SAM API Versioning

SAM getData API

The SAM GetData API has one operation. The operation will retrieve an entity’s public information. Its endpoint is
The standard rate limits for the SAM APIs are now 1,000 calls per API key in a 24 hour-period, 5,000 calls per IP Address in a 24-hour period, and 5 calls per 5 seconds. If you need a higher amount or customized rate limits, please submit a request to our supporting Federal Service Desk at Title it "SAM API Rate Limit Increase" and provide the email address used to create the API Key, your Account ID, your IP Address, and a description/explanation of how you will use the requested SAM API limit increase. (

Note: SAM only provides support for the latest 2 versions of the GetData API. Legacy versions of the GetData API (versions 6 and below) may be sunset soon. Please migrate to the latest versions of the SAM GetData API.

Version 7 (v7)

The following updates have been applied:

  • Updated SAM API to return ‘true’ for "hasKnownExclusion" if the entity registration has an active exclusion, and ‘false’ if the entity registration does not have an active exclusion.
    • Refer to Appendix A for sample data and JSON tag result.
  • Removed old, outdated Business Types from the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system from API business type string.
  • Removed "mi" field under SF 330 “personDetails” improving usability.
  • Updated several DFAR field element names:
    • Updated "DFAR 252.247-7049.1" to "DFAR 252.225-7049.c.1"
    • Updated "DFAR 252.247-7049.2" to "DFAR 252.225-7049.c.2"
    • Updated "DFAR 252.247-7049.3" to "DFAR 252.225-7049.c.3"
    • Updated "DFAR 252.247-7049.4" to "DFAR 252.225-7049.c.4"
    • Updated "DFAR252.247-7022" to "DFAR 252.225-7022"
    • Updated "DFAR252.216-7008" to "DFAR 252.216-7008"
    • Updated "DFAR252.209-7002" to "DFAR 252.209-7002"

    Version 6 (v6)

    The following updates have been applied:

  • Revised FAR 52.212-3 regarding the Ownership of Offeror details.
    • This clause is nested under section p.
  • Revised FAR 52.212-3 regarding the predecessor of offeror details.
    • Additional 52.212-3 clause was added. This clause is nested under section r.

    Version 5 (v5) - No longer supported

    The following updates have been applied:

  • Added FAR 52.204-20, regarding the predecessor of offeror details
    • Includes the addition of up to 3 predecessors’ information (CAGE & Legal Business Name)
  • Added FAR 52209-11 regarding the Representations by Corporations regarding delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under any Federal Law.
    • Additional 52.212-3 clause was added. This clause is nested under section q.

    Version 4 (v4) - No longer supported

    The following updates have been applied:

    • Enhanced API getData return by adding 2 modular options to return either all values (inclusive of “null” values) or responded elements
      • Full -
      • Responded -
    • Added Architect-Engineer Response (SF 330 Part II)
      • Nested under “qualifications” and “acass”
    • Added Bonding Information from Disaster Response page. Contains four bonding levels
      • Nested under “bondingInformation”
    • Added Address Line 2 for every address object
      • Address Line 2 is found under the field element “line2”
    • Revised 52.203-2 data return of the POC. On the front end, there is one text field to input a first and last name. In the API, there are 2 fields: firstName and lastName
      • firstName populates the first word while the lastName populates the last word
    • Revised a few fields for DFAR 252.209-7002 to provide more clarity to a user
      • “name” was changed to “controlledEntityName”
      • “mi” was changed to “middleInitial”
    • Revised all address objects to include fields that were not being returned. Also revised formatting for consistency throughout the API
      • Fields being returned are now “line1”, “line2”, “city”, “countryCode”, “zip”, “zipPlus4”
    • Resolved an issue for 52.214-14 where the ownerAddress and FacilityAddress was only returning/copying the last entered facility and addresses.
      • Now returns each distinct facility if the entity has multiple facility addresses
    • Resolved instances where the notes section of a Point of Contact was not being displayed

    Version 3 (v3) - No longer supported

    Deployed June 27, 2015

    The following updates have been applied:

