52.214-14
pointOfContact object Point of Contact information is nested in this object for DFARS 252.209-7002 Disclosure of Ownership or Control by a Foreign Government.
productType string This is the product type for FAR 52.227-15
pscCodes array of objects The Product Service Codes, described by objects, which the entity supports. The 'More info' link takes you to the PSC manual
pscCode string Four-character codes used to identify the types of goods and services your entity can provide. Codes that start with a number indicate types of product, codes that start with a letter indicate types of services.
pscName string The name of the Product Service Code
publicDisplay boolean Indicates if the entity is opt-ed in/out of public search
purposeOfRegistration string Indicates whether the entity is seeking contracts, grants, or intergovernmental transfers
qualifications object An object wrapping a URL linking to a PDF of qualifications data
registrationDate string The date the initial entity registration was submitted, this date will not change. ISO-8601-formatted date
samAddress object The address provided by the entity for contact
samFacility array of objects Within this array contains place of performance (Street Address, City, State, County, ZIP Code) Name and Address of Owner and Operator of the Plant or Facility if Other than Bidder for FAR 52.214-14
samPointOfContact array of objects Thi sis the person(s) responsible for determining prices offered in bids/proposals for the entity for FAR 52.203-2
section string This is the specific FAR/DFAR clause sub number
software array of objects This is the software name for FAR 52.227-15
stateOfIncorporation string The US state in which the entity was incorporated, if applicable
stateOrProvince string The state or province for an entity/contact
state string The individual states for Disaster Response Relief and the Labor Surplus Area concern
status string The status of the entity's registration
statusMessage string The status of the entity's registration
submissionDate string The date the entity registration was submitted
surplusArea string The name of the labor surplus area for FAR 52.219-2. More information about the labor surplus areas is available from the Department of Labor
telephoneNumber string The telephone number of the Point of Contact for DFAR 252.209-7002
tin string Indicates if the TIN is on file for FAR 52.212-3
title string The description of the contact's role
type string Identify prospective contractors which can deliver emergency supplies and services needed in a specific disaster area. When entering your Geographic Area, you are stating the FEMA declared disaster area for which you will be able to provide disaster response services.
usPhone string The U.S. phone number for the entity/contact
usPhoneExt string The U.S. telephone extension for the entity/contact that refers to a phone on an internal telephone line
zip string The 5 digit postal code for the entity/contact
zip4 string The 4 digit ZIP +4 add on codes for th entity/contact

Common RESTful API Objects

Address Object
An address is represented by a JSON object with a structure as follows:
{    "line1": "1800 F St NW",    "line2": "IAE Offices",    "city": "Washington",    "stateOrProvince": "DC",    "zip": "20504",    "zip4": "0000",    "countryCode": "USA"  }  

Note that city and zip4 are optional.

The countryCode is a 3-digit code based on the GENC standard which is derived from ISO-3166-1 alpha-3 code. In March, the SAM API v2 will also include West Bank, Gaza Strip and Kosovo in the country codes.

Point of Contact Object
A point of contact object references an individual that is tied to a SAM registration for a particular purpose (e.g., a government point of contact, a point of contact dedicated to past performance reporting, etc.). A point of contact is represented by an object wth a structure as follows:
{    "firstName": "John",    "middleInitial": "Z",    "lastName": "Smith",    "address": { -- address object -- }    "usPhone": "555-555-5555",    "usPhoneExt": "000",    "nonUsPhone": "105055555555",    "nonUsPhoneExt": "000",    "email": ""  }  
Note that only firstName, lastName, email and one phone number is required.