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Table of Federal GitHub data (such as: Agency, Number of Repositories, Average Issues, Average Commits, etc.)
Name Type Agency Sub Blog Email Repos !Descrips Avg. Watchers Avg. Issues Avg. Commits Org Info
18fGovernmentGSA18Fhttps://18f.gov18f@gsa.gov10980 10.79 7.83 0.3218F builds effective, user-centric digital services focused on the interaction between government & the people it serves. Provided by GSA.
adl-aiccGrant?DODOffice of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness 9.67 1.33 0.00AICC to ADL Transition
adlnetGrant?DODOffice of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readinesshttp://www.adlnet.govadlhelpdesk@adlnet.gov370 39.43 6.40 0.11--
afrl 0.00 0.00 0.00Air Force Research Labs
arcticlccGovernmentInteriorFish and 0.64 1.91 0.01--
BBGInnovateGovernmentBroadcasting Board of Governors 2.59 0.05 0.18--
bfelobGovernmentEducationBFELOB 1.00 0.00 0.00--
blue-buttonGovernmentHHSOffice of the National Coordinator for Health IT----160 16.13 1.13 0.00Helping all Americans get access to their health data.
businessusaGovernmentBusinessUSABusinessUSA----20 6.00 26.50 0.00--
CA-CST-LibraryGovernmentStateConsular Systems and Technology Division----30 0.67 0.00 0.00Library dedicated to open source code reuse, for Consular Systems and Technology division
CA-CST-SIIGovernmentStateConsular Systems and Technology Division 1.00 0.50 0.00Colaborative Division Forum
ccmc 2.00 1.00 0.00--
CDCgov 1.18 0.99 0.25Collaborative software projects used by CDC to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.
cfpbGovernmentConsumer Financial Protection Bureau 11.20 4.11 0.96--
cmsgovGovernmentHHSCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services 8.02 2.57 0.37--
commercedataservice----580 2.45 3.02 0.00We're the U.S. Department of Commerce's data research and technology consultancy, focused on advising and building data products in America's Data Agency.
commercegovGovernmentCommercehttps://www.commerce.govwebmaster@doc.gov40 11.00 4.50 0.00--
defense-cyber-crime-centerGovernmentDODUSAF Defense Cyber Crime Centerwww.dc3.milinfo@dc3.mil60 44.33 0.67 0.00-- 9.67 10.67 0.00Tools and methods that provide a systematic, ongoing and transparent mechanism to tell data owners what's most valuable to you
department-of-veterans-affairsGovernmentVA 1.79 4.20 2.26--
deptofdefensehttps://dds.milcode@dds.mil200 7.94 6.00 0.12Defense Digital Service
dhs-ncats 19.03 2.00 1.09Securing the homeland one scan at a time.
didsr 1.87 1.50 0.00FDA, CDRH, OSEL, Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability
digital-analytics-program 50.00 24.00 0.00The federal government's aggregated web analytics initiative.
doecode 2.30 3.50 0.00DOE code repositories collected and preserved by the USDOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information. To join email
EEOCGovernmentEEOC----00 0.00 0.00 0.00--
energyappsGovernmentEnergy 0.06 0.15 0.00The U.S. Department of Energy's Interactive Graphics
erdc-cmGovernmentDODUS Army Corps of Engineers 0.00 0.00 0.00--
eregsGovernmentConsumer Financial Protection Bureau----70 8.86 13.29 0.01--
fccGovernmentFCChttps://fcc.govdeveloper@fcc.gov980 3.14 0.32 0.09--
fdaGovernmentHHSFDA 30.33 2.11 0.01The official GitHub page for the US Food and Drug Administration. Privacy Policy @
fecgov 29.19 52.00 5.47The FEC administers and enforces federal campaign finance law and discloses the sources and amounts of funds used to finance our elections.
Federal-Aviation-AdministrationGovernmentTransportationFAA 1.17 0.00 0.00--
federaltradecommissionGovernmentFTC 1.67 0.00 0.00FTC is a bipartisan federal agency w/ a dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. Github's privacy policy governs here. 16.54 4.54 11.75--
GIST-ORNL 17.67 2.00 0.31Geographic Information Sciences and Technology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 0.00 0.00 0.00--
gopleaderCongressionalEric Cantor 0.00 0.00 0.00Archived repositories for former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.
government-servicesGovernmentGSA18F----30 2.00 11.00 0.00--
GreatSmokyMountainsNationalParkGovernmentInteriorNPS----40 0.00 0.00 0.00--
gsaGovernmentGSA 11.29 5.57 0.44The U.S. General Services Administration
gsa-oeshttps://oes.gsa.govoes@gsa.gov30 2.00 3.50 0.00Work of the Office of Evaluation Sciences at GSA.
hhsGovernmentHHS 4.14 0.85 0.06--
HHS-AHRQ 9.75 0.00 0.09The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is the lead Federal agency charged with improving the safety and quality of America's health care system.
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatformGovernmentHHS----100 0.50 0.00 0.00--
HHSIDEAlabGovernmentHHS 3.83 1.22 0.00--
historyatstateGovernmentStateOffice of the Historian 2.52 4.48 0.15--
IIP-DesignGovernmentStateBureau of International Information Programs----770 0.21 0.87 0.15--
IMDProjectsNGE----100 0.70 2.10 0.00--
imls 1.20 2.20 0.00IMLS is the primary source of federal support for the nation's 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums.
informaticslabGovernmentHHSCDChttp://www.phiresearchlab.orgInformaticsLab@cdc.gov990 0.14 0.08 0.00--
Innovation-ToolkitNGEPIF----50 3.00 2.00 0.00--
internationaltradeadministration----190 1.39 0.22 1.80--
ioosGovernmentNOAA 2.10 4.46 0.08Technical documentation and software supporting IOOS Data Management and Communications.
IRSgovGovernmentTreasuryIRS 7.80 1.80 0.01--
keplergohttp://keplerscience.arc.nasa.govKeplerGO@mail.arc.nasa.gov330 12.00 8.62 0.00--
libraryofcongressGovernmentCongressional 20.64 8.32 2.65--
M-O-S-E-SGovernmentDODUnited States Army Simulation and Training Technology 1.38 0.25 0.00--
mcc-govGovernmentThe Millennium Challenge Corporationdata.mcc.govopendata@mcc.gov60 1.50 0.00 0.00--
missioncommand 13.09 11.82 0.00--
nasaGovernmentNASAhttp://www.nasa.govgithub@lists.nasa.gov2000 86.62 5.61 1.51--
nasa-develop 5.81 2.16 0.00--
nasa-gibsGovernmentNASA 58.08 10.17 2.46--
NASA-rdtGovernmentNASA----50 0.20 0.00 0.00Code 408 SSCO
nasa-tournament-labGovernmentNASACoECI 5.33 13.33 0.00The NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) provides solutions for NASA's mission by providing crowdsourced challenges.
nasaworldwind 171.40 94.60 0.73--
NationalGuardGovernmentDODNational Guard 0.00 0.00 0.00--
nationalparkserviceGovernmentInteriorNPS 17.74 5.16 0.08Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their national parks.
NCRNGovernmentInteriorNPS 1.21 14.29 0.00NCRN Inventory and Monitoring Network
NeoGeographyToolkitGovernmentNASA 21.90 4.50 0.68--
nesii 0.33 0.67 0.06NOAA Environmental Software Infrastructure & Interoperability Group
ngdsGrantEnergy 1.04 5.56 0.10--
nhanesGovernmentHHSCDC 0.67 0.00 0.00Informal group of public users of NHANES
nidcd 0.14 0.14 0.00Large-Scale Neural Simulator (LSNM)
NIEMGovernmentHomeland Securityhttps://niem.govinformation@niem.gov250 3.08 8.92 0.12NIEM is a community-driven, standards-based approach to exchanging information.
NMB-DevGovernmentNational Mediation Board----30 0.00 0.00 0.00--
NMMLGovernmentCommerceNOAA 1.31 0.25 0.00Marine Mammal Laboratory science developers at the NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, WA 6.67 10.94 0.17U.S Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA-ORR-ERDGovernmentCommerceNOAAresponse.restoration.noaa.govChris.Barker@noaa.gov390 2.71 3.57 0.65--
ntiaGovernmentCommerceNational Telecommunications and Information Administration 3.50 2.75 0.11--
ombegovGovernmentOMB----60 9.67 42.67 0.00--
Open-SatGovernmentNASA 0.25 0.00 0.00Establish a community for open source projects based on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's core Flight System (cFS).
opengovplatformGovernmentGSAdata.govhttp://opengovplatform.orgopengovplatform@gmail.com50 90.40 4.20 0.00--
ozoneplatformNGEhttp://ozoneplatform.orgozone-sales@nextcentury.com370 28.67 2.58 0.03OZONE Platform FOSS releases
peacecorpsGovernmentPeace Corps 3.69 5.54 0.00Plug into Peace Corps' mission
petsc 60.50 0.00 40.99PETSc is a suite of composable data structures and algorithms for scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by PDEs.
presidential-innovation-fellowsGovernmentWhitehousePIFhttps://presidentialinnovationfellows.govpif-team@pif.gov800 5.27 3.31 0.05--
project-open-dataGovernmentWhitehouse 151.33 13.58 0.00--
radiofreeasia 0.45 1.00 0.00--
redhawksdrNGEhttp://redhawksdr.github.ioredhawksdr@redhawksdr.org850 5.66 0.67 0.07--
regulationsgov 3.00 1.00 0.00--
sbstusa 0.40 0.60 0.00Work associated with the SBST.
SelectUSAGovernmentCommerce----70 0.14 0.00 0.00--
SERVIRNGE 0.39 0.05 0.00--
SSAgov--open.source@ssa.gov80 10.00 1.14 0.03--
state-hiuGovernmentStatehttps://hiu.state.govHIU_INFO@state.gov600 0.91 1.94 0.00U.S. Department of State, Humanitarian Information Unit
sunpyNGE 16.10 12.10 0.04--
us-beahttp://www.bea.govwebmaster@bea.gov30 48.00 1.00 0.29--
US-CBP 12.44 37.89 0.84To serve as the premier law enforcement agency enhancing the Nation's safety, security, and prosperity through collaboration, innovation, and integration.
usagovGovernmentGSAhttp://usa.govusagov-developers@gsa.gov150 10.58 1.42 0.00USAGov
usaidGovernmentUSAIDhttp://www.usaid.govopendata@usaid.gov80 5.60 3.60 0.00USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty. Find our privacy policy at
usajobs 3.88 30.00 0.00Find your fit in the federal government.
usasearchGovernmentGSA 0.00 0.00 0.00--
usbrGovernmentInteriorBureau of Reclamation 1.24 3.24 0.43Reclamation is the largest wholesale water supplier in the United States, and the nation's second largest producer of hydroelectric power.
uscensusbureau 57.31 4.08 0.10--
uscis 0.00 0.00 0.00U.S. Citizens 20.50 20.25 0.00--
usda-ars-agilGovernmentUSDAAgricultural Research Service 0.00 0.00 0.00--
USDA-ERSGovernmentUSDAEconomic Research Service 1.50 0.25 0.00--
USDA-FSA 0.73 7.09 0.00Serving farmers, ranchers, and agricultural partners through the delivery of effective, efficient agricultural programs for all Americans.
usda-vsGovernmentUSDAVeterinary Services--tod.p.stuber@usda.gov50 1.00 1.80 0.00USDA-Veterinary Services
usdepartmentoflaborGovernmentLabor----720 3.30 2.81 0.26--
USDeptVeteransAffairsGovernmentVA 3.67 0.00 0.00United States Department of Veterans Affairs
usdoj----70 4.29 12.29 0.02--
usds 123.20 11.50 0.00The United States Digital Service is transforming how the federal government works for the American people.
usdot-fhwa-stol 10.54 5.46 5.20Innovate. Collaborate. Open-Source Mobility.
usdot-jpo-ode 4.08 0.42 0.10US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Intelligent Transportation Systems Operational Data Environment (ITS ODE)
useda----10 0.00 0.00 0.00-- 4.02 5.62 0.29--
USFWSGovernmentInteriorFWS 0.46 1.26 0.00--
usg-scopeGovernmentGSA 2.00 0.00 0.00--
USGCRPFFRDCNSFUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research 1.25 7.81 0.00--
usgpoGovernmentGPO 20.92 2.31 0.00--
usgsGovernmentInteriorUSGS 2.89 4.87 1.17By integrating our diverse scientific expertise, we understand complex natural science phenomena and provide scientific products that lead to solutions.
USGS-AstrogeologyGovernmentInteriorUSGS-Astrogeologyhttp://usgs-astrogeology.github.iojlaura@usgs.gov820 1.62 11.86 0.61The USGS Astrogeology Science Center public GitHub repositories. 0.71 0.49 0.09--
usgs-cmgGovernmentInteriorusgs-cmg 1.12 11.12 0.00--
usgs-erosGovernmentInteriorUSGS-EROS 5.18 2.68 0.45Organization account for all USGS-EROS github repositories
USGS-OWIGovernmentInteriorUSGS-OWI----80 0.83 1.67 0.00USGS Office of Water Information
USGS-RGovernmentInteriorUSGS-R 5.31 7.87 0.03--
USGS-WiMGovernmentInteriorUSGS-WiM 0.27 3.93 0.15Web Informatics and Mapping (WIM) develops web-based tools that support USGS science and other federal initiatives.
usindianaffairsGovernmentInteriorIndian Affairs----20 0.00 0.00 0.00-- 1.00 1.20 0.00--
usnationalarchivesGovernmentNational Archives 11.94 2.06 0.06--
USPSGovernmentUSPS 2.00 0.00 0.00Developer Relations for USPS Web Tools APIs
USPTOGovernmentCommerceUSPTOhttp://www.uspto.govcontactUXD@uspto.gov140 23.43 2.79 0.00Department of Commerce
USSBAhttps://www.sba.govdigitalservice@sba.gov220 1.21 0.93 0.35U.S. Small Business Administration
usstatedeptGovernmentState----930 1.03 8.33 0.02The GitHub Organization for the State Department - For access, send your GitHub username to Tim Hayes
ustaxcourt 5.00 5.00 0.00A national forum to expeditiously resolve disputes between taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service.
VHAINNOVATIONSGovernmentVAVHA Center for Innovation 2.76 2.70 0.05The VHA Innovation Program identifies, tests, and evaluates innovative solutions to help VA better serve Veterans
virtual-world-frameworkGrant?DoD 17.00 4.56 0.00--
visionworkbenchGovernmentNASA 332.00 14.00 0.00--
WFMRDAGovernmentInteriorWildland Fire Management----80 0.50 0.25 0.00--
whitehouseGovernmentWhitehouse 175.15 8.21 0.00--
afseoGovernmentDODUSAF SEEK EAGLE Office----10 49.00 0.00 0.00--
erdc-itl 0.00 0.00 0.00Engineer Research and Development Center, Information Technology Laboratory
iadgovGovernmentNSAThe Information Assurance Directorate 0.00 0.00 0.00NSA Information Assurance is now NSA Cybersecurity
info-sharing-environmentConsortiumISEISEhttp://www.ise.govoutreach@ise.gov70 5.17 1.50 0.00--
NationalSecurityAgencyGovernmentNSANSA 200.18 6.41 0.25Official organization account for the National Security Agency (NSA)
ngageointGovernmentNGANGA 19.34 8.75 0.41Official organizational account for the NGA
nsacyber 145.90 3.55 0.62Official GitHub account for NSA's Cybersecurity mission. This site was formerly branded as NSA Information Assurance & Information Assurance Directorate
project-interoperabilityproject-interoperability.github.iooutreach@ise.gov30 13.00 6.00 0.00An Information Sharing Environment initiative. We call it Project I/O for short. Visit our main account at @info-sharing-environment
psns-imf----270 0.00 0.00 0.00--
screamlab----20 0.00 1.00 0.00Publicly cleared software developed or extended by the AFRL SCREAM Lab
shareandprotectConsortiumISEISE 0.00 1.00 0.00--
SIMPhttps://simp-project.comsimp-dev@googlegroups.com2200 1.25 0.63 0.32The System Integrity Management Platform
usarmyresearchlabGovernmentDODUS Army Research Laboratory 522.70 3.90 0.00Discover, innovate, and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power.
ACME-ClimateFFRDCEnergyArgonne National Laboratory 0.00 0.00 0.00--
ARM-DOEGovernmentEnergyOffice of Science----200 12.37 4.79 0.00-- 0.00 4.00 0.00--
CASLConsortiumEnergyEnergy 1.78 1.33 0.37--
CBIITGovernmentNIHNCI 0.54 1.01 0.45--
chaosFFRDCEnergyLawrence Livermore National Security LLC----290 20.25 3.32 0.06--
cocomansFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 0.50 0.00 0.00--
ControlSystemStudioNGE----300 3.16 12.08 0.06--
cooperhewittNGENGE 12.32 0.94 0.00--
doe-nepa--nepanode@gmail.com250 2.00 0.00 0.00Program to provide Department-wide Shared Services using only Free and Open Source Software
draperlaboratoryhttp://www.draper.comgithub@draper.com200 26.47 3.59 0.01Draper is a not-for-profit company that engineers multidisciplinary solutions to global challenges.
EarthSystemCoGGrant?NOAAUniversity of Colorado 1.25 47.75 0.00--
EMSL-MSCFFRDCEnergyPacific Northwest National Laboratory 1.72 1.41 0.07--
epicsdebNGE----650 0.42 0.54 0.01--
esgf 1.48 5.83 1.05--
exmatexFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labshttp://exmatex.orgexmatex-git@lanl.gov140 0.86 0.29 0.00--
flux-framework 4.38 25.15 3.28--
globusGrant?Energy 6.11 5.84 0.11--
glvis 12.00 0.67 0.00a lightweight OpenGL tool for accurate and flexible finite element visualization
HipGISAXSFFRDCEnergyLawrence Berkeley National Laboratories 2.00 0.00 0.00High-performance X-ray scattering data analysis
hpcFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 16.71 4.93 0.32--
hpdeNGENOAA----190 0.05 0.26 0.00--
idaholabFFRDCEnergyIdaho National Laboratoryhttp://www.inl.govcody.permann@inl.gov260 19.65 49.42 3.69Open Source Software From Idaho National Laboratory
jbei 5.17 1.83 0.00--
JGI-BioinformaticsFFRDCEnergyLawrence Berkley National 2.30 0.10 0.00--
JHUAPL----90 13.75 5.50 0.00--
jplopensource----10 10.00 2.00 0.00--
kbaseGovernmentEnergyDepartment of Science 0.65 0.91 0.56The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase
kbaseIncubatorGovernmentEnergyDepartment of Science 0.13 0.17 0.00This organization is for beginning or alpha-quality KBase repositories. Use at your own risk.
LANLFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 9.24 2.64 0.10--
LANL-BioinformaticsFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs----100 9.50 1.67 1.50--
lbl-anpFFRDCEnergyLawrence Berkley National Laboratories 1.75 9.25 1.49--
lbl-calFFRDCEnergySandia National Laboratories 0.00 0.00 0.00--
lblpbdFFRDCEnergyLawrence Berkley National Laboratoriespbd.lbl.govpbdwebmaster@lbl.gov100 1.00 1.25 0.00--
libmeshhttp://libmesh.github.iolibmesh-users@lists.sourceforge.net40 94.33 54.00 0.00--
llnlFFRDCEnergyLawrence Livermore National Laboratoryhttps://software.llnl.govgithub-admin@llnl.gov2070 12.12 4.16 0.53For more than 65 years, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has applied science and technology to make the world a safer place.
losalamosFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 0.00 0.00 0.00We have moved to
magellancloudFFRDCEnergyArgonne National 2.67 0.00 0.00--
materialsprojectFFRDCEnergyLawrence Berkley National Laboratorieshttps://www.materialsproject.orgfeedback@materialsproject.org310 22.74 6.26 2.73--
MCSclimateFFRDCEnergyArgonne National Laboratoryhttp://climate.mcs.anl.govjacob@mcs.anl.gov20 8.00 12.50 0.06GitHub organization for climate related software of the Argonne National Laboratory's Mathematics and Computer Science Division
mdhimFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs--mdhim@lanl.gov40 4.00 0.75 0.00Multi-Dimensional Hashing Indexing Middleware
mfem 48.17 10.00 2.57a lightweight, general, scalable C++ library for finite element methods
MG-RASTFFRDCEnergyArgonne National Laboratory 4.79 0.46 0.00The MG-RAST metagenome portal
mit-ll 9.46 1.12 0.00--
NASA-Tensegrity-Robotics-ToolkitGovernmentNASA----20 51.50 44.00 0.00A set of tools for the modeling, simulation, and control of tensegrity robots.
nasajplGovernmentNASAhttp://www.jpl.nasa.govgithub@jpl.nasa.gov20 4.50 0.00 0.00A world leader in the robotic exploration of space
ncatsGovernmentHHSNIH 6.67 13.33 0.00Please see for other public repositories from NCATS.
ncbiGovernmentHHSNIHhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govgithub-tools@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov700 15.52 2.48 0.91--
ncgmp09NGE--smrTucson@gmail.com160 0.56 1.19 0.00U. S. Geoscience Information Network
ncipGovernmentHHSNIH 1.61 0.28 0.03--
ncpp 11.00 18.40 0.00--
ndar 6.11 1.00 0.00National Institute of Mental Health Data Archives 5.91 1.36 0.20--
nhlbiGovernmentHHSNIH 0.00 0.00 0.00--
niaidGovernmentHHSNIH 0.78 1.39 0.00--
NIAID-RTBGovernmentNIHNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 0.00 0.00 0.00--
NIFAGovernmentUSDAREEIS 0.00 0.00 0.00--
nih-fmrifGovernmentNIHNIMH 0.82 0.70 0.01--
NikeaFFRDCEnergyBrookhaven National Laboratory 0.71 8.14 0.00Just build it. An X-Ray analysis toolkit developed at NSLS-II
nimh-nifGovernmentNIHNIMH 0.00 0.00 0.00The Neurophysiology Imaging Facility provides anatomical and functional MRI scanning for researchers in the NIMH, NEI & NINDS institutes.
nist-bws 4.20 8.60 0.00--
nist-emntg 3.50 1.00 0.00--
nist-ionstorageGovernmentCommerceNIST 10.25 0.50 0.00--
NIST-ISG 1.55 0.27 0.00--
nrelFFRDCEnergyNational Renewable Energy Laboratory 15.56 12.39 2.54--
nrel-cookbooks----810 0.19 0.02 0.00--
NSLS-IIFFRDCEnergyBrookhaven National Laboratory 1.83 7.64 0.33National Synchrotron Light Source II
NSLS-II-CSXFFRDCEnergyBrookhaven National Laboratoryhttp://nsls-ii-csx.github.ioswilkins@bnl.gov500 0.10 1.00 0.00Code Repository for the CSX Beamline at NSLS-II
nsls2apFFRDCEnergyBrookhaven National Laboratory----10 0.00 0.00 0.00NOT ACTIVE ANY MORE
olcfFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratoryhttp://www.olcf.ornl.govhelp@olcf.ornl.gov490 2.95 1.18 0.00--
ONOPNGE 0.00 0.00 0.00An open source platform for network monitoring, configuration, deployment and operations.
OpsLabJPLFFRDCNASAJet Propulsion Laboratory----170 3.42 3.42 0.00--
ORNLFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratoryhttp://www.csm.ornl.govsoftware-council@ornl.gov150 2.00 3.91 0.19Software repositories from Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL-BTRICFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory 8.50 0.00 0.00--
ORNL-CEESFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory 9.86 11.00 3.30The Computational Engineering and Energy Sciences Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ornl-savaFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory--jgoodall@ornl.gov120 4.45 1.27 0.00--
ORNL-TechIntFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory----200 1.00 0.85 0.00--
ornlcdaFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory 0.92 0.00 0.04Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computational Data Analytics Group
ORNLSMRModelingFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory----10 0.00 0.00 0.00--
PCMDIFFRDCEnergyLawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2.96 6.20 0.02--
plfsFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 9.50 15.50 0.00--
pm-master----90 3.11 1.44 0.19--
pnnl 2.62 1.07 0.52--
PNNL-Comp-Mass-SpecFFRDCEnergyPacific Northwest National Laboratory 0.64 0.17 0.20--
pyepicsNGE 11.00 5.00 0.49--
reflectometryNGE----110 2.88 4.00 0.00--
rose-compiler 79.20 28.40 17.41The ROSE compiler team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
sandialabsFFRDCEnergySandia National Laboratories 18.97 4.63 0.87--
scatteringNGE----320 1.03 0.38 0.00--
seed-platform 10.00 36.17 0.06Standard data platform for aggregating and managing building energy performance data
sim-xFFRDCEnergyLos Alamos National Labs 10.50 1.00 0.00--
smithsonian 0.79 0.44 0.31Smithsonian Institution OCIO Central GitHub
SNEWS-CollaborationFFRDCEnergyBrookhaven National Laboratory 0.50 0.00 0.00The goal of SNEWS is to provide the astronomical community with a prompt alert of the occurrence of a Galactic core collapse event
SNL-WaterPowerFFRDCEnergySandia National Laboratories 1.25 0.50 0.16--
swift-langGrantEnergy 7.16 5.05 0.00Swift: Easy way to run many apps in parallel on multicores, clusters, clouds and supercomputers.
TinyTitanFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National 56.50 0.50 0.00A sub-$1,000 classroom supercomputer.
TriBITSPubFFRDCEnergyOak Ridge National Laboratory--bartlettra@ornl.gov10 14.00 73.00 0.00Collection of git repositories related to TriBITS
usnistgovGovernmentNIST 5.03 3.04 0.32Department of Commerce
CDATFFRDCEnergyLawrence Livermore National Laboratoryhttp://uv-cdat.llnl.govcdat-support@llnl.gov860 2.94 13.92 0.19Community Data Analysis Tools
WISDEMFFRDCEnergyNational Renewable Energy Laboratory 3.48 1.62 0.01The Wind-Plant Integrated System Design and Engineering Model (WISDEM (TM)) set
zfsonlinuxFFRDCEnergyLawrence Livermore National Laboratory 301.59 55.53 0.02--
Project Repository Language Description Latest Release Contributors
18F/analytics.usa.govCSSThe US federal government's web traffic.--30
18F/analytics-reporterJavaScriptLightweight analytics reporting and publishing tool for Google Analytics data. Powers,,, and more.
18F/api-standards--API Standards for 18F--21
18F/checklistomaniaJavaScriptCentrally managed todo lists for complex processes - onboarding, offboarding, management changes, etc.--21
18F/development-guide--A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team--27
18F/rdbms-subsetterPythonGenerates a subset of a relational database that respects foreign key constraints--9
18F/laptopShellA shell script which turns your Mac into an awesome web development machine.--28
18F/18f.gsa.govCSS CSSThis repository contains 18F's website. DEPRECATED, see 18F/18f.gsa.gov
18F/domain-scanPythonA lightweight pipeline, locally or in Lambda, for scanning things like HTTPS, third party service use, and web accessibility.--28
18F/accessibilityRubyA repo to organize the guidelines and best practices for accessibility at 18f.--30
18F/identity-idpRuby18F Identity Provider (IdP)
18F/open-data-makerRubymake it easy to turn a lot of potentially large csv files into easily accessible open data
18F/jekyll-getRubyJekyll plugin to download data from external JSON sources to use in generating a site--4
18F/dolores-landingham-slack-botRubyA Slack bot to welcome new 18F hires with the authority and compassion of Mrs. Landingham--27
18F/https--(DEPRECATED) 18F team HTTPS ops documentation.--5
18F/methodsCSSThe methods 18F uses to practice human-centered design.
18F/cloud-native-aws-terraform-workshopJavaScriptA 1-day training class on how to deploy a cloud native app on AWS with Terraform and shell scripts--2
18F/frontendRuby18F's Front End Guild--30
18F/federalistJavaScriptFederalist builds the user-interface of government websites.--30
18F/calcPythonAn estimator for hourly rates on professional services contracts--27
18F/fbopenJavaScript[DEPRECATED] An open API server, data import tools, and sample apps to help small businesses search for opportunities to work with the U.S. government.--14
18F/tockPythonWe use Tock to track and report our time at 18F
18F/API-All-the-XCSSResources and Materials for the /Developer Program--22
18F/pulseCSSHow the federal .gov domain space is doing at best practices and policies.--21
18F/open-source-guideRuby18F’s Style guide for open source project documentation--9
18F/standup-slack-botJavaScriptA Slack bot to streamline team standup without disturbing the overall flow of conversation--7
18F/C2Rubyan approval process automation tool
18F/micropurchaseRuby18F's micro-purchase threshold experiment management app.--30
18F/pagesRubyDEPRECATED: Publishing platform for 18F sites a la GitHub pages--8
18F/content-guideCSS18F Content Guide--23
18F/uswds-jekyllCSSA Jekyll theme showcasing the U.S. Web Design System (coowned by 18F and the USWDS team)
18F/doc_processing_toolkitPythonPython library to extract text from PDF, and default to OCR when text extraction fails.--4
18F/ hosted, shared-service that provides an API key, analytics, and proxy solution for government web services.--9
18F/2015-foiaPythonPlease check out to track our work. This repo is for project wide discussion, blogging, and scratch space for 18F's FOIA modernization team.
18F/handbookCSS JavaScriptThe home of policies and guidelines that make up TTS.--30
18F/hubJavaScriptDEPRECATED: Documentation hub for the 18F team--30
18F/dashboardJavaScript HTMLDEPRECATED: A site to track our projects' status and much, much more...--24
18F/2015-foia-hubCSSA consolidated FOIA request hub.
18F/web-design-standards-drupalCSSA Drupal base theme that uses the U.S. Web Design Standards--2
18F/crime-data-explorer--Main project repo for the FBI Crime Data Explorer project--6
18F/ads-bpaRubyA guide for the Agile Delivery Services BPA--17
18F/myusaRubyMyUSA was a single sign-on project for government, now deprecated. (More info:
18F/autoapiPythonA basic spreadsheet to api engine--12
18F/cg-siteHTML HTMLThe site [DEPRECATED] Landing page for New repo:
18F/cg-provisionHCL infrastructure provisioning and deployment--21
18F/joining-18fCSSA guide for anyone interested in joining the 18F team--30
18F/openFEC-web-appHTMLDEPRECATED See for's code--28
18F/pdf-forms-tutorialJavaA step-by-step guide for programatically filling out PDF forms--1
18F/jekyll_pages_apiRubya Jekyll Plugin that generates a JSON file with data for all the Pages in your Site--7
18F/guides-templateRubyJekyll template for 18F Guides, based on CFPB/DOCter--23
18F/agileRubyAgile Principles and Practice, documented by the 18F Agile Guild--22
18F/automated-testing-playbookRubyA set of principles, practices, idioms, and strategies pertaining to automated software testing and its adoption--8
18F/jekyll_pages_api_searchRubyJekyll search plugin based on lunr.js and jekyll_pages_api--7
18F/stylelint-rulesJavaScriptA style (CSS, Sass) linter for the 18F style guide--5
18F/docker-compose-django-reactJavaScriptA strawman set up for using both Django and React in a new app--1
18F/continua11yJavaScriptcontinuous integration for website accessibility--3
18F/transformation-research--Best practices in government digital transformation--3
18F/about_ymlRuby.about.yml project metadata schema and tools--10
18F/glossaryJavaScriptA glossary panel for your site to help readers understand jargon--13
18F/vote-govHTMLThis repository contains the files and infrastructure to run the current website.--15
18F/cf-blue-greenShellzero-downtime deployment for Cloud Foundry applications--3
18F/slidesHTMLSlides for 18F - built automatically using Federalist--7
18F/raktabijaPythonBootstrap AWS account with Terraform and Go.CD--2
18F/confidential-surveyRubyA Rails app for conducting confidential surveys without violating user privacy--1
18F/bpa-fedramp-dashboard--FedRAMP Dashboard BPA Order--12
18F/emoji_searchPythonA super simple commandline utility to search for slack messages that have been reacted to with a specific emoji--4
18F/lean-product-designRubyA guide to using Lean Product Design on your project--8
18F/javascript-lessonsJavaScriptBeginning and Advanced lessons in javascript with a focus on functional programming. This repo contains both exercises and solutions. It is used by 18F to train its internal staff, but of course anyone is welcome to use it and possibly contribute.--3
18F/before-you-shipRubyrequirements for shipping products in TTS--30
18F/ifgovthenthatCSSIf Gov Then That website, a project to promote gov open data by designing clever uses for government APIs. (Currently on hold.)--5
18F/cf-hello-worldsRubyHello World apps for Cloud Foundry--19
18F/cg-compliancePythonOUT OF DATE: OpenControl content for
18F/tech-talksJupyter NotebookWhere to find the schedule, slides and videos for 18F's monthly tech talks--22
18F/eng-hiringRuby18F Engineering's guide to candidate selection, from resume screen to offer.--11
18F/18f-cliShellA scaffold/generator to standardize 18F project setup--9
18F/compliance-toolkit--Compliance at the speed of Delivery.--6
18F/cg-dashboardJavaScriptA web dashboard for managing Cloud Foundry Apps
18F/dnsHCLDNS configuration for domains managed by GSA TTS--30
18F/foia-recommendationsHTMLNational FOIA Project: Research and Recommendations--7
18F/jekyll_frontmatter_testsRubyA Jekyll plugin to test frontmatter on posts and other documents in a Jekyll site.--4
18F/onboarding-documents--Forms, emails, and checklists to help with onboarding--15
18F/elasticsearch-rails-ha-gemRubyhigh availability extensions to the Elasticsearch::Rails standard tasks--0
18F/guidesHTMLA collection of 18F guides.--22
18F/linkify-citationsHTMLTurns legal citations in the DOM into links--3
18F/s3-resource-simpleShellConcourse CI Resource for uploading files to S3--7
18F/data-act-pilotPythonThis small DATA Act pilot contains code that translates agency data to a uniform DATA act format.--12
18F/cg-styleCSSThe global style of cloud.gov
18F/urlsizeJavaScriptget the size of one or more URLs--2
18F/shipperGoContinuous deployment made easy and secure
18F/fs-open-forest-platformTypeScriptOpen Forest: The code for an online permitting platform for the U.S. Forest Service.--25
18F/scrapeboxPythonA simple, system independent infrastructure for performing web scraping. Utilizes Vagrant virtualbox interface and puppet provisioning to create and execute scraping of web content to structured data quickly and easily without modifying your core system.--3
18F/ffd-micrositeHTMLAn informational website about the Federal Front Door project.--8
18F/brandCSS18F Brand--14
18F/product-guideRubyA handbook for the 18F product team and to promote our product management best practices.--21
18F/chandikaPHPCloud Application Registry--9
18F/tts-buy-bug-bounty--Solicitation and acquisition documents created for the TTS Bug Bounty program that can be reused by other government agencies and organizations.--8
18F/pa11y-crawlShellCrawl a site, run pa11y on every HTML page, and get the results--1
18F/code-of-conduct--18F's code of conduct.--9
18F/concourse-compliance-testingRubyConcourse CI assets for Compliance Toolkit--19
18F/html-proofer-dockerShellHTML validation, made easy--4
18F/testing-cookbookRubyThe 18F testing cookbook contains recipes and best practices for automated and manual testing in lots of different environments, languages, stacks and platforms.--8
18F/vulnerability-disclosure-policy--The vulnerability disclosure policy for 18F and GSA's Technology Transformation Service.--14
18F/us_web_design_standards_gemCSSPackages the U.S. Web Design Standards assets as a Ruby Gem for use in a Jekyll project--6
18F/github-in-government--A sandbox for opensource demonstrations of GitHub--3
18F/hubot-slack-github-issuesJavaScript[DEPRECATED] Hubot script using the Slack Real Time Messaging and Web APIs to file GitHub issues--11
18F/azure-sandboxPowerShellTemporary home for deploying services into Azure: reliably, repeatably, compliantly--3
18F/us-federal-holidaysJavaScriptA Node.js package for getting US federal holidays for a given year, or determining if a date is a federal holiday.--3
18F/ekip-apiCSSThe source for the Every Kid in a Park website. Managed by DOI (see #national parks in Slack for contact info)--16
18F/fec-styleCSSDEPRECATED See for's code--16
18F/gapps-downloadJavaScriptCLI downloading for google documents--0
18F/compliance-docs--18F Security Policies and Procedures --9
18F/coffeemateJavaScriptThe virtual coffee matchmaking slackbot--3
18F/dol-whd-14cC#The 14(c) system will become a modern, digital-first service. Applicants will be provided an intuitive online experience, guiding them through the information needed to complete their application correctly.--16