    • Added FAR 52.204-17, which deals with CAGE Ownership of Offeror Information
      • Includes the addition of Immediate Owner and Highest Level Owner
    • Added 2 digit state code in conjunction with Congressional District code for clarity
      • E.g. congressionalDistrict: “DC 98”
    • Removed answerId that were sporadically appearing in the certifications object
      • Identified answerId as an optional string and cleared for removal
    • Revised field name for country within the address string to  be tagged consistently as “countryCode”
    • Resolved instances where an http (error code 500) error is thrown when a batch is ran with a single one duns being included multiple times within the batch
      • No error is being thrown
    • Resolved instances where an http (error code 500) error is thrown for historical registrations that are missing a value for congressional district
      • The congressional district string appears as null
    • Resolved instances where an http (error code 500) error is thrown when a DUNS is missing mandatory data elements
      • The mandatory data elements appear as null
    • Resolved an issue that if the Doing Business As name has a “[“ or “]” it returns as an array
      • doingBusinessAs now returns as a string, not an array
    • Resolved an issue where Small Business indicator were returning a null for farResponses
      • Now displays a “Y” or “N” to indicate Small Business status

    Version 2 (v2) - No longer supported

    The following updates have been applied:

    • Added Reps and Certs data; identified as “certifications” object
      • Fields include from Reps and Certs include:
        • farResponses, dfarResponses, id, answers, answerText, answerId, section

    Version 1 (v1) - No longer supported

    The getData v1 SAM API includes:

    • Added Core Data, Assertions, and Points of Contact information.  Please note that optional fields that have not been completed by the registrant are not returned in the API response.
      • Fields from Core Data include:
        • activationDate, businessStartDate, businessTypes, cage, cageRejectionReason, companyDivision, congressionalDistrict, corporateStructureCode, corporateStructureDescription, corporateUrl, correspondenceFlag, countryOfIncorporation, creditCardUsage, divisionNumber, dodaac, doingBusinessAsName, duns, dunsPlus4, expirationDate, fiscalYearEndCloseDate, hasDelinquentFederalDebt, hasKnownExclusion, lastUpdateDate, legalBusinessName, mailingAddress, publicDisplay, purposeOfRegistration, qualifications, registrationDate, samAddress, stateOfIncorporation, status, statusMessage, submissionDate
      • Fields from Assertions include:
        • disasterRelief, type, geographicalAreas, metropolitanStatisticalArea, county, naics, isPrimary, naicsCode, naicsName, pscCodes, pscName, pscCode,
      • Fields from Points of Contact include:
        • altElectronicBusinessPoc, altGovtBusinessPoc, altPastPerformancePoc, electronicBusinessPoc, govtBusinessPoc, pastPerformancePoc


    SAM Search API

    The SAM Search API has been developed to mimic the Search functionality that is currently available from the SAM website. The Search API provides the opportunity to perform a search transaction in the following two options. Quick Search takes a single search term provided by the user and compares it to a set of predefined database fields. Advanced Search allows the user to search by entering a value that is then used to search a user selected predefined search category.
    Notice that the searchData is through a JSON-based “hypermedia as the engine of application state” (HATEOAS with the appropriate links object within the result set). The intent going forward will be to use this model to allow for a scalable architecture of IAE’s APIs to be built.

    Version 1 (v1)

    The following updates have been applied:

    • Added Advanced Search features which allows users to search by specific fields
      • Fields added to the Advanced Search include:
        • legalBusinessName, status, duns, dunsPlus4, hasKnownExclusion, expirationDate, samAddress, cage, dodaac, hasDelinquentFederalDebt

    Version 2 (v2)

    Deployed June 27, 2015

    The following updates have been applied:

    • Added ability to check companies that were added/updated /expired between 2 dates
      • Will use the following format
        • expirationDate:[2015-01-01,2015-05-05]
        • updateDate:[2015-01-01,2015-05-05]
        • createDate:[2015-01-01,2015-05-05]