18F/cg-product--Program-level artifacts, workflow and issues for
18F/cg-cronJavaScript[DEPRECATED] Run cron jobs in a Cloud Foundry app.--3
18F/cms-hitech-apdJavaScriptCMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) eAPD - Modernizing the APD experience--8
18F/g-analyticsPythonProjects of the 18F Analytics Guild. For the 18F analytics standards, visit--4
18F/cg-landingHTML[DEPRECATED] Landing page for New repo:
18F/an_introduction_to_pythonJupyter NotebookAn introduction to Python -
18F/eligibility-rules-service--Researching an eligibility rules service - project documentation and task management--5
18F/guides-styleCSS18F Guides Template style elements, derived from CFPB/DOCter--22
18F/cg-pipeline-tasksShellConcourse common tasks--12
18F/api-programCSSA complete agency API program. --5
18F/federalist-modern-team-templateHTMLThis is a Jekyll site. It is a simple site to showcase the work of an organization with a few different page types.--9
18F/SendakJavaScript[DEPRECATED] Sendak integrates user, project, and deployment management for 18F--5
18F/pages-serverJavaScriptDEPRECATED: Static website publishing server for 18F Pages--11
18F/web-design-standards-ux--A repository of all the user research related to the Draft US Web Design Standards--1
18F/fs-open-forest--The focal point for 18F/TTS project with the United States Forest Service Open Forest project--7
18F/contracting-cookbookCSS JavaScriptDigital Contracting Cookbook--5
18F/bug-bounty--Internal documentation for TTS's bug bounty.--7
18F/accordionJavaScriptA simple, 508 compliant JavaScript accordion--4
18F/e-manifestRubyThe EPA e-Manifest project--10
18F/agile-solicitation-builderJavaScriptThis repository is archived and deprecated. Please see the USDS Agile Solicitation Builder for current updates. --11
18F/e-QIP-prototypeJavaScriptA prototype for the e-QIP form. For more information:
18F/cg-manifestsShellDEPRECATED: Release Manifest for Cloud Foundry--10
18F/fec-graph-searchRubyDEPRECATED --1
18F/feedback-widgetPythonexperiment in creating an embeddable feedback widget--6
18F/federalist.18f.govJavaScriptPrimary website for the Federalist platform--30
18F/cg-deploy-cfShellConcourse pipeline and manifests for the 18F Cloud Foundry deployment.--18
18F/beckleyJavaScriptA search index and API server for anyone requiring basic, fast search of highly curated content.--5
18F/sheet-to-csvJavaScriptDEPRECATED: Use instead--1
18F/hourofcodeJavaScript[RETIRED] No longer active site; codebase is still available. GitHub repo and issue list is used for trainings.--30
18F/better-governmentCSSThe Better Government Program helps create a better relationship between government and the public. --1
18F/concourse-brokerGoA Cloud Foundry service broker for Concourse CI--5
18F/federalist-uswds-templateHTMLA Federalist template that uses the U.S. Web Design Standards Jekyll theme--2
18F/cg-deploy-boshShell18F deployment manifests and pipelines for BOSH--13
18F/marigoldCSSAn experimental set of reusable components and patterns for making websites and applications at 18F/TTS.--6
18F/federalist-garden-buildPython PythonA container image that builds each site as part of the Federalist platform--11
18F/django-admin508CSSImproved accessibility for Django's admin interface.--1
18F/afsbirezJavaScript(Inactive) The SBIR-EZ project, whose goal is to simplify the process of participating in the Small Business Innovation Research Program
18F/uswds-rails-gemRubyIntegrate the US Web Design Standards with your Rails application--2
18F/private-eyeJavaScripta JavaScript plugin to warn users about links to private pages--12
18F/fedramp-dataJavaScriptA repository for the data underlying the FedRamp Dashboard--7
18F/trello-webhook-serverJavaScriptA Trello webhook server--1
18F/protosketch-demoHTMLA demonstration of protosketching techniques--1
18F/myusa-ux--This is where we put materials relating to the user experience of MyUSA. Code goes into --1
18F/analytics-standardsPythonWIP: Team standards for implementing website and API analytics.--10
18F/PriceHistoryAPIPythonBackend and web service for searching a database imported from CSV files (someday generally, but Prices Paid for now.)--3
18F/cg-harden-boshreleaseShellUbuntu Hardening Bosh Release--8
18F/federalist-design--Research and design work for Federalist--2
18F/2015-foia-searchPythonA search/similarity/discovery API over information from FOIA responses.--1
18F/samwiseRubyRuby access to the API--4
18F/dol-whd-fohHTMLDOL/WHD FOH :point_right:--4
18F/identity-siteHTMLThe site--22
18F/partnership-playbookRubyGuide to help agencies understand what it means to work with 18F. --16
18F/bpa-opm-eqipJavaScriptA prototype for the e-QIP form. For more information:
18F/dev-environmentRubyGuide to establishing a suitable development environment--12
18F/cf-service-connectGoCloud Foundry CLI Service Connection Plugin
18F/go_scriptRubyThe `./go` script: a unified development environment interface--6
18F/pyfpdsHTMLpyfpds is a python wrapper around the FPDS ATOM feed--4
18F/18f.github.ioHTMLDEPRECATED: List of 18F's open source projects--16
18F/omb-eregsPythonA tool to find, read, and maintain White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) policy requirements
18F/projectsCSS[WIP] A collection of our projects, past and present--4
18F/API-Usability-TestingCSSThe unofficial website for the API Usability Testing project, which can help agencies collect real customer feedback to reduce errors, simplify work flow, and increase adoption of their APIs.--5
18F/django-uswds-formsCSSDjango Forms integration with the U.S. Web Design Standards--3
18F/cf-cdn-service-brokerGoA Cloud Foundry service broker for CloudFront and Let's Encrypt--19
18F/grouplet-playbookRubyA handbook for those wishing to recruit a self-organizing volunteer group to address organizational needs--10
18F/how-to-deploy--Guides on how to deploy open source projects to Cloud Foundry--3
18F/uswds-dataJavaScriptA data visualization guide for the U.S. Web Design Standards.--25
18F/visual-design--Resources, assets, and discussion focused on visual design issues.--2
18F/ diagrams--12
18F/cg-scriptsShellScripts to assist with the configuration and operation of Cloud Foundry.
18F/ developer documentation--15
18F/angrytockGoslackbot slapbot for tock--10
18F/cg-deploy-concourseShellManifests and pipeline for deploying
18F/identity-dashboardRubyIdentity developer dashboard--20
18F/elasticsearch-indexstager-gemRubymanage Elasticsearch indexes using staging pattern--0
18F/identity-style-guideCSSThe global style of
18F/Modular-Contracting-And-Agile-DevelopmentCSSModular contracting and agile development resources.--16
18F/path-analysis--Resources for running path analysis projects at 18F--10
18F/consultingJavaScript18F Consulting--5
18F/epa-noticeHTMLWeb interface for viewing and commenting on proposed changes to federal regulations
18F/product-training--A modular curriculum for unlocking skilled product managers--1
18F/charmanderHTMLCharmander is a simple template for producing Jekyll static sites using Vagrant, Gulp, Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, and Bower.--0
18F/bpa-DOS-TalentMAP--Procurement documents for the Department of State TalentMAP system, which will replace the existing Foreign Service Bidding application to match bidders to available posts and positions.--1
18F/omniauth-myusaRubyOmniAuth strategy for MyUSA--6
18F/18f-posters--A set of posters emphasizing 18F's principles and values--1
18F/nsf-sbirCSSNational Science Foundation - Small Business Innovation Research--12
18F/docker-fugaciousHTMLEasily deploy Fugacious backed with Postgres via Docker and FIg.--3
18F/myraCSSLanding pages to promote the Treasury's new myRA initiative.--10
18F/legaleseRubyexperimental legal language checker for third-party services--2
18F/2015-foia-designJavaScript(RETIRED) Initial mocks for a FOIA hub.--3
18F/fpki-testingPythonTesting out Federal PKI certificate chains.--1
18F/data-federation-project--A project focused on tools and best practices to supported federated data collection efforts--5
18F/rugged-devopsRuby18F Guide to Rugged DevOps --22
18F/performance-gov-researchRuby18F Discovery engagement to identify users and determine strategy for a new
18F/jekyll-search-serverRubyA standalone search crawler and API for Jekyll sites.--1
18F/compliance-viewerRubyA proof of concept app for viewing scan logs stored on S3.--9
18F/unitedCSSAn experimental atomic css prototype framework, developed for prototyping patterns for
18F/usps-proxyRubyA thin layer between your users and the USPS API--2
18F/hmacauthGoSigns and authenticates HTTP requests based on a shared-secret HMAC signature--2
18F/identity-idvRuby18f mock identity verification service - DEPRECATED--3
18F/identity-saml-pythonPythonAn example service provider (SP) written in python that integrates with 18F's identity-idp--2
18F/s3-encryptorGoEncrypt all objects in all buckets because... Encrypt all the things!--1
18F/email-to-github-issuesJavaScript(INACTIVE) A Mandrill Inbound email webhook that opens GitHub issues. Great for approving HTTPS certificates.--2
18F/r2sC#Navy Reserve \--2
18F/508-procurement-playbookJavaScriptA draft/work-in-progress playbook for Section 508-friendly procurement--3
18F/digital-acquisition-playbookCSSGuidelines for digital acquistions--5
18F/afsmallbizPythonCentral point for all 18F Air Force Small Business projects--2
18F/PriceHistoryGUIPythonGUI for the PricesPaid market research--2
18F/cg-workshopRubyHands-on workshop with
18F/dodsbir-scrapePythonDEPRECATED: A scraper for the SBIR topics housed on
18F/sql_insert_writerPythonHelps make long SQL INSERT statements readably--1
18F/acq-templatesPythonA collection of templatized standard 18F documents, written in Markdown with Handlebars templating.--2
18F/devops-assessmentCSSEvaluating DevOps capability (ARCHIVED)--4
18F/design--General 18F design issues, discussion, and shared resources/artifacts--8
18F/ collaboration with CMS on APIs and Open Source --1
18F/open-opportunities-themeHTMLFederal-wide Open Opportunities - on the openopps-platform--6
18F/what-is-devops--A place for @noahkunin to store presentation materials about devops--1
18F/identity-saml-sinatraHTMLMock relying party (user app) to send requests to ID server--12
18F/blogging-guideRubyDEPRECIATED: A guide for 18F bloggers to help them get their blog post published. Moved to 18F Handbook--7
18F/iaa-gemRubyA Ruby gem for reading and writing Interagency Agreement PDFs--2
18F/docker-es--ElasticSearch in a Docker container--2
18F/hackathontrainingdayJavaScriptThe 18F Women in Tech & Data Hackathon + Training Day November 7, 2014--2
18F/humans-of-18fTypeScriptA simple quiz to learn who everybody at 18F is.--2
18F/identity-oidc-ginGoAn example client application which authenticates users via OpenID Connect (OIDC). Written in Go. Uses the Gin web framework.--1
18F/template-formJavaScripta form generator from handlebars markdown templates--1
18F/far-clauses-toolJavaScriptA tool to help identify required FAR clauses for contract types--1
18F/tts-buy-code-review--Solicitation documents for the code review procurement being undertaken by TTS.--2
18F/usps-api-notes--A collection of notes taken about the USPS APIs--1
18F/identity-oidc-iosSwiftExample OpenID Connect client for for iOS--2
18F/fbopen-docsHTML[DEPRECATED] staging our redesign of the fbopen docs--6
18F/cf-redirectNginxSmall static app to redirect one domain to another--2
18F/cf-rshiny-demoRA demonstration of running R Shiny examples on Cloud Foundry--1
18F/Paid-Leave-PrototypeJavaScriptA proof of concept state paid family medical leave system--5
18F/ collaboration with SEC on APIs and Open Source--2
18F/hackathonsJavaScriptA microsite of hackathons hosted by 18F--5
18F/sslyze-docker--SSL scanning made easy through SSLyze--1
18F/codeclimate-banditPython[WORK IN PROGRESS] Code Climate engine for running the Bandit static analysis tool on Python code. Help wanted!--2
18F/coming-attractionsJavaScript[ work in progress ] A multi-route static single page application for to alert your users in a quick and easy way during an incident response.--2
18F/auctioneerRubyRuby access to the Micropurchase API--1
18F/ux-guideRubyResources, norms, and practices for doing user experience research and design work at 18F.--5
18F/a11y-metricsJavaScriptAn experiment in obtaining accessibility metrics across all 18F projects.--1
18F/Digital_Coworking--(On Hold) Notes on the 18F-hosted Co-Working Sessions--2
18F/felt-recipe-18FJavaScriptThe 18F Felt recipe--1
18F/identity-oidc-expressjsJavaScriptAn example client application which authenticates users via OpenID Connect (OIDC). Built with Node.js, Express.js, and Passport.js.--1
18F/internal-air-traffic-controlJavaScriptInternal project management viz--2
18F/gsa_auctions_gemRubyRuby access to the GSA Auctions API--1
18F/bpa-fs-epermit-api--This task order is for an Application Protocol Interface (API) layer future applications could use to read and write to SUDS, an Oracle system.--2
18F/DataChallengesReport--Results of a 2016 study investigated data challenges across the federal government.--1
18F/project-monitorJavaScriptProjectMonitor is a CI display aggregator. It displays the status of multiple Continuous Integration builds on a single web page.--2
18F/flakes-flaskCSSA starter Flask app that uses the Flakes front-end framework--1
18F/strategy--A place for strategy chapter members and other 18F folk to find information about being on and working with the strategy team.--3
18F/cg-atlas--Repository hosting issues and artifacts related to operations of the platform--1
18F/circle-wdio-federalistJavaScriptCircle CI + WebDriverIO + Sauce Labs + Federalist = Nirvana?--2
18F/project-plannerPLpgSQLExperimental site to provide IT staff visibility of projects, vendors, teams, and staff over time--2
18F/data-act-usaspending--The DATA Act version of
18F/identity-saml-javaJavaAn example service provider (SP) written in Java that integrates with 18F's identity-idp--5
18F/case-study-guideCSSThis guide will provide guidance on the creation, publishing, and sharing of 18F case studies.--3
18F/eduRubyMaterials pertaining to the 18F Edu segment of the 18F Learn initiative--3
18F/cg-fake-uaaGoA fake User Account and Authentication (UAA) server for
18F/shareJavaScripta peer to peer browser based file transfer tool--1
18F/ED-API-Program--An API program for the Department of Education--1
18F/django-email-palPythonEasy HTML and plaintext email sending for Django.--1
18F/clone_armyPythonKeep local clones of all an org or user's repositories--1
18F/zap-analyzerRubyHelps you sort through the results of an OWASP ZAP scan.--1
18F/identity-pkiRubySupport PIV/CAC with identity-idp
18F/unit-testing-nodeJavaScriptIntroductory unit testing exercise in Node.js - WORK IN PROGRESS--6
18F/cf-multi-cups-pluginGocloud foundry plugin
18F/tts-buy-datagov-technical-support-services--Solicitation documents for obtaining professional services to support
18F/state-faqCSS[Deprecated] A site with frequently asked questions from 18F's state child welfare partners--7
18F/ogp-payrollCSSFront end for the OGP Payroll Reporting prototype project--3
18F/brontoRubyMeet bronto, a BEAST of a thesaurus.--3
18F/starter-uiCSSA compilation of assets to jump start a new web UI project with 18F branding.--1
18F/cg-postmortems--How we ensure we are always learning--8
18F/lumberghRubyWIP: 18F's automated access management automaton--1
18F/cg-sandbox-botRubyAutomatically create sandbox spaces for whitelisted users DEPRECIATED. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Moved to
18F/its70-fs-epermit-scale-up--Solicitation for Schedule 70 vendors to support the U.S. Forest Service ePermit app--5
18F/data-inventory--18F's contributions to the GSA enterprise data inventory and public data listing--2
18F/tts-bug-bounty-dashboardPythonA prototype dashboard for the TTS bug bounty program.--3
18F/vote-gov-ux--Research repo for all the user research being conducted on
18F/cg-uaa-extrasPythonThis application provides for platform invitations using the /invite_users UAA API endpoint and allowing password resets for IdP users--14
18F/cf-route-lookupGoA Cloud Foundry CLI plugin to find the application(s) associated with a given hostname
18F/writing-lab-guideRubyA guide to 18F's internal Writing Lab for submitters and editors --1
18F/identity-saml-railsRubyTest Service Provider for the Identity project--17
18F/chatHTMLthe little site that connects 18F to the public--4
18F/fbopen-pythonPythonPython access to the FBOpen API--2
18F/certificate-service--Service and scripts to automatically issue and deploy HTTPS certificates.--1
18F/openopps-design--separate repository for design artifacts, since they can be large--1
18F/cfpb-eprocurementJavaScriptProcurement prototypes for CFPB--6
18F/myusa-rails-exampleRubyDEPRECATED: An example Rails app that connects to MyUSA--1
18F/identity-oidc-sinatraRubyExample OpenID Connect relying party as a Sinatra app--7
18F/ffd-toolkit--Collected process docs, linter configs, and other things necessary to start a repo for the Federal Front Door.--4
18F/wg-dataservices--18F Data Science Working Group--5
18F/identity-proofer-gemRubydelegate ID proofing to vendors
18F/wg-api--Projects and materials of the API working group. --5
18F/django-data-ingestPythonFederated data ingest: library to begin apps that accept and validate data files via web interface and / or API.
18F/vagrant-chef-elasticsearch--A simple Vagrant setup to get you started with running Elasticsearch--1
18F/bpa-disaster-data-portal-pilot--The scope of this task is to build a working pilot of a portal that collects and displays Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) data.--3
18F/docker-elasticsearchRubyA Dockerfile and supporting scripts used to build an Elasticsearch 1.5 image which exposes environment variables for basic authentication at runtime.--5
18F/dos-ops-center--E&I focused on content strategy and CMS prototyping for DOS Ops Center--3
18F/hmacproxyGoProxy server that signs and authenticates HTTP requests using an HMAC signature--2
18F/reheaderPythonCSV reading with inconsistent headers--1
18F/pa11y-reporter-ciJavaScriptA pa11y reporter for continuous integration environments --1
18F/domain-gather--Inventorying and discovery of hostnames of various kinds.--1
18F/cg-migrate-dbGoExport database from app
18F/federalist-landing-page-templateCSSSingle-page Federalist template--4
18F/sslmate-cookbookShellA chef cookbook for installing SSLMate and some optional helper scripts.--1
18F/aaa-exp-proto1CSSThis is an experimental repository to prototype some Ajax and GUI ideas--2
18F/uswds-simple-sassHTMLSimple example project that uses the SASS files of the U.S. Web Design System.--2
18F/10x-MLaaSJupyter NotebookRepository for the 10x Machine Learning as a Service project (formerly known as Qualitative Data Management)--4
18F/team_apiRubyA gem for compiling information about team members, projects, etc. and exposing it via a JSON API.--8
18F/eregs-platform--Planning and configuration for eRegs as a Platform--1
18F/procurement-glossaryShellA WIP--9
18F/beta.18f.govCSSDEPRECATED, see 18F/
18F/cg-quotas-dbPythonLightweight Flask app for storing Cloud Foundry quotas data --12
18F/eiti-dataJavaScript[WIP] EITI data and maps for DOI--1
18F/dev-environment-standardizationRubyGuide to configuring standard language and operating system environments for software development--7
18F/engineering-team-faq--A place for engineering team members and other 18F folk to find information to some common questions about working on and with the engineering team.--4
18F/acq-presentations--A place to capture TTS acquisition presentations: training, facilitation--8
18F/goodtables-govPythonWebservice to apply GoodTables validator--1
18F/cg-deploy-concourse-docker-imageShellBuild and deploy Docker image used in Concourse pipeline tasks--10
18F/peek-delayed_jobRubytake a peek into your Delayed::Job queue--3
18F/mock-payPythonA mock version of for rapid testing--2
18F/NTIS-Data-Services-Project--Reimagining the services and data products of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Department of Commerce--2
18F/tock-management-reportsPythonA couple of scripts I use to monitor Tock data.--4
18F/cg-nessus-agent-boshreleaseShellBosh release for the nessus agent--8
18F/Navy--Repository for the Navy's Agile Prototyping Workshop--1
18F/proto-leiPythonImplementation of the proto-LEI unique entity identifier, a shim for gradual adoption of GLEI from DUNS. --0
18F/c2-master-detailJavaScriptC2 Front-end Prototype for Master-Detail interface--2
18F/jekyll-oembedRubyOEmbed Liquid Tag gem for Jekyll
18F/atf-eregsHTMLContainer and styles for an ATF eRegs instance--11
18F/hhs-acf-uc-apiPLpgSQLAPI for the Dept. of Health and Human Services: Administration for Children and Families' Unaccompanied Children database--4
18F/lunr-serverJavaScriptA Node.js server that responds to queries for Lunr.js indexes--3
18F/fees-and-labor-rates--Public repo for collaborative working on 18F's fee and labor rate strategy--1
18F/call-me-maybeJavaScriptA simple way to embed contact forms for recruiting--1
18F/federal-apis--The APIs of the US federal government. --1
18F/pulse-labsCSSA prototype of alternative sections for --1
18F/infrastructure-modernization--Documentation of a plan to take an agency into using a cloud-based infrastructure. --3
18F/micropurchasedataJavaScriptA data reporter service for
18F/dos-ops-center-kms--Space for KMS track of work related to umbrella project--1
18F/cookbooksRubyChef cookbooks used for deployment of 18F stuff on AWS opsworks--1
18F/g-content--18F Content Guild--7
18F/identity-oidc-aspnetJavaScriptAn OpenID Connect client for ASP.NET MVC--1
18F/g-research--Public notes about TTS's Research Guild--1
18F/team-browserCSSInterface to team-api-server--8
18F/videochat-mute-managerJavaScriptA chrome extension to automatically mute videochats and easily toggle it on/off afterwards--1
18F/training--A repo to organize training at 18f.--1
18F/myths--Dispelling myths.--1
18F/request-circuitJavaScriptThis is an npm module that wraps requests in a CircuitBreaker pattern and promises--1
18F/pif-appCSS2014 PIF Application--1
18F/ideas--ideas for 18F projects--1
18F/css-linterJavaScriptA tool provided by the front end guild to help your CSS/Sass conform to the 18F styleguide--1
18F/gov-repo-langsPythonA tool for fetching dev language metadata about US government repos--1
18F/continua11y-dashboardCSSRiff on stvnrlly's continua11y, CI dashoard and tools--0
18F/identity-oidc-phoenixElixirAn example OpenID Connect client in Elixir / Phoenix--1
18F/analytics-proxyPythonExperimental proxy to make GA data public. --4
18F/3d-filesOpenSCADA sandbox for experimenting with 3D files--4
18F/cg-nessus-manager-boshreleaseShellBOSH release for Nessus Manager--9
18F/identity-cookbooksRubyOpen source cookbooks used by the team--5
18F/cg-cf-releaseHTML[DEPRECATED] 18F Cloud Foundry Bosh Release for customizations--11
18F/bpa-identity-management--Procurement Documents for Task Order on the Agile BPA--2
18F/generator-18F-staticJavaScriptAn experimental Yeoman static site generator for 18F.--2
18F/markov_botPythonInitial proof-of-concept markov chain for statistically exploring documentation --1
18F/plain-language-tutorialRubyThe 18F Edu plain language tutorial --2
18F/tts-buy-challengegov-ideation--Market research documents related to the Ideation Platform.--4
18F/forecastCSS CSSA contracting opportunities forecasting tool (beta)--9
18F/wg-identityRubyIdentity working group--1
18F/identity-usability-testingCSSStatic site for usability testing
18F/18f-education-discovery--Research documentation and findings for the discovery research done for 18F Education in the summer of 2016. --4
18F/pa11y-lambdaJavaScriptattempt at getting pa11y running in AWS Lambda
18F/identity-analytics-etlPythonETL and SQL scripts for data warehouse and business intelligence--9
18F/intakeRubyDEPRECATED: This repository previously held information for a site about 18F's intake process. has the info now.--9
18F/hhs-acf-uc-dashboardRubyDashboard for the Dept. of Health and Human Services: Administration for Children and Families' Unaccompanied Children database--4
18F/bronto-apiCSSAPI for bronto thesaurus--3
18F/10x-translation-serviceShell10x project to investigate a government-wide open source translation service.--2
18F/federalist-report-templateCSSA Federalist template to display a report or memo--3
18F/federalist-builderJavaScriptThis application is used to launch build tasks for Federalist in an AWS ECS Docker container based on messages from an AWS SQS queue--7
18F/upShellUp is a simple utility to encrypt secrets and upload them to a specified S3 bucket, all in a shell script!--0
18F/edu-accessibility--Documents for creating 18F Edu's Accessibility course--1
18F/frontend-slidesCSSFront End Guild presentations.--2
18F/tts-public-comments--Collection of public comments that TTS makes on proposed federal policies.--2
18F/cf-elkShellAn implementation of an ELK stack in Cloud Foundry--2
18F/dtmo-pa--Path Analysis with the Defense Travel Management Office’s (DTMO), an office responsible for managing travel and housing allowances for Service members and their families.--2
18F/iaa-mvpHTMLA(n alpha) site for managing interagency agreements.--3
18F/cg-encrypt-blobstore-boshreleaseShell[DEPRECATED] A cron job to encrypt s3 buckets using aws-cli--5
18F/tourneyRubyWIP: a gem to cycle through environment variables--1
18F/fbopen-widgetCSSGenerates a JavaScript snippet for searching FBOpen--4
18F/tock-gas-tsTypeScriptTypeScript code and example spreadsheets to facilitate the integration of Tock data with Google Spreadsheets via Google Apps Script (GAS).--1
18F/trello-card-velocityJavaScriptWIP: Take a trello board, and calculate the velocity of movement of cards from from one list to another list.--0
18F/gsa-it-standards-searchCSSSearch GSA IT standards for approved software--1
18F/authenticationRuby18F authentication guide (DRAFT)--1
18F/authdelegateGoServer that routes requests to multiple authentication servers--2
18F/wg-diversityRuby18F Diversity Working Group--3
18F/joining-18f-appCSSA version of the 18F application form. The current live version's repo is 18F/joining-18f.--3
18F/pa11y-docker--Minimal Docker setup to run pa11y--1
18F/analytics-reporter-apiJavaScriptThe Analytics API maintains the schema for the database that the Analytics Reporter writes to.--5
18F/ pairing interview scenarios--2
18F/18f-django-project-templatePythonWIP: Django project template for 18F--1
18F/cg-sandboxGoPurges CF sandbox-* orgs and spaces--10
18F/identity-terraformHCLTerraform modules published by the team--3
18F/text-analysisPythonSImple text extraction and keyword analysis of PDF and Text files--1
18F/digitalacceleratorCSSDigital Acquisition Pilot Guide--3
18F/pages-redirectsJavaScriptRedirects traffic from previous sites to their new URLs.--28
18F/ficam-openid--A FICAM profile for OpenID--1
18F/metascraperPythonscrapers to create iso metadata--1
18F/feedback.jsJavaScriptgithub feedback widget--3
18F/MicroP3ApiUser--Very simple code to demonstrate how to use the PricesPaidAPI (P3)--2
18F/midas-cookbookRubyChef cookbook for provisioning Midas--5
18F/sendak-usageJavaScriptA command-line parser/usage generator wrapping minimist--1
18F/bpa-DOL-WHD-14-c--The 14(c) system will become a modern, digital-first service. Applicants will be provided an intuitive online experience, guiding them through the information needed to complete their application correctly.--8
18F/NASA-SBIR-STTR--Working repository for the draft NASA SBIR / STTR content guide. --1
18F/gdocs2mdJavaScriptDocumentation on using the Google Script GSA_TTS_gdocs2md--1
18F/GSA-Certifications--GSA specific certifications for CM--1
18F/analytics-restarterRubyTriggers nightly builds for the apps that makeup the system--1
18F/scorecardHTMLA lightweight scorecard for clients and products that can be used at the beginning of client engagement or during and can help highlight areas that may impact success.--1
18F/hash-joinerRubyPruning/promotion of properties, deep merges, and joins for Ruby Hash objects--4
18F/gitterShellCreate a folder of archived git repositories, using a csv to identify which repositories to clone.--2
18F/bulk-storage--File hosting as a service.--2
18F/cap-api-dockerRubyMinimal Docker setup to access the CAP API via Ruby--1
18F/fec-shipperPythonCode for loading legal data into openFEC api--1
18F/cg-django-uaaPythonA UAA authentication backend for Django--2
18F/Ops-GAS-PublicJavaScriptA collection of Google Apps Scripts used for 18F operations--1
18F/abbJavaScriptAlways be billin'--2
18F/federalist-gatsby-uswds-demo-apiJavaScriptDemo api for the federalist gatsby uswds template--1
18F/federalist-uswds-jekyllHTMLReference implementation of a Federalist site. Preview:--2
18F/cms-apd-prototype-budget-tableJavaScriptA prototype web app for building APD budget tables--3
18F/github-issue-lifecyclePythonServe data on lifecycle (open -> milestones -> close) of a repo's issues--1
18F/dol-form226-validatorJavaScriptA proof of concept tool to validate data to be input into a Form 226 application for the 14(c) program--2
18F/rds-service-brokerRubyDEPRECATED: an RDS service broker for Cloud Foundry written in Ruby. see:--1
18F/DCOI-recommendations--Recommendations for Data Center Optimization Initiative - OMB M-16-19--1
18F/cf-list-services-in-orgShellList all cf services in the current org--1
18F/micropurchase-skillsRubyRuby script for understanding the skills of Micro-purchase bidders--1
18F/atul-docker-presentationJavaScriptA presentation about Docker and an example Dockerized project.--1
18F/afrs-pa--USAF Recruiting Service Path Analysis--4
18F/cg-bootstrap-concourse-amiRubyA packer template and associated resources for creating an AMI that runs a standalone concourse installation suitable for bootstrapping more complex infrastructure--8
18F/drmaasJavaScriptDRMaaS demo for NTIS--1
18F/cg-deploy-uaa-guard-brokerShellUAA proxy service as a broker--6
18F/omb-pdfHTMLExperimenting with pdfminer to import PDFs into the OMB Policy Library (DEPRECATED)--2
18F/census-similarityPythonSmall set of commands to find similarity between data sets--1
18F/about-yml-editorJavaScriptA proof of concept about.yml editor using json-editor as its base.--0
18F/atc-trelloJavaScriptAir Traffic Control Trello listener--1
18F/pa11y-railsRubyA rails app that tracks 18F's various app's accessibility using the pa11y CLI tool. --1
18F/cg-deploy-docker-swarmShell[DEPRECATED] Deployment for Docker Swarm Broker--7
18F/mapwarper_metadataPythonsimple template for mapwarper - should be integrated and ported to ruby--1
18F/weekly_snippetsRubyStandardization, munging, redaction, and publishing of weekly snippets--3
18F/MarioJavaScriptDEPRECATED: Initial repo for some shared thoughts around a shopping cart idea.--5
18F/openopps-docsRubyDocumentation for Open Opportunities--12
18F/project-guideCSSA guide for managing projects at 18F--1
18F/ common concourse resource--8
18F/cf-gitawareGoWORK IN PROGRESS: Cloud Foundry CLI plugin to include Git metadata on push--3
18F/cg-deploy-diegoShell[DEPRECATED] BOSH manifests and Concourse pipeline for 18F's Diego deployment--8
18F/node-continua11y-acceptanceJavaScriptAccessibility acceptance tests for node--0
18F/micropurchase-auctions--A repo where anyone can add suggested micro-purchase auctions--1
18F/sheet2docsPythonConvert a CSV of form responses into individual narrative documents.--1
18F/navair-pa--U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Path Analysis--2
18F/cic-siteHTMLCloud Information Center website--15
18F/microsite-18fShellThis is an attempt to automatically create very, very small gh-pages sites on github.--3
18F/team-api-serverJavaScriptImports and publishes updates to Team API data--5
18F/how-to-work-with-18fJavaScriptThis is a repository for Aaron--2
18F/risk-management-frameworkRubyATO framework--4
18F/pulse-accessibility-dataRubyData and scripts for collecting accessibility data across .gov domains--1
18F/onepage-opensourceJavaScriptPrototype for a one page resource on the topic of open source software--2
18F/shibboleth-boshreleaseHTML[WIP] IdP using shibboleth as a BOSH release--11
18F/10X-Users-First--10X Project for Government Wide User Centered Design support--2
18F/ekipCSSEvery Kid in a Park--4
18F/e-manifest-cromerr-clientJavaScriptSimple client to exercise the CDX/CROMERR APIs--1
18F/federalist-content-guideRubyDEPRECIATED/MOVED: A Content Guide for the Federalist Platform--4
18F/brutusRubyDEPRECATED - Doing heavy lifting in the land of government hiring.--3
18F/trello_utilsPythonmisc cli tools for trello functionality--1
18F/identity-pii-managementHTMLDeprecated static site for security--3
18F/ Shibboleth :airplane: Concourse Deployment--9
18F/tts-buy-cloudgov-vulnerability-scanner--Solicitation and acquisition documents created for the Vulnerability Scanner procurement that can be reused by other government agencies and organizations.--4
18F/about-yml-validatorJavaScript.about.yml project metadata schema and tools--3
18F/10x-Modern-Contract-Vehicles--18F project to understand how our team can better support colleagues, partners, and vendors in the procurement of agile development and human-centered design services.--1
18F/cf-byo-brokerShellTutorials showing how to bring your own service broker to any Cloud Foundry--3
18F/usda-fns-ingestPythonAccept datafiles for USDA's Food and Nutrition Service.
18F/cg-application-ssp-example--[DEPRECATED/OUTDATED] A generic SSP setup example for applications.--4
18F/team_hubRubyComponents for creating a team Hub using Jekyll--3
18F/cg-deploy-bots--DEPRECIATED. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Moved to
18F/cf-cd-exampleShellExample: Continuous deployment to Cloud Foundry--1
18F/generator-uswdsJavaScriptA Yeoman generator for the U.S. Web Design Standards--1
18F/spelunker--nooks and crannies--1
18F/cf-ex-drupal8--In-progress Drupal 8 example for
18F/ntis-govJavaScriptPrototype for NTIS website--5
18F/sbhubCSS(Inactive) The Air Force Research Laboratory's Small Business Hub--2
18F/identity-uxHTMLUser flow tool--2
18F/open-foia-redirectCSSSimple static redirect explaining the sunset--1
18F/cg-buildpack-notifyGoProactively encouraging customers to restage their apps so they can benefit from buildpack updates.--14
18F/doj-it-pa--Main project repo for the DOJ IT Path Analysis--1
18F/calc-analysisJupyter NotebookData science experiments and analysis regarding the CALC project.--2
18F/boiseHTMLworking to reduce the burden and improve the effectiveness of software security compliance processes--5
18F/tsp-uswdsCSSThrift Savings Plan (TSP)--5
18F/transformation-services--A repository for Transformation Services--3
18F/wg-testingRuby18F Testing Grouplet--3
18F/github-webhook-validatorJavaScriptExpress middleware validator for GitHub webhooks--2
18F/MorrisDataDecoratorPythonPython web app that let's you upload URLs, tag, collect into portfolios, vote, and export the results as .csv files.--2
18F/FAB--FAB is the FBOpen A/B test project--1
18F/rdbms_anonymizerPythonReplace PII in a database with fictional data--1
18F/federalist-beta-feedback-templateHTMLConverting a feedback site into a Federalist template--10
18F/sql_graphviz-docker--Docker image definition for wrapping up sql_graphviz--1
18F/cg-deploy-stratosShellDeployment pipeline for Stratos--4
18F/hud-disaster-dataHTMLWorking pilot of a portal that collects and displays Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) data.--8
18F/answers-ruby-clientRubyLow level Ruby access to the Answers Platform API--2
18F/identity-lexisnexis-api-client-gemRubyLexisNexis proofing gem--1
18F/objectives-and-key-resultsRubyGuide to creating OKRs based on Lean UX principles - DRAFT--1
18F/cf-service-proxyShellCreate a proxy for Cloud Foundry service instances.--6
18F/inclusive-design-guide--18F guide for building inclusive and accessible digital products.--1
18F/data-publicShellDEPRECATED: All 18F team data is now stored in 18F/data-private--3
18F/dotgov-list-nodeJavaScript(NOT MAINTAINED.)--2
18F/micropurchase-archiveHTMLA static copy of
18F/identity-deedRubyPrivacy risk assessment tool inspired by NIST--5
18F/tts-buy-cloud-marketplace-dev-team--Solicitation documents for obtaining professional services from a development team to support the cloud marketplace.--2
18F/cg-deploy-logsearchShellConcourse pipeline and manifests for the 18F ELK deployment.--12
18F/code-style-guide--Centralized collection of style guides and linter information for 18F backend development.--1
18F/osbu-forecastCSSDEPRECATED -- use forecast--2
18F/pa11y-lambda-clusterJavaScriptSimultaneously run many pa11y scans using AWS Lambda--1
18F/ca-child-welfare-solicitations--Solicitation PDFs for the California Child Welfare System--1
18F/c2-api-client-rubyRubyC2 API client for Ruby--0
18F/dashboards-on-demand--A proposal for various live dashboards (not affiliated with the 18F Dashboard project)--1
18F/hub-v2CSSThe hub is becoming a search engine that finds content, wherever it lives, and displays it in search results. --5
18F/phantomas-docker--web performance metrics monitoring made easy using phantomas--1
18F/fs-permit-api-schemas--Draft schemas of permit types to be used in the Forest Service Online Permit Project--2
18F/dol-whisardTypeScript[WIP] Wage and Hour Investigative Support and Reporting Database (WHISARD) MVP--1
18F/uswds-crawlerJavaScriptTools for extracting information about how sites use the U.S. Web Design Standards.--1
18F/tock-blocksPythonA simple command line tool to better understand your major projects in Tock--2
18F/cf-elk-proxy--Procedure for deploying an ELK service container to provide durable logging for Cloud Foundry applications.--1
18F/18f-reveal.js-themeJavaScriptA reveal.js theme with 18F branding.--1
18F/easy-wcag--An easy to use WCAG 2.0 assessment.--2
18F/osc-website-paCSSGSA OSC web modernization Path Analysis + E&I--4
18F/usda-snap-pa--USDA SNAP Path Analysis--2
18F/cf-sinatra-ciRubyAn experiment with using Travis-CI to a deploy a Sinatra app to Cloud Foundry--1
18F/micropurchase-api-docsRuby[DEPRECATED] Documentation for 18F's micro-purchase API are now at
18F/node-sauce-templateJavaScriptA Node.js template for cross-browser functional tests with Sauce Labs--1
18F/OPP-BusinessUSA-research--Process artifacts and findings from the OPP-BusinessUSA foundation engagement in Spring 2017--2
18F/bpa-fs-epermit-intake--The scope of this task order is for a public front-end intake module for use by non-commercial groups, temporary outfitter, and guide permits.--4
18F/human-services--An index of 18F and TTS work in the human services space--3
18F/digital-team-playbookRubyThis playbook introduces you to the various aspects of standing up a digital services team within your organization. --4
18F/noaabigdata-codePythoncode to help move data to the cloud from NOAA sources--1
18F/fec-alpha--DEPRICATED --2
18F/cg-design--This repo contains all the historical and current design and user research artifacts for
18F/federalist-modular-templateRubyExperimentation and Prototyping on a new Federalist site--1
18F/ffd-info-exchangePythonDiscovery sandbox for Federal Front Door information exchange. Contains two prototypes.--4
18F/cf-dockerized-buildpackShellExperiment to create Docker containers that approximate the runtime environment of CloudFoundry buildpacks running on the cflinuxfs2 stack.--2
18F/acq-stack-track-appPythona tool for requesting and tracking acquisitions for TTS >$3500--2
18F/guides-routerJavaScriptDEPRECATED: A simple utility that routes and proxies requests for 18F guides--1
18F/myusa-coming-soonCSS[DEPRECATED] A coming soon page for MyUSA--2
18F/hmac_authentication_pyPythonSigns and authenticates HTTP requests based on a shared-secret HMAC signature--2
18F/wg-agiledesignRuby(DEPRECATED) Agile Design Working Group--3
18F/PriceHistoryAuthPythonSimple Authentication module used by PricesPaidGUI and PricesPaidAPI--3
18F/usds-hubCSSA Hub that links together all of the U.S. Digital Service teams--1
18F/test_temp_file_helperRubyGenerates and cleans up temp files for automated tests--2
18F/d3-technical-debtHTMLThis is a d3-implemented interactive model to explain technical debt--1
18F/cf-provision-user-space-pluginGoCloud Foundry CLI plugin to create users--1
18F/identity-monitorRubysmoke test
18F/allregs--[Experimental] All Regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations--1
18F/file-locked-operationJavaScriptA NodeJS package for file-locked operations--2
18F/data-voyage--Coordinating some prototypes and experiments in open data.--1
18F/qnaJavaScriptWIP QnA platform--0
18F/micropurchase-tempRubyTemp repository for the rails version--0
18F/knowledge-sharing-toolkitShell[EXPERIMENTAL] Docker components for the knowledge sharing toolkit--5
18F/scratch--A scratchpad for miscellaneous files--2
18F/shipper-cookbookRubyA Chef cookbook to install and create configs for Shipper--1
18F/dotgov-support--Repository for dotgov transition from OGP to TTS--1
18F/GDVP--Generic Data Validator Platform--1
18F/climate-labsCSSA climate information user study and report--7
18F/workshops-lab--The goal of this repository is to share workshop facilitation methods, tools and best practices across the 18F team!--1
18F/tock-task-timer-scriptJavaScriptA browser userscript that add task timer capability to Tock--1
18F/crime-data-style--A visual style guide and component library for the Crime Data Explorer--1
18F/billing-toolsJavaScriptbilling tools/scripts for AWS--1
18F/tts-buy-crowdsourced-pentest--Solicitation documents for the crowdsourced security and pentest procurement being undertaken by TTS.--1
18F/gcp-appengine-templateRubyTemplate for creating a GCP app--1
18F/TTS-Dogfooding--An analysis of how TTS projects are using their own sister services ('eating our own dogfood')--2
18F/CMS-APIs--[WIP] Do you have ideas or requests on how to use or improve CMS APIs? Click on the \--1
18F/security-group-test-appGoSecurity Group Test app for cg-compliance --1
18F/react-redux-event-demoJavaScriptA basic technology demo of some javascript frameworks in a purely client application.--1
18F/fugacious-landingHTMLFugacious/Toaster landing page--4
18F/citadel-buildRubyBuilt version of using `rake chef:build`--1
18F/windows_stig_cookbookRubyConverge a Windows server to DOD STIG--1
18F/analytics-reporter-exampleJavaScriptAnalytics-reporter example using imports --1
18F/hs-chargemasterPythonAn exploration of procedure costs from published hospital chargemaster lists.--1
18F/GSA-SaaS-Payroll-RFQ-BPA--Draft solicitation for SaaS Payroll BPA--2
18F/uaa-customized-boshreleaseCSSCustomized options added on top of CloudFoundry uaa-release--9
18F/pyHappyOrNotPythonA wrapper around the HappyOrNot API.--0
18F/paper-rhinoRubyPrototype for new NTIS Document Service Project--0
18F/cg-style-gemCSSDEPRECATED: Gem for including style.--6
18F/edu-measure-contentRubyHow to test and measure content--3
18F/cg-stats-scriptsPythonA collection of scripts to gather information about the environment. Useful for making user centered design decisions--1
18F/mirage-cookbookRubyA chef cookbook to install and setup the Mirage market research tool--2
18F/identity-hostdataRubyRuby gem to help read per-host configs--3
18F/omniauth-cgRubyOmniAuth strategy for (Forked from 18F/omniauth-myusa)--7
18F/wic_rulesPythonEligibility rules prototype for WIC (
18F/acq-templates-from-trelloJavaScriptFill in templated markdown files from Trello--1
18F/slack-export-handlingPythonSlack URLs--2
18F/tts-buy-dmarc--RFI for DMARC Analytics and Reporting services.--1
18F/ BOSH deployment for PowerDNS--5
18F/json--Minor customizations for Python standard library's `json` module--1
18F/cf-go-cronGo[DEPRECATED] A golang version of cf-cron--3
18F/node-continua11y-ci-reporterJavaScriptCommand line reporting utility for sending generated json reports to the continua11y dashboard--0
18F/node-continua11y-reportsJavaScriptNode module for converting pa11y (and potentially other format) reports to continua11y reports!--0
18F/couch-rules-engineJavaScriptA prototype effort to look at using CouchDB as a rules engine--1
18F/oauth2-proxy-authentication-npmJavaScriptAuthenticates requests from bitly/oauth2_proxy using HMAC signatures--1
18F/wg-working-groupsRuby18F Working Group Working Group--2
18F/record-locatorPythonGenerate a safe record locator (used for ticketing systems). --2
18F/hubot-cf-notificationsCoffeeScriptCloud Foundry notifications for Hubot--2
18F/citysdk-innov-districtJavaScriptCitySDK Data Workshop -- Innovation District Showcase Dashboard--3
18F/iaa-pdf-apiRubyA lightweight server implementation of the IAA gem--1
18F/pages-shell--An empty shell to build other sites from.--1
18F/pa11y-reporter-full-jsonJavaScriptA pa11y reporter to extend the 1.0 format to include additional fields--1
18F/innovation-toolkit-demoCSSA work-in-progress prototype for the Innovation Toolkit discovery sprint (innovation-toolkit). Hat tip to the USDS Playbook.--19
18F/financial-models--Financial models and spreadsheets of Software-development--1
18F/cg-customersPythonThe 'single source of truth' for high-level information about customers.--3
18F/omb-eregs-prototypesHTMLPrototypes for omb-eregs. This repository is deprecated.--2
18F/DOI-Digital-Services-PIA-UX--Repository for the DOI Digital Services Privacy Impact Assessment UX project.--2
18F/node-continua11y-sitemapperJavaScriptAccessibility sitemap scraper for node --0
18F/useiti-redirectJavaScriptRedirect old US EITI site to
18F/omb-eregs-static-prototypesHTMLStatic prototypes for OMB-eregs--0
18F/credentials-rotatorRubyThis tool rotates cloud foundry service accounts and stores credentials in a user provided service and on Circle CI environment variables.--1
18F/dtmo-jtr-prototypeCSSStatic site prototype for digitizing the Department of Defense Joint Travel Regulations. Future development will be over in
18F/tts-internal-buy-starter-repo--A starter repo that every TTS internal buy can clone to get started.--2
18F/10x-post-product-development--project board and repo for 10x phase one project on post product development research--1
18F/google-speech-pocJavaScriptGoogle Text to Speech proof of concept--1
18F/death-star--current landing place for 18f's forthcoming back office solution.--2
18F/gh-trafficJavaScriptGet Github traffic--1
18F/cg-deck-docker-images--Contains various docker images for cg-deck--2
18F/data-act-sf133Jupyter NotebookExplore relationship between the Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources (SF-133) and the DATA Act.--2
18F/iaa-mvp-buildpackShellA bespoke Buildpack for the iaa-mvp application--4
18F/data-act-schemasProtocol BufferSome exploratory schemas for DATA Act implementation--2
18F/talent-reporting-product--This repo is for the development of a talent oriented reporting solution.--1
18F/tis-discovery--Project materials for the Team Integration System discovery project--3
18F/opm-faces--OPM FACES Discovery engagement--1
18F/connect.govHTMLStatic site to disambiguate and
18F/nsf-sbir-sprintHTMLNational Science Foundation--1
18F/handbook-urlsCSSDEPRECATED: A URL shortener to use in conjunction with our 18F Handbook--5
18F/federalist-garden-build-pyPythonWe used this repository to test out a new version of the Federalist build container--6
18F/kitchen-provisioner-pre-installRubySubclasses of test-kitchen provisioners that support a pre_install_command config option--1
18F/cf-ex-staticfileHTMLExample CloudFoundry/ staticfile site--1
18F/ demonstrations--2
18F/acq-mo-medicaid-prototype-realtime-viewJavaScriptPrototype for the state of Missouri realtime view of Medicaid payments, coverage, and eligibility--2
18F/18f-capacity-planningHTMLA prototype for 18F staffing--4
18F/10x-apis-xtravaganza--Phase 1 10x investigations on browsers that don’t support TLS 1.2, Code2API, Sustainable APIs, and HTML form endpoints.--0
18F/g-devops--Public repo for the work of the 18F/TTS devops guild--1
18F/insite-privacyHTMLWorking repository for collaboration with GSA Privacy Office--1
18F/data-validatorRubyValidates YAML data against a schema--2
18F/deduplicate-tock-float--A command line interface to highlight projects with similar names in Tock and Float--1
18F/parse-shopping-listPythonJust jamming' --- some exploration of parsing emails representing shopping lists--2
18F/cf-deployMakefileAn experiment to make CloudFront/S3 deployments nice and easy.--1
18F/cg-report-federalist-s3ShellReport on CloudTrail events for Federalist S3 bucket for their ATO--2
18F/team--Repository for team members--1
18F/hcd-shared-services--This is where we are documenting our work for our 10x funded project--1
18F/federalist-proxyJavaScriptProxies traffic from the Federalist S3 bucket--4
18F/identity-lambda-functionsRuby(public) AWS Lambdas used by the project--1
18F/18f-bot-factsJavaScriptLists of facts used by 18F bot--5
18F/medicare-appeals-prototypingPython[WIP] An exploratory repository to test prototypes for the life cycle of a Medicare appeal.--1
18F/wg-volunteerRubyA working group to plan and support 18F-ers volunteering in the community. --1
18F/sendak-touchShellA reference project for Sendak - touches a file.--1
18F/cg-s3-proxyNginxA simple nginx proxy for S3 website buckets--1
18F/data-act-workshopHTMLCode written during the DATA act agile workshop--5
18F/pif3-oct-apprenticeJavaScriptThis is a repository for Rob--3
18F/dhs-nextCSSSource for a potential recruiting website for DHS CTO's DHSNext effort. --17
18F/install-dod-rootsShellInstalls DOD root certificates into the macOS keychain--1
18F/tts-buy-searchgov-security-layer--Solicitation documents related to the software security layer and technical support services buy.--1
18F/tts-buy-document-authentication-services--Solicitation documents related to document authentication services.--2
18F/cg-logstash-output-s3-backport-releaseShell[DEPRECATED] A whole lot of boilerplate to apply a two-line patch--1
18F/federalist-guide-templateCSS[DEPRECATED] Federalist template for a guide site. See instead.--1
18F/api-playgroundRubyA playground repo for APIs--1
18F/logingov_doc_exampleMakefileLogin.go Documentation Builder Demo--1
18F/cloud-assessment--A questionnaire for assessing a federal government system's suitability for cloud migration--1
18F/travel-form--A travel authorization form--1
18F/cg-agent-q--Issues and artifacts related to managed services for the platform.--1
18F/epa-emanifest-dataPythonThis is scratch pad repo for data format recommendations. --1
18F/cloud-marketplace-prototypePythonPrototype for the Cloud Marketplace.--1
18F/gsa-adv-cart-analysisJupyter Notebook----0
18F/felt-sassJavaScriptA Sass plugin for Felt--1
18F/cg-sast-docker-imagePythonBuild and deploy a docker container for running static application security testing tools--1
18F/wait-for-federalistJavaScriptA utility to wait for Federalist builds before running CI tests--1
18F/github-pr-file-headerJavaScriptJS console script/bookmarklet to add a header to Github pull request changes page showing the filename of the current file--1
18F/legacy-edu-pilot--10X project to pilot a process to educate stakeholders about alternatives to legacy software development practices.--1
18F/iaa-formsHTMLForms for filing interagency agreements--3
18F/crime-data-annotations-prototypePythonA prototype of how we might allow the FBI to maintain a UCR annotations dataset--1
18F/acq-trello-listenerJavaScriptAcqStack Trello listener
18F/tts-buy-incident-response-saas--TTS Incident Response SaaS Solicitation--3
18F/federalist-uswds-gatsbyJavaScriptA template for Federalist that uses Gatsby and USWDS 2.0--3
18F/id_wireframeCSSquick sprint prototypes--2
18F/micropurchase-deckHTMLSome slides about the micropurchase API--1
18F/cg-pipelines--DEPRECATED: Concourse pipelines for the 18F Cloud Foundry deployment. (moved to separate repositories)--4
18F/myusa-cookbookRubyChef cookbook to install and configure MyUSA--3
18F/edu-voice-and-toneRubyVoice and tone module for 18F Edu--0
18F/cg-newrelic-boshrelease--[DEPRECATED] Pipeline for NewRelic BOSH release used in
18F/permit-finderJavaScriptPROTOTYPE - Search for public lands in an area--0
18F/cg-cert-checkPythonNotify a slack channel when certificates in bosh manifests or used by ELBs are about to expire.--3
18F/federal-grant-reporting--Issue tracking for #10x-grant-reporting.--1
18F/hubot-scripts-us-federal-holidays-reminderJavaScriptPost reminders about upcoming holidays--1
18F/learn-github-playground--Playground for learning more about git and GitHub! --2
18F/cg-snort-boshreleaseShellBOSH Release for Snort IDS--9
18F/federalist-404-pageHTMLDefault 404 page for Federalist client websites--2
18F/fs-cloud-gov-migrationShellA repository to help migrate to a new org--2
18F/unified-analytics-dashboard--[WIP] Ideas for a proposed unified analytics hub --1
18F/wg-legacy-systems--Repo for the legacy systems working group--0
18F/ogp-payroll-serverPythonBack-end for the OGP Payroll prototype--1
18F/rectangleCSSTeam Rectangle!--1
18F/c2-redirectHTMLstatic redirect site--0
18F/18fconsulting-proto-3--An 18F Consulting Protosketch--1
18F/alaska-child-welfare--Collaboration between 18F Acquisitions and Alaska DHSS’s Office of Children's Services.--5
18F/agency-ocio-pa--Path Analysis E&I with TBDAgency OCIO--1
18F/tts-engage--An open working group devoted to making TTS a great place to work. --1
18F/discussions--To think through questions together. --2
18F/bpa-dash--A prototype for a dashboard for agile blanket purchase agreements.--1
18F/hmac-authentication-npmJavaScriptSigns and authenticates HTTP requests based on a shared-secret HMAC signature--1
18F/cg-deploy-discourseShellConcourse pipeline for the 18F discourse deployment.--3
18F/wg-documentationRubyDEPRECATED: 18F Documentation Working Group resources--1
18F/federalist-build-jsJavaScriptDEPRECATED - A test to build production JavaScript on Federalist--2
18F/labor-viz--experiment in visualization of 18F labor data--2
18F/military-onesource-federalistJavaScriptTesting Military OneSource on Federalist--3
18F/PriceHistoryInstallShellThis is the installation materials for the PriceHistory project, which consists of several repos.--2
18F/cf-env-parser-buildpackShellA buildpack designed to pull environment variables out of VCAP_SERVICES when using a user-provided services on Cloud Foundry.--2
18F/identity-analysis-sandboxJupyter NotebookAnalytics prototype for
18F/redux-textarea-debounceJavaScripttextarea component whose onchange is debounced, perfect for use in redux apps--1
18F/service-inventory-oce-pa--Path analysis to understand the ways to present GSA's Office of Customer Experience's inventory of services--1
18F/cg-deploy-opslogin--Deploy dedicated UAA instances for operations team--3
18F/apd-demo--Demonstrate an alternative way of working with Advance Planning Documents--1
18F/ads-bpa-redirectCSSHTTP meta redirect for
18F/10x-product-market-research--10x Product Market Research--1
18F/oauth2_proxy_authentication_gemRubyAuthenticates requests from bitly/oauth2_proxy using HMAC signatures--1
18F/lambda_map_reduceRubyA MapReduce implementation for use with lambdas--1
18F/project-monitor-helperRubyA Ruby script that automatically generates the projects.json required by Project Monitor--1
18F/e-manifest-springJavaJava/Spring version of the EPA e-Manifest project--3
18F/RandomizeBasedOnZipcodeFromIPAddress--Randomize into cohorts based on zip code as found by geolocation of IP address w/ freegeoip to aid in JS for experimentation--2
18F/ckanext-formatsPythonFormats Plugin for CKAN--1
18F/deploy-ttslicensesShellBuild scripts and templates for ttslicenses--1
18F/the-reckoningCSSApplication for integrating several accounting related data sources--0
18F/far-cryRubySmall Ruby library for sending parsed Federal Acquisitions Regulations data to an API--0
18F/epa-notice-landingHTMLA static site for those interested in the EPA Notice pilot--0
18F/tts-buy-identity-proofing--Market research documents created by TTS related to identity proofing services.--2
18F/participation-lensesHTMLA set of perspectives designed to help 18F's product and service teams work together in an inclusive way--1
18F/accessibility-practice-siteCSSA jekyll based website used for practicing accessibility testing--1
18F/AK-modular-experienceCSSPrototype for Alaska DHSS: View demo: --1
18F/acq-tech-presentationsHTMLStatic site of presentations for AcqStack tech topics--1
18F/crime-data-prototypesJavaScriptquick UI explorations / concepts--1
18F/omniauth_login_dot_govRubyAn OmniAuth strategy for
18F/login-data-explorerRubyAn internal dashboard to explore data--2
18F/cloud-starterkitHCLIterate on a site and app in different cloud providers--1
18F/contracting-cookbook-clientJavaScriptA client to access the data from the contracting cookbook--0
18F/site-inspector-docker--[DEPRECATED] site technology and capability scanning made easy through site-inspector--1
18F/hmac_authentication_gemRubySigns and authenticates HTTP requests based on a shared-secret HMAC signature--2
18F/jekyll-macos-services--Automator workflows to help manage Jekyll sites--0
18F/quick-statsPythonA few scripts used for pulling stats out of Github and Tock--0
18F/s70-disa-eapp--Schedule 70 Solicitation for the eApp Platform--1
18F/cloud-marketplaceholderCSSA sandbox--4
18F/pclobHTMLThe Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) website.--6
18F/hubot-scripts-us-federal-holidayCoffeeScriptGet the next US federal holiday--1
18F/joining-epaCSSRecruiting as a service (RaaS) page for EPA. Based on joining-18f.--1
18F/fec-cloud--Should FEC move all the things to The Cloud? We'll see.--2
18F/ Events Data Store--3
18F/htsql-dockerShellDockerfiles for HTSQL servers--1
18F/sbirez-prototypePHPPrototype for SBIR-EZ.--2
18F/pif3-oct-whibraryJavaScriptThis is a repository for Rob--1
18F/identity-devops-private.example--Example configuration data for
18F/federalist-redirectsJavaScript NginxRETIRED: Redirects from custom domains to Federalist--7
18F/pa11y-crawl-docker--A Docker image for pa11y-crawl--1
18F/cg-client-event-trackerRubyRails based application for tracking and querying events--1
18F/issue-tracker-reportJavaScriptquick script to generate a number of issues created / waiting blocked / resolved--1
18F/FFD_landuse--Research and recommendations to address the various, cross-government, procedures that affect outdoors guides and outfitters.--1
18F/dynamoedJavaScriptLight dynamodb wrapper to take the pain out of terrible AWS param formats--0
18F/cg-deploy-aws-light-stemcell-builderShellDEPRECATED. We now get our GovCloud stemcells from upstream.--12
18F/cg-migration-botRubyDEPRECATED: Bot for migrating users from to GovCloud--3
18F/fec-efilingHTMLA place to organize and manage tasks related to the FEC efiling project--2
18F/dsnap-registrationJavaScriptFront-end application for interacting with the d-snap rules service--2
18F/tts-buy-sites-challenge--Solicitation documents related to the purchase of hosting services for and
18F/ie11_stig_dscPowerShellDemo DSC, Desired State Configuration, for Internet Explorer STIG --1
18F/cg-deploy-compliance-documentation--Concourse pipeline for deploying
18F/discover-our-workJavaScriptWe want to make it easy for people to find and filter 18F projects in different ways--2
18F/wg-onboardingRubyThe onboarding working group. --1
18F/minion-nessus-pluginPythonA Minion plugin to run Nessus scans via the REST API--0
ADL-AICC/AICC-Document-Archive--Historical Archive of AICC Documents - No Longer Maintained
ADL-AICC/cmi5--cmi5 Specification (an xAPI Profile for LMS systems)--0
ADL-AICC/PENS--PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services) Specification
adlnet/ADL_LRSPythonADL's Open Source Learning Record Store (LRS) is used to store learning data collected with the Experience API.
adlnet/xAPIWrapperJavaScriptWrapper to simplify communication to an LRS
adlnet/SCORM-to-xAPI-WrapperJavaScriptAPIWrapper.js file commonly used with SCORM with xAPI calls embedded--6
adlnet/xAPI-DashboardJavaScriptProvides a quick and easy way to generate graphs from your xAPI data, as well as a powerful query language to manipulate it
adlnet/lrs-conformance-test-suiteJavaScriptThe test suite website can be found here: The adopters website can be found here:
adlnet/experienceapi_client_examplesJavaScriptThese client examples for the Experience API (\--3
adlnet/xapi-profilesPythonA set of documents addressing the structure of and supporting services for xAPI Profiles.
adlnet/xapi-labHTMLAssisting in developing xAPI statements and communicating with a Learning Record Store (LRS)
adlnet/xAPI-SCORM-Profile--Document describing how to report SCORM data to the Experience API.--3
adlnet/xapi-youtubeJavaScriptSend Youtube Video interactions to an LRS with xAPI
adlnet/xapi-authored-profiles--Repository of official xAPI Profiles--6
adlnet/xapi-statement-viewerJavaScriptA datatables and bootstrap based xAPI statement viewer for easier reading--4
adlnet/xapi-jqmJavaScriptIntegration of xAPI using jQuery Mobile with course examples and templates to get you started
adlnet/RUSSELJavaThe Re-Usability Support System for eLearning (RUSSEL) is an open-source software project to manage and repurpose courses, documents and multimedia assets. --4
adlnet/xapi-lrs-conformance-requirements--This repo lists the actual requirements stubbed out from the xAPI spec and have tests written about them in the test suite runner repo. The test suite repo can be found here: The test suite website can be found here: The adopters website can be found here: --3
adlnet/Intro-to-xAPI-Data-VisualizationJavaScriptWorkshop session used to introduce programmers to visualizing xAPI data using the ADL xAPI Dashboard project
adlnet/DECALSHTMLThis repo is for Data for Enabling Content in Adaptive Learning Systems (DECALS) that is built on the RUSSEL platform is an open-source software project to manage and repurpose courses, documents and multimedia assets by providing services for managing ontologies ranging from general ontologies to taxonomies of learning objectives and ontologies related to learner models.--4
adlnet/xAPI-Android-RosesJavaxAPI-enabled Android Roses app--6
adlnet/xapi-ontology--xAPI Statement Data Model represented as RDF Classes and Properties. --1
adlnet/adlnet.github.ioJavaScriptAn organized list of ADL's resources available on github--5
adlnet/LR-DataPythonA Tool to help import the content of the Learning Registry into a data store of your choice--3
adlnet/companion-specification-for-xapi-vocabularies--Repository for maintaining the Companion Specification for xAPI Vocabularies--3
adlnet/SCORM-to-TLA-Roadmap--Guidance on transitioning from a SCORM environment to a TLA environment
adlnet/experience-xapi-vocabulary-primer--Repository for maintaining the xAPI Vocabulary Primer--1
adlnet/flash-finderPowerShellSet of scripts intended to locate SCORM-based Flash and determine the oncoming Flash Deprecation's effects for existing training materials.--2
arcticlcc/dmplannerJavaScriptWeb application for creating data management plans--1
arcticlcc/metadata-catalogPHPCatalog for project and product metadata built on the Silex PHP micro-framework--1
arcticlcc/sbutilPythonScienceBase utility scripts--1
arcticlcc/climateCSSAddressing Climate Change in the Arctic and Alaska--1
arcticlcc/teonmap--TEON Web Map--1
arcticlcc/gcmdJavaScriptApplication for visualizing NASA's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Keyword lists, in particular the science keywords.--1
arcticlcc/pts-devJavaScriptInternal PTS Development--1
arcticlcc/pts--Project Tracking System--1
BBGInnovate/Sports-Data-Application-SuiteJavaScriptA suite of Node.js applications that provides push (realtime) sports information--4
BBGInnovate/Project-RelayJavaScriptRelay is a mobile first experience that allows journalists to report on breaking news situations in real time. Users can follow updates through Email and SMS alerts and can catch up on coverage by using the timeline based interface.--3
BBGInnovate/bbgBackupPHPWordPress theme using USWDS --3
BBGInnovate/bbgWPthemeCSSWordpress Theme for the website for BBG's Office of Digital & Design Innovation--3
BBGInnovate/LSAPCSSBBG Live Streaming Audio Player--3
BBGInnovate/Ourblock-Stations-FrontendPHPA simple php site for Ourblock Community Radio station player/page--1
BBGInnovate/CxpbbgRestRubyA Ruby Gem API Client Library for the CXP API--2
BBGInnovate/GovDashRubyUSG Socialmedia Monitoring Dashboard--3
BBGInnovate/Secret-SmithsonianJavaScriptSecret Smithsonian--1
BBGInnovate/Storify-Plugin-for-PopcornJS--Display Storify content inside PopcornJS--1
BBGInnovate/rizersJavaScript2016 rizers--2
BBGInnovate/rIvrRubyResponsive Interactive Voice Response (rivr)--2
BBGInnovate/CXP-Documentation-DEPRECATEDHTMLDEPRECATED - this project is no longer active. Documentation pages and API Explorer for the BBG Content Exchange Platform--3
BBGInnovate/rizeWPPHPRize Wordpress Repo--2
BBGInnovate/bbgWPFuegoPHPFuego instance for BBG WP sites--1
BBGInnovate/CXP-demo-DEPRECATEDJavaScriptCXP \--1
BFELoB/mapJavaScriptMapping project using Leaflet.js--3
blue-button/bluebutton.jsJavaScriptThe Blue Button JavaScript Library
blue-button/bbClearJavaScriptReference Implementation for the Blue Button Health Record Format--3
blue-button/implementation-guideCSSBlue Button+ Implementation Guide--7
blue-button/challengeCSSRedesigning the patient medical record--2
blue-button/connectorHTMLBlue Button provider and receiver (app) API and website. Currently sponsored by ONC.--2
blue-button/xml2jsonJavaScriptUtility for converting C-CDA XML file to a simplified version in JSON--1
blue-button/where-is-my-dataJavaScriptHelping consumers find their health data--1
blue-button/blue-button-toolkitCSSThe Blue Button Toolkit website--5
blue-button/claims--Exploring JSON representation for claims data--1
blue-button/connector-APIJavaScriptThe API for the Blue Button Connector (no longer maintained)--1
blue-button/static-registry-exampleJavaScriptExample BB+ Registry as a statically hosted site--1
blue-button/trust-bundle--Site for Blue Button Trust Bundle--1
blue-button/dataRubyOpen data supporting the Blue Button initiative--1
BusinessUSA/BusinessUSA-OpenSourcePHPBusinessUSA Open Source project--1
CA-CST-Library/CA-CST-Restricted-Code-Repository--Repository for FOUO code accessible by the CA-CST development community only--1
CA-CST-Library/FindMissingFontsC#Scans Word documents and builds a list of referenced fonts not installed in the Windows Fonts directory--1
CA-CST-Library/CA-CST-Open-Source-Public-Repository--Repository for open source code accessible by the general development community--1
CA-CST-SII/Software-StandardsHTMLDemo repository for CA/CST Coding Standards
CA-CST-SII/CA-Refrence-PatternsHTMLPatterns Document--1
CA-CST-SII/CAST-rulesHTMLCAST rules and metrics--1
CA-CST-SII/TestStack.WhiteC#Based off the project--1
CA-CST-SII/PAR--PAR deliverables--2
CA-CST-SII/CA-CST-SII.github.ioCSSSystems Integration & Innovation Division's Public Colaboration Site--1
CA-CST-SII/EA-SDLC-Templates--SDLC Templates in .dotx format--1
CA-CST-SII/AWS-ScriptsShellAWS CLI Scripts--1
ccmc/ccmc-softwareCAccess and interpolation software for models hosted by the Community Coordinated Modeling Center--2
ccmc/conda-recipesShellAnaconda recipes for disseminating CCMC software.--4
ccmc/IAIAJupyter NotebookInformation Architecture for Interactive Archives (IAIA) working group of the International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment--2
ccmc/convertersPythonASDF converters for space weather models--2
CDCgov/MicrobeTrace-ArchiveHTMLSequence analysis and data visualization tool
CDCgov/SDP-Vocabulary-ServiceJavaScriptRepository for the development of the initial SDP vocabulary service.
CDCgov/blockchain-collabJavaCDC collaboration on blockchain prototypes.--3
CDCgov/blockchainTB--Proof of project for CDC's r&d with using blockchain to support TB--1
CDCgov/fdns--This is a central repository with high level information on Foundation Services, tutorials, example code, etc.--3
CDCgov/fdns-ms-indexingJavaThis is the repository with the Indexing layer for the Data Lake. This is the navigation layer.--4
CDCgov/hackathon2018--This is the repository for the projects from the 2018 Open CDC Hackathon--1
CDCgov/fdns-ms-rulesJavaThis is the repository with the Business Rules Engine for ingesting and validating JSON files.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-storageJavaThis is the repository with the Storage layer for the Data Lake. This is the immutable layer.--4
CDCgov/SDP--Repository for CDC's Surveillance Data Platform project. --3
CDCgov/fdns-ms-objectJavaThis is the repository with the Object layer for the Data Lake. This is the mutable layer.--4
CDCgov/opencdcHTMLThis is the repository for the OpenCDC web application
CDCgov/fdns-ms-cda-utilsFreeMarkerThis is the repository with the CDA utilities service to parse, validate and generate sample CDA data.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-combinerJavaThis is the repository with the Combiner service to combine JSON files into a single CSV or XLSX file.--5
CDCgov/PoSE--PoSE: (Pattern of Sequence Evolution) provides visualization and annotation of amino acid substitutions to help determine major patterns during sequence evolution of protein-coding sequences, hypervariable regions, or changes in dN/dS ratios. --2
CDCgov/fdns-ui-reactJavaScriptThis is the repository with the front-end library built in React.--3
CDCgov/fdns-ms-gatewayHTMLThis is the repository with the API gateway to connect the other microservices together.--4
CDCgov/tn93.jsJavaScriptTamura-Nei '93 Computation in Javascript--1
CDCgov/fdns-ms-msft-utilsJavaThis is the repository with the Microsoft Utilities microservice for parsing Microsoft formatted documents.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-hl7-utilsJavaThis is the repository with the HL7 utilities service to parse, validate and generate sample HL7 data.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-reportingJavaThis is the repository for the reporting microservice.--4
CDCgov/fdns-rules-engineJavaThis the repository with the Java Library for the Business Rules Engine.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-scopes--This is the repository for the scopes service for the OAuth2 consent flow for Foundation Services.--1
CDCgov/National-Vital-Statistics-Mortality-Data--Code for analyzing vital statistics mortality data, including death certificate literal text--1
CDCgov/fdns-ms-identity--This is the repository for the user identity information service for Foundation Services.--1
CDCgov/fdns-js-sdkJavaScriptThis is the repository with the JavaScript SDK for Foundation Services.--3
CDCgov/TB_molecular_epidemiologyRAlgorithms for TB molecular epidemiology analysis--2
CDCgov/U50PythonU50 : measuring assembly output based on non-overlapping, target-specific contigs--3
CDCgov/fdns-ms-crypto--This is the repository for the cryptography microservice.--1
CDCgov/fdns-kafka-libraryJavaThis is the repository with the Java Library for Foundation Services Kafka workers.--2
CDCgov/ex-ui-datalake-dashboardJavaScriptExample UI for a Datalake Dashboard--2
CDCgov/fdns-ms-reporting-kafkaJavaThis is the repository that contains the Kafka workers to handle the generation of reports.--4
CDCgov/fdns-ms-pdf-utils--This is the repository for the PDF utilities microservice.--1
CDCgov/ctf-terraform-examples--Example demo of terraform functionality--1
CDCgov/fdns-ms-medex-utils--This is the repository for the Medical Examiner utilities microservice.--1
CDCgov/fdns-ui-react-docsJavaScriptThis project includes documentation and examples for the FDNS React UI Library.--2
CDCgov/fdns-ms-stubbingJavaScriptA stubbing service for testing against the various endpoints of the FDNS Microservices without running the full microservices in the background.--2
CDCgov/fdns-ms-consent--This is the repository for the consent application in the OAuth2 flow for Foundation Services.--1
CDCgov/fdns-java-sdkJavaThis is the repository with the Java SDK for Foundation Services.--7
CDCgov/artemisRubyAn application to assist Utah CDC's Newborn Screening Program--5
CDCgov/idmp-sas-to-csvPython SAS to CSV microservice--2
CDCgov/AlignmentViewerJavaScriptA lightweight visualization for genetic sequence alignments--1
CDCgov/patristicJavaScriptA Phylogenetics toolkit for Javascript--1
CDCgov/template--Template repository with all appropriate privacy, license, records, notices for use as a third party web application--6
CDCgov/SeqSpawnRRSpawn Random DNA Sequences
CDCgov/maven-repository--This repository is a collection of artifacts with the gov.cdc group id for use in Java projects through the Maven build tool.--4
CDCgov/filetoJavaScriptA little library to work with Javascript File objects--1
CDCgov/ocp-sonarqubeDockerfileVersion of the SonarQube container image that will run in the OpenShift restricted SCC.--1
CDCgov/SDP-JenkinsSmartyCustomized Jenkins Docker image for OpenShift using OCP Jenkins S2I builder--2
CDCgov/ProximateJavaScriptPick a county, see its neighbors--1
CDCgov/GaTech-Fall2017-Srinivasan-SocialDeterminant-GT-MKSMJavaScriptGaTech-Fall2017-Srinivasan-SocialDeterminant - GT-MKSM--3
CDCgov/Flu--Repository for CDC's Flu Division--1
CDCgov/SDP-Slide-Test--Repository for the SDP team to test slides. --1
CDCgov/F2017CDCLiaison--Deliverables and Status reports from CS 6440 Introduction to Health Informatics--2
CDCgov/ repo for documentation--1
CDCgov/ex-ui-hl7-combinerJavaScriptExample UI for an HL7 Combiner Tool--2
CDCgov/springfox-swagger-uiHTMLThis is the repository extending the Springfox Swagger UI package to meet CDC browser requirements.--3
CDCgov/jenkins-agent-sonarqubeDockerfileJenkins worker container image for performing a sonarqube CLI scan--1
CDCgov/TidyTreeJavaScriptYet Another D3-powered Phylogenetic Tree Library--1
CDCgov/phin-vads-db--PHIN VADS Lite data--0
CDCgov/code-of-conduct--18F's code of conduct.--6
CDCgov/docker-mavenDockerfileThis is the repository for the CDCgov Maven Docker image tags--1
cfpb/quClojurequ is a data platform created to serve public data sets. This is a public domain work of the US Government.
cfpb/idea-boxPythonAn application that lets an organization collect ideas, comment on them, and vote them up. --8
cfpb/cfpb.github.ioHTML JavaScript CoffeeScriptA site for the CFPB to share and discuss its technology work with the world.--21
cfpb/cfgov-refreshPythonDjango project protecting American consumers
cfpb/owning-a-homeJavaScript⚠️ DEPRECATED ⚠️ Suite of tools and resources for homebuyers.
cfpb/design-manualCSSA set of design principles and standards for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.--30
cfpb/DOCterCSSA Jekyll template for project documentation--7
cfpb/clouseauPythonSearch your repository's git history for undesirable text patterns such as passwords, ssh keys and othe personal identifiable information--13
cfpb/jenkins-automationGroovyHelpers for automating Jenkins via Groovy code—primarily job builders and utilities.
cfpb/open-source-project-template--A project template containing default open source files for new projects--8
cfpb/django-nudgePythonGently push content from development to production. This is a public domain work of the US Government.--6
cfpb/open-source-checklistJavaScriptcheck internal repos against open source checklist requirements--3
cfpb/collabPythonCollab is a Django project with a standard set of configurations to provide services to reusable apps.
cfpb/regulations-parserPython(DEPRECATED) Parser for U.S. federal regulations and other regulatory information--14
cfpb/college-costsCSSA tool to help students weigh the costs and rewards of a college program.
cfpb/ec2mapperJavaScriptEC2mapper is a web application that provides a user-friendly interface to view Amazon AWS network configurations, while allowing changes to be easily tracked over time.--3
cfpb/capital-frameworkJavaScriptThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's user interface framework
cfpb/salesforce-docs--Guidance for developing Salesforce applications and solutions for the CFPB--6
cfpb/wagtail-flagsPythonFeature flags for Wagtail sites
cfpb/developmentShellA repository for the discussion and publication of the CFPB development team standards.--16
cfpb/amortizeJavaScriptA node module to calculate the interest paid, principal paid, remaining balance, and monthly payment of a loan.
cfpb/hmda-platformScala JavaScript Front-end for
cfpb/grasshopperScala JavaScript CSSCFPB's streaming batch geocoder--13
cfpb/sheerPythonA tool for loading arbitrary content into Elasticsearch and serving that content on the web.
cfpb/jmeter-bootstrapPythonDownloads JMeter and JMeter plugins and demonstrates usage via examples. Suggested to be used as a git submodule--6
cfpb/transit_subsidyJavaScriptOpen source version of a simple Transit Subsidy intake form. This is what is commonly used by United Stated federal government agencies. This is a public domain work of the US Government.--1
cfpb/regulations-siteJavaScript(DEPRECATED) Web interface for viewing U.S. federal regulations and other regulatory information
cfpb/wagtail-sharingPythonEasier sharing of Wagtail drafts
cfpb/django-flagsPythonFeature flags for Django projects
cfpb/xtdiffPython:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Python library to compare two XML trees and generate a set of actions that transform one into the other
cfpb/hmda-toolsPythonTools to make importing and analyzing mortgage application data easier. This is a public domain work of the US Government.--4
cfpb/node-wcagJavaScriptWCAG and Section 508 accessibility audits from the command line.
cfpb/project-open-sourceCSS(Work In Progress) A repository for tools and resources for open source in government.--3
cfpb/jenkins-as-code-starter-projectGroovyA neat little project that uses our jenkins utils and helps you to get started and start testing your scripts--5
cfpb/source-code-policyHTMLThe CFPB's official Source Code Policy.--5
cfpb/hmda-explorerJavaScriptAn interactive front-end for exploring the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data set
cfpb/wagtail-inventoryPythonSearch Wagtail pages by the StreamField blocks they contain
cfpb/regulations-corePython(DEPRECATED) An engine that supplies the API that allows users to read regulations and their various layers.
cfpb/django-cache-toolsPythonTools to make caching easier in Django--4
cfpb/auroraRubyAn open source enterprise data warehousing and analysis platform.
cfpb/retirementHTMLHelping Americans make choices about retirement
cfpb/apiCSSDocumentation to support upcoming data platform API and data sets--8
cfpb/collab-form-builderPythonForm Builder app for Collab--6
cfpb/django-hudPython CSS⚠**DEPRECATED**⚠ JSON API of housing counselor data :warning: DEPRECATED :warning: Templates now live in cfgov-refresh. JS is with the API at
cfpb/mapusaurusJavaScriptReal-time geospatial mapping of HMDA data. This project is being sunset. We provided a final update to SEFL with 2017 data. There are no plans to enhance the application at this time.
cfpb/hmda-platform-uiJavaScriptFront-end for
cfpb/github-changelogPythonGenerate a changelog based on GitHub pull request titles
cfpb/loan-calcJavaScriptA node module to quickly calculate monthly payments and the total amount of interest paid for a fixed rate loan.
cfpb/grasshopper-parserPythonAddress Parsing REST API--10
cfpb/grasshopper-loaderJavaScriptData loader for Grasshopper --5
cfpb/find-a-housing-counselorCSS:warning: DEPRECATED :warning: Templates now live in cfgov-refresh. JS is with the API at
cfpb/cms-toolkitPHP:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning:
cfpb/cfpb-chart-builderJavaScriptCharts for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
cfpb/hubot-onboardingCoffeeScriptA Hubot script for welcoming new hires to your organization by gradually providing them scheduled information.--3
cfpb/generator-cfHTMLYeoman generator for Capital Framework
cfpb/owning-a-home-apiPythonThe API that drives the Owning A Home project.
cfpb/wagtail-treemodeladminPythonAn extension for Wagtail's ModelAdmin for a page explorer-like navigation of Django model relationships
cfpb/publish_eccuPythonPublish ECCU files to Akamai--7
cfpb/hmda-geoScalaServices that allow the user to query geographic entities by latitude and longitude and extract data.--9
cfpb/cf-iconsCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Custom icon font for Capital Framework.
cfpb/django-widgeterPythonA simple engine for backend widgets--1
cfpb/django-college-costs-comparisonHTMLA web app for comparing college financial aid offers
cfpb/hmda-viz-prototypeCSSPrototype for HMDA visualization
cfpb/vaxJavaScriptCheck your Node project for npm security best practices.--8
cfpb/hmda-rule-engineJavaScriptImplementation of the rule engine for the edit checks for the HMDA Pilot project.--7
cfpb/back-end--A repository for the discussion and publication of the CFPB back-end team standards--7
cfpb/email-templatesCSSDesign, research, and front-end implementation of responsive email templates for the CFPB.--5
cfpb/HMDA_Data_Science_KitJupyter Notebook----4
cfpb/complaintHTML:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Submit a Complaint and Consumer Complaint Database websites
cfpb/cf-gridCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: A Less-based grid system using parametric mixins. Part of Capital Framework.
cfpb/student-debt-calculatorJavaScriptCalculate student debt at graduation based on a wide array of possible inputs
cfpb/cfgov-djangoPython:warning: DEPRECATED :warning: – This project is no longer in use.--8
cfpb/consumer-credit-trends-dataPythonData for the CFPB's consumer credit trends visualizations--8
cfpb/cfpb-wp-cliPHPA collection wp-cli commands used at the CFPB.
cfpb/format-usdJavaScriptConvert a number or string to a USD-formatted string
cfpb/hackathonCSSplanning a hack day at CFPB.--3
cfpb/grasshopper-uiCSSFront-end to Grasshopper, cfpb's nascent geocoder--6
cfpb/prepaid-disclosure-filesHTMLNative design files and source code for the model and sample disclosure forms in the CFPB's final rule on prepaid accounts.--2
cfpb/hmda-rule-specJavaScriptLanguage-agnostic rule specification for the HMDA file specification and edit checks.--6
cfpb/kratosCoffeeScript:warning: THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED :warning: – pluggable authorization management
cfpb/hubot-aws-cfpbCoffeeScriptManage your AWS EC2 instances from Hubot--14
cfpb/hmda-homepageJavaScriptHomepage linking to various HMDA tools
cfpb/ccdb5-apiPythonAn API that provides an interface to search complaint data.
cfpb/pantheonJavaScript:warning: THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED :warning:
cfpb/cfgov-sheer-templatesHTML⚠️ THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED ⚠️ Templates for pages running on Sheer
cfpb/teachers-digital-platformJavaScriptTeacher's Digital Platform
cfpb/collab-mystery-meetPythonCollab app to meet new people--3
cfpb/AtomicComponentJavaScript:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Micro framework for building Atomic Design components
cfpb/cf-coreCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Core styles for starting a Capital Framework project. It includes Normalize.css, variables, media query and utility mixins, class utilities and standard base styling.
cfpb/overall-loan-costJavaScriptA node module to calculate the overall cost of a loan.--2
cfpb/shortstackPythonAn extensible site rendering system--3
cfpb/hmda-edit-check-apiJavaScriptLookup APIs to assist in edit checks for the HMDA Pilot project.--10
cfpb/rhobotGoRhobots Don't Ask Why
cfpb/cf-typographyCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Advanced typographic patterns, including lists, links, and headers for Capital Framework.
cfpb/cf-layoutCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Standard layout components for Capital Framework.
cfpb/cf-expandablesCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Standard expandable (show/hide) elements for Capital Framework.
cfpb/stay-positiveJavaScriptNode module to keep a number positive--2
cfpb/hmda-pub-uiJavaScriptHMDA Publication UI
cfpb/regulations-xml-parserPython(DEPRECATED) Make web-ready JSON from regulations XML--6
cfpb/regulations-stubPython(DEPRECATED) Output from CFPB's regulations-parser--13
cfpb/cf-buttonsCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Button components for Capital Framework.
cfpb/grasshopper-retrieverJavaScriptFetches public address data for use by the grasshopper-loader--8
cfpb/python34-for-el6ShellPython 3.4 RPM for RHEL 6--1
cfpb/hmda-platform-blog--HMDA Platform Blog--1
cfpb/hmda-platform-larftVisual BasicThe HMDA LAR Formatting Tool--1
cfpb/fuzzy-state-searchJavaScriptA node module to get the U.S. state closest to the user's position.--1
cfpb/pilot_pilotPythonTesting the amount of time it takes to process an average HMDA .dat file.--2
cfpb/ status dashboard--2
cfpb/unityboxPython:warning: DEPRECATED :warning: – This project is no longer in use.
cfpb/cf-tablesJavaScript:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning:
cfpb/psql-authnzPythonA tool for implementing PostgreSQL centralized authorization--1
cfpb/open-graph-controlPHPThis is a simple plugin to add open graph data to a WordPress action hook.
cfpb/click-to-commentCSS⚠️ THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED ⚠️ Precision feedback for images and documents.--3
cfpb/cfgov-crawler-appJavaScriptAn electron app which crawls and gathers interesting data--2
cfpb/lighthouse-config--CFPB specific config for the lighthouse-cli--1
cfpb/dashCSS:warning: THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED :warning: – Permissions management dashboard for organizations with lots of developers
cfpb/generator-node-cfpbJavaScriptYeoman generator for CFPB node modules--4
cfpb/objectifiedJavaScriptOne-way DOM-to-model data-binding.--1
cfpb/dotfilesVim scriptSensible defaults for new CFPB machines--5
cfpb/consumer-credit-trendsHTMLOBSOLETE: Explore recent developments in consumer credit markets.
cfpb/xsv-el6-rpmShellRPM build of the XSV toolkit--1
cfpb/unformat-usdJavaScriptConvert a United States dollar-formatted string into a number.--2
cfpb/jumbo-mortgageJavaScriptCheck if a loan is jumbo or high balance.--2
cfpb/cf-component-demoHTML:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Contains Jade templates for creating docs and demos for Capital Framework components.
cfpb/time2readJavaScriptGet the approximate (and totally unscientific) number of milliseconds it takes for a human to read a sentence.--6
cfpb/cf-demoJavaScript:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning:--5
cfpb/capital-framework-sandboxCSSA place to play and edit Capital Framework components.--5
cfpb/normalize-legacy-addonCSSAn add-on to normalize.css that backfills v1 legacy browser support. It is built to be combined with newer versions of normalize.css.--1
cfpb/grunt-cfpb-internalJavaScriptInternal Grunt task for automating project documentation and semantic versioning.--9
cfpb/redis-el6-rpmShellRPM Spec for Redis 3.0.x--2
cfpb/cf-grunt-configJavaScript⚠️ THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN DEPRECATED ⚠️ A set of common Grunt tasks for Capital Framework components.
cfpb/pantheon-helpersCoffeeScript:warning: THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED :warning:
cfpb/gnucobol-el6-rpmShellAn RPM SPEC for installing GnuCobol on RHEL 6.5+--1
cfpb/rhobot-for-el6ShellRhobot RPM Spec--2
cfpb/mkDOCterCSSmkDOCter is an MkDocs theme based on the DOCter template for Jekyll.
cfpb/govdeliveryPythonA Python wrapper for the govdelivery API
cfpb/lambda-counselorsJavaScriptAn AWS Lambda function for creating PDFs from CFPB's housing counselor search tool--1
cfpb/cf-formsCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Enhanced form styles for Capital Framework.
cfpb/zip-backfillPythonBackfilling zip codes in OpenAddress data.--3
cfpb/is-money-usdJavaScriptA node module to test for a USD formatted input.--3
cfpb/cf-colorsCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: You can find the color variables in cf-core.
cfpb/rural-or-underserved-testCSSThe Rural and Underserved Tool helps creditors comply with the recent amendments to Reg Z (Truth in Lending). A creditor may rely on this tool to provide a safe harbor determination that a property is located in a rural or underserved area.
cfpb/regulations-configsPythonConfiguration files for the eRegulations project--9
cfpb/new-relic-installerPython:warning: THIS REPO IS NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPMENT :warning:
cfpb/cf-paginationCSS:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: Standard pagination component for Capital Framework.
cfpb/django-sheerlikePythonA port of some functionality from to Django--9
cfpb/alertsyncPythonmanage New Relic alerts as (yaml) code
cfpb/cstore_fdw-el6-rpmShellRPM for the CStore FDW Postgres Extension--1
cfpb/cf-theme-cfpbCSSCFPB theme for Capital Framework--6
cfpb/intellij-idea-for-el6--RPM Spec File for the Intellij IDEA IDE.--1
cfpb/gitbook-plugin-theme-cfpbJavaScriptGitBook theme for CFPB projects--1
cfpb/cfpb-ez-sitemapJavaScript:warning: THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED :warning: A quick-and-dirty cfpb sitemap made by a crawler.--1
cfpb/i14y-pythonPythonPython client for the i14y API--8
cfpb/cfgov-simplecrawlerJavaScriptA compact site crawler for indexing content on
cfpb/django-mysql-sslPythonBackport dbshell support for ssl mysql connections in Django < 1.8
cfpb/generator-cf-componentJavaScriptYeoman generator for creating Capital Framework components.--7
cfpb/pg_jobmonShellRPM Spec file for pg_jobmon--2
cfpb/marathon-cli--Command line tool for deploying applications via Marathon--1
cfpb/eregs-2.0JavaScriptWork in Progress: Updated backend for the eRegulations UI
cfpb/social-disclosureJavaScriptoTree experiment for testing different disclosure designs.--2
cfpb/present-value--Calculates present value based on term, monthly payment, and rate--1
cfpb/cfpb-analyticsJavaScriptAnalytics logic for sites.--1
cfpb/pg_bulkload-el6-rpmShellRPM Spec file for the PG Bulkload extension--2
cfpb/pg_partman-el6-rpm--RPM spec file for the PG Partman extension--1
cfpb/postgis2-el6-rpm--RPM spec file for PostGIS 2--1
cfpb/cfgov_censusPythonscrapy crawler for gathering data about
cfpb/tax-time-saving--:warning: This repo is deprecated. Visit the live page, now served by our CMS:--2
cfpb/hmda-test-filesPythonThis repository contains code used to generate synthetic LAR files. These files will be used to support the development of the 2018 HMDA data submission platform.--2
cfpb/drake-el6-rpm--RPM Spec file for the drake tool--1
cfpb/hmda-ui-backendShellNginx files and Docker base image for hmda-ui projects--1
cfpb/maven-for-el6ShellMaven RPM Spec--2
cfpb/tds_fdw-for-el6--RPM Spec for TDS_FDW PostgreSQL plugin--1
cfpb/test_hmda_pipelinePythonThis is a collection of scripts for a GoCD pipeline used for integration testing, which downloads the public HMDA data over the API.--1
cfpb/hammerdb-el6-rpm--RPM Spec for HammerDB--1
cfpb/mesos-nr-infrastructurePythonA New Relic Infrastructure metrics collector for Mesos master's and agents--1
cfpb/pipeline-ccdb--A data pipeline that warehouses CCDB in a PostgreSQL database --1
cfpb/enwheelPythonfrom a list of git repo's, generate Python wheels and PEP-503 compatible python package repository
cfpb/cfgov-jobmanager-examplePythonExample cfgov satellite app using the jobmanager--1
cfpb/jenkins-sqs-pluginJavaAWS SQS notifier plugin for Jenkins--2
cfpb/onboarding-schedulerJavaScriptSmall utility for parsing CFPB onboarding messages--2
cfpb/drama-free-djangoPythonDeployable artifacts for Django sites--10
cfpb/hubot-capital-frameworkCoffeeScriptA Hubot script to manage CFPB's UI framework, Capital Framework--3
cfpb/cfpb-chart-builder-sandboxJavaScript**DEPRECATED** - A sandbox for cfpb-chart-builder--1
cfpb/hmda-helpJavaScriptHMDA Help Admin Application
cfpb/imcs-el6-rpmShellRPM Package for the In-Memory Column Store for Postgres--2
cfpb/hypopg-el6-rpmShellRPM spec file for HypoPG--2
cfpb/code-inventory-generatorJavaScriptA web app for generating an inventory of an organization's software projects.--2
cfpb/cf-type-testingHTMLA demo page for testing a wide range of typesetting combos in Capital Framework.--2
cfpb/regulations-xmlShell(DEPRECATED) CFPB Regulations in RegML format for eRegulations--12
cfpb/python-mesosPythonA python library for interacting with the Mesos API--2
cfpb/credit-card-agreements-uiJavaScript:warning: This PROTOTYPE IS NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Contact a CFPB GitHub admin if you would like to unarchive it.
cfpb/site-index--:warning: DEPRECATED :warning:--3
cfpb/cfgov-django-setupPythoncommon code shared across our django apps that also trigger grunt/gulp builds--2
cfpb/complaint-intakeHTMLImproving the forms used by consumers to submit complaints about the financial marketplace.--8
cfpb/salesforce-dataloader-el6-rpmShellRPM Spec file for building the Salesforce Dataloader to run on Linux--1
cfpb/cfgov-satelliteJavaScriptcookiecutter template for a satellite app--11
cfpb/hmda-ui-modulesJavaScriptUI modules used in various HMDA frontend apps--2
cfpb/gleif_hmdaJupyter NotebookParsing and mapping of LEI to HMDA IDs--1
CMSgov/qpp-measures-dataJavaScriptQPP Measures Data
CMSgov/ Developer Site--10
CMSgov/bluebutton-web-serverPythonBlue Button API
CMSgov/qpp-conversion-toolJavaConversion tool for QPP, particularly focused on QRDA3 -> QPP, built by Flexion.
CMSgov/BenefitAssistJavaScriptBenefit Assist--2
CMSgov/bluebutton-data-serverJavaCMS Blue Button web application.--4
CMSgov/CMS-GoogleMaps-Socrata-IntegrationJavaScriptGoogle Maps and Socrata Integration (originally developed for
CMSgov/qpp-claims-to-quality-publicPythonSource Code for Calculating QPP/MIPS Quality Measures from Medicare Claims Data--1
CMSgov/qpp-submissions-docsJavaScriptDeveloper documentation for building against the QPP Submissions API--20
CMSgov/bluebutton-sample-client-djangoCSSA Blue Button Sample Client in Django--4
CMSgov/bluebutton-web-deploymentHCLAnsible Configuration and Playbooks
CMSgov/bluebutton-site-staticHTMLCMS Blue Button API website and developer docs--13
CMSgov/bluebutton-data-pipelineJavaThis project handles the ETL from CMS' CCW system into the CMS Blue Button FHIR server.--6
CMSgov/bluebutton-developer-helpCSSBlue Button API Docs--5
CMSgov/bluebutton-csv-codesetsPythonBluebutton code set and code metadata as Comma Seperated Value (CSV) Files --1
CMSgov/eAPD--Medicaid eAPD project--0
CMSgov/bluebutton-data-modelJavaProvides a data model and other related utilities for the Blue Button API, which uses RIF data from CMS' Chronic Conditions data warehouse (CCW) to provide a FHIR API for that beneficiary and claims data.--3
CMSgov/qpp-submissions-schemaJavaScriptQPP Submissions Schema--2
CMSgov/bluebutton-data-server-perf-testsJavaA set of stress tests for FHIR servers.--3
CMSgov/cms-open-source-policy--CMS' Open Source Policy--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-text-to-fhirJavaCan convert and push BlueButton data to a FHIR server.--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-ansible-playbooks-data-sandboxPythonContains the scripts, etc. that setup and manage the Blue Button API's developer sandbox.--2
CMSgov/ansible-role-bluebutton-data-pipelineShellThis Ansible role can be used to install and configure the bluebutton-data-pipeline application on a system.--1
CMSgov/ansible-role-bluebutton-data-serverShell This Ansible role can be used to install and configure the Blue Button Data Server application on a system.--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-sample-client-railsRubySample Rails Client--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-functional-testsJavaA set of function/integration/system tests for the CMS Blue Button API.--1
CMSgov/coverage-inspector--A tool for inspecting plan coverage of providers, facilities, and drugs--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-ansible-playbooks-dataPythonThe Ansible playbooks used to configure the Blue Button API's backend systems.--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-sample-client-angularTypeScriptSample Angular Client--2
CMSgov/bluebutton-sample-client-androidJavaAndroid mobile OAuth test app for the Blue Button API--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-cssCSSBlue Button 2.0 CSS--2
CMSgov/qpp-file-upload-api-clientJavaScriptA set of functions to call the QPP Submissions API in common manner, such as for the file upload use case.
CMSgov/oopc-calculationsGoThis code fragment represents the portion of programming that calculates the estimated out of pocket cost for a given household under a specific plan within the Window Shopping experience on
CMSgov/bluebutton-parent-pomPythonContains a rather boring Maven parent POM for CMS projects.--3
CMSgov/bluebutton-sample-client-spring-bootJavaSample Spring Boot Client--1
CMSgov/bluebutton-openapi-docShellCMS Blue Button 2.0 OpenAPI 3 definition document with swagger docker containers--30
CommerceDataService/ part of an EU-US Transatlantic Open Data Partnership, the R library was developed to provide access to comparable datasets from the EU and the US. This version is in alpha. Feedback welcome -- submit an issue via this repo!
CommerceDataService/tutorial_mapbox_part1CSSData Usability Project tutorial on getting started with NOAA's global weather forecasting data. Produced by Mapbox--5
CommerceDataService/dashboardsJavaScriptDashboard examples--1
CommerceDataService/Commerce_Data_Academy_CoursesCSSCourse materials offered by the Commerce Data Academy--8
CommerceDataService/patent-process-and-searchPythonThis is a set of scripts to download Patent Trials and Appeals Board data, munge, and load into a Solr instance.--6
CommerceDataService/census-wikidata-botPythonProject to develop a bot that is built to push Census data to Wikidata--2
CommerceDataService/midaas-websiteCSSWebsite for visualizing and exploring Census income data.--4
CommerceDataService/tutorial_acs_rankCSSRanking and scoring variables from the ACS 5 Year with non-profit case study--2
CommerceDataService/DataAcademyHTMLThis repo contains code for the Commerce Data Academy website.--10
CommerceDataService/tutorial_mapbox_part2HTMLPart 2 of a Commerce Data Usability Project tutorial on animating atmospheric rivers on web maps. Produced by Mapbox.--1
CommerceDataService/tutorial_biz_dynamicsHTMLUsing the Census Bureau's Business Dynamics API, has developed a tutorial on business survival rates using Python--3
CommerceDataService/tutorial-congestionCSSAs part of the Commerce Data Usability Project, experts from Deloitte and Datawheel have created a tutorial that explores United States traffic congestion through the Data USA platform.--1
CommerceDataService/DataUsability_WebsiteJavaScriptA web resource for getting started with US Dept of Commerce data--3
CommerceDataService/tutorial_earthgenomeHTMLEarth Genome describes how environmental data can be used to inform industry decision making and illustrates how to get started with Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data--3
CommerceDataService/netZeroHTMLPower disaggregation model for Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility (NZERTF)--1
CommerceDataService/cpcprocessingPythonA quick script to process CPC code definition XML files--1
CommerceDataService/recordtaggerPythonNOAA metadata record tagger that implements term frequency and Latent Dirichlet Allocation--1
CommerceDataService/tutorial_ptoCSSUnited States and Trademark Office Data Usability Project Tutorial--3
CommerceDataService/cpc-naicsCSSExperimental CPC to NAICS crosswalk developed using NLP techniques.--1
CommerceDataService/CWG_WebsiteHTMLThis an informative call-­‐to-­‐action intended to raise awareness of the problem and engage people in proactively helping to alleviate the problem. --3
CommerceDataService/bis_metadata_templateJavaScriptTemplate for BIS metadata records--1
CommerceDataService/census_topic_crawlerPythonWeb crawler to get relevant information about Census website parent and child topics.--1
CommerceDataService/NZERTFCSSSource Files from NetZero--7
CommerceDataService/StormDataProjectBeedeHTMLStorm events project --1
CommerceDataService/tutorial_311_trees_p2HTMLUsing NYC 311 data, Jonathan Auerbach and Chris Eshleman show how to use Bayesian methods to understand government service demand using storms, which serve as cleanly defined natural experiments. Part two brings together uncovers valuable insight for municipal policymakers.--1
CommerceDataService/VerbalPythonAn interoperability exercise by geospatial units of reporting--1
CommerceDataService/bea-chartsJavaScriptread an xls file to create the image--1
CommerceDataService/developer-site--Tracking issues for improvements to /developer.--2
CommerceDataService/tutorial_311_trees_p1HTMLUsing NYC 311 data, Jonathan Auerbach and Chris Eshleman show how to use Bayesian methods to understand government service demand using storms, which serve as cleanly defined natural experiments. Part one in a two-part brings together NYC 311 data and Census data to set the stage for powerful statistical research.--1
CommerceDataService/cda_storytelling_in_rHTMLTutorial materials for using Commerce data to illustrate the art of data storytelling.--1
CommerceDataService/cdup_tutorial_templateCSSTemplate for formatting a CDUP Tutorial--1
CommerceDataService/cdup_knowjson--Revised Data Usability project website--1
CommerceDataService/CDAC_RedesignCSSThe CDAC provides expert guidance and insight to the Department of Commerce's data leadership, covering a wide range of pressing issues in data and technology.--4
CommerceGov/Policies-and-Guidance--Official instructions that are directly relevant to work performed by @CommerceGov on Github.--5
CommerceGov/ API for
CommerceGov/Code-Catalog-GeneratorRubyTools and process for generating the Commerce code catalog.--2
Defense-Cyber-Crime-Center/Digital-Crime-Scene-ChallengeJavaScriptThe object of the Digital Crime Scene Challenge is for participants to use their forensic and investigative skills to focus on potential digital evidence and conduct triage/analysis of such evidence.--1
demand-driven-open-data/demand-driven-open-data.github.ioCSSView the main DDOD site here--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/vets-websiteJavaScriptFrontend for VA.gov
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA-Micropurchase-Repo--Public site for VA API Platform Micropurchases--9
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflowRubyCaseflow is a web application that enables the tracking and processing of appealed claims at the Board of Veterans' Appeals.
department-of-veterans-affairs/vets-apiRubyAPI for vets.gov
department-of-veterans-affairs/LeoJavaThe Leo framework - The VINCI-developed Natural Language Processing(NLP) infrastructure using UIMA. --5
department-of-veterans-affairs/sniffybaraRubyGem that adds automatic 508 accessibility compliance checks into your Capybara specs--5
department-of-veterans-affairs/dsvaHTMLThe official site of the Veterans Affairs Digital Service.--7
department-of-veterans-affairs/design-system--Jean Pants: Design System for vets.gov
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow-efolderRubyTool for bulk download of efolder claim files
department-of-veterans-affairs/roadrunner-railsRubyBase rails project with the VA special sauce.--6
department-of-veterans-affairs/ Scorecard for vets.gov
department-of-veterans-affairs/breakersRubyImplements the circuit breaker pattern for Ruby using a Faraday middleware--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow-commonsRubyShared resources for VA Caseflow applications
department-of-veterans-affairs/vets-json-schemaJavaScriptJSON Schema for all projects
department-of-veterans-affairs/va-digital-service-handbookCSSEmpowering VA teams to design and build great digital services on the Veteran-facing Services Platform ---
department-of-veterans-affairs/gi-bill-comparison-toolHTMLRails delivered version of the GI Comparision Tool.
department-of-veterans-affairs/vitalsJavaNatural language processing pipeline for finding vitals signs in documents. --2
department-of-veterans-affairs/ChoiceActLocatorJavaScriptThis web mapping application provides veterans the ability to search and find Non VA Care providers through the Choice Act.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/vets-api-clientsGoReference implementations and documentation for third-party access to VA APIs.--7
department-of-veterans-affairs/va-digital-services-platform-docsJavaScriptARCHIVE THIS - VA Digital Services Platform developer portal--13
department-of-veterans-affairs/va-quickstartCSSFront end packaging for VA--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_VHA--VHA Data Assets for Aug 2015 IDC Submission--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/gibct-data-serviceRubyAllows stakeholders to build a valid GIBCT database from various data sources and apis.
department-of-veterans-affairs/government-services-schema-from-google-spreadsheet-javascript--THis is a template for generating government services schema from Google Spreadsheet using PHP.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow-monitorJavaScriptA small application designed to monitor Caseflow dependencies.
department-of-veterans-affairs/veterans-employment-centerRubyVeterans Employment Center
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_NCA--This is a a repository for open NCA Data Assets.--7
department-of-veterans-affairs/ Pattern library.--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/vagov-contentHTMLThe Interim CMS--30
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_VBA--These are open VBA data assets.--4
department-of-veterans-affairs/vip-guideCSSThe Veteran-focused integration process(VIP) is a Lean-Agile framework services the interest of Veterans through the efficient streamlining of Information Technology (IT) activities that occur within the Department of Veterans Affairs IT enterprise.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/developer-portalTypeScriptVA API Platform (aka Lighthouse) website and documentation.
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_DATA_ASSETS--This is a repository for the US Department of Veterans Affairs Data Assets that do not have URLs. This is a temporary solution. --1
department-of-veterans-affairs/appeals-dataHTMLScripts for the analysis of the Department of Veterans Affairs' VACOLS database--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow-feedbackRubyCompact application used for collecting feedback on Caseflow products
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_OPEN_DATA_IPT--This is a repository for the US Department of Veterans Affairs Data Assets that do not have URLs. This is a temporary solution. --2
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_OM--This an a repository for VA - OM data assets for Open Data. --5
department-of-veterans-affairs/vets-external-teams--Documentation for External Contractor teams working on the Veteran-facing Services Platform--14
department-of-veterans-affairs/ansible-common-rolesShellReusable Ansible roles--7
department-of-veterans-affairs/ design standards--5
department-of-veterans-affairs/health-apis-deployerShellDeploy and promotion pipeline for Health API applications--5
department-of-veterans-affairs/roadrunner-styles--Common styles and associated Javascript for VA projects.--0
department-of-veterans-affairs/mock-prescriptions-apiRubyFake data to create a simple, mock API--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/MBOOPRubyGenerate and track barcodes for keeping track of folders, inventory, equipment, etc.--4
department-of-veterans-affairs/project-management-demoCSSDemonstration of Project Management using GitHub--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/email-excel-conversionPHPThis is a simple PHP script for converting excel files to JSON, CSV and XML.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/betamocksRubyBetter mocking solution inspired by VCR--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/roadrunner-reactJavaScriptBase React project with the VA special sauce. --2
department-of-veterans-affairs/id-me-demoHTMLPrototype for integration--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/ enables Veterans to discover, track, apply for, and manage the benefits they have earned.--0
department-of-veterans-affairs/ for
department-of-veterans-affairs/private-care-eligibilityJavaScriptVA private care eligbility info tool.--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/acronymsShellA list of VA acronyms--8
department-of-veterans-affairs/NCA-NGL-Aug-2015--NCA NGL Aug 2015--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/government-services-schema-from-google-spreadsheet-php--This is a template for creating government services schema using a Google Spreadsheet.--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/service-and-facility-locatorJavaScriptRepository containing next gen Facilities Locator artifacts and application--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Open_Data_Assets_OSDBU--Data assets for VA's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization in the department's Open Data effort--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/soliloquyRubyRuby structured logger--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/decision-scraperRubyScraper to obtain all publicly available BVA decisions--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/caseflow-frontend-toolkitJavaScriptBuild tools and React components for the Caseflow frontends
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_OGC--Data assets from the VA Office of General Council related to the open data effort--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/yulelogPythonscrape logs to get data--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/COIN-0017-CARS-Age-Profile-Report-09-30-2015--CARS Age Profile Report 09/30/2015--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TS-Note-Vol-2-Issue-8--VA Executive's Guide to Configuration Management--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TS-Note-Vol-2-Issue-10--VA Executive Guide to Hybrid Data Infrastructure--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/roadrunner-devops--Starter project for automating deployment of a roadrunner-rails (Rails + rbenv) application to AWS--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/sample-repository--Sample repository--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA-Performance-and-Accountability-Report-Part-1--This document is part one of the 2014 Performance and Accountability Report--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/OPP---Living-Veterans-By-Age-Group-Gender-2013-2043--Livieng Veterans By Age Group, Gender, 2013-2043--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/roadrunner-rails-starter-projectRubyRoadrunner-rails Starter Project--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/NCA-Temp-Repo--Temp Repo--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/NGL-August-2015--NGL Files for OMB Aug 2015--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/connect_vvaRubyGem for connecting to Virtual VA--5
department-of-veterans-affairs/messaging-fe--Issues-only repository to track front-end development of the healthcare messaging service--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TechJam--Code From TechJam Fall 2013--0
department-of-veterans-affairs/appeals-devops-jenkinsShellConfigure an intranet application that authenticates with Github Oauth and gets those secrets from SSM--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TS-Note-Vol-2-Issue-7--VA Executive's Guide to Unified Communications--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA-PAR-Part-Two-Major-Management-Challenges---This document is VA Performance and Accountability Report Part Two Major Management Challenges --1
department-of-veterans-affairs/2014-Performance-and-Accountability-Report--This document is the cover for the 2014 Performance and Accountability Report--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/COIN-0022-CARS-Monthly-Totals-Part-I---09-30-2015--CARS Monthly Totals, Part I - 09/30/2015--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_Finance--Assets for the Office of Finance, Data Quality Service requested by Maggie Cook (FDQS) and Lisa Mavrogianis (OPP) for May quarterly IDC reporting.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/ place for utility scripts to support team--8
department-of-veterans-affairs/dsva-portfolioHTMLA portfolio website for the Digital Service at VA team.--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/benefits-apiRubyrepo for the benefits API--8
department-of-veterans-affairs/github-sandbox-psf--GitHub sandbox for Project Special Forces (PSF)--0
department-of-veterans-affairs/FITARA--Repository for FITARA-related reporting requirements --1
department-of-veterans-affairs/COIN-146-Monthly-Top-Totals---09-30-2015--Monthly Top Totals - 09/30/2015--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/compliance--VA OI&T Compliance Tracking Repository--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/ncod-all-employee-survey--National Center for Organization Development's work on VA's All Employee Survey--2
department-of-veterans-affairs/OM-Aug-2015-Finance--August 2015 Finance Files--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/Tech-Jam-Fall-2013---Awesome-NighthawksJavaScriptTeam Awesome Nighthawks' Competition Entry--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VBA-August-2015--VBA August 2015 Datasets--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/omniauth-saml-vaRubyOmniAuth SAML strategy for use at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs--4
department-of-veterans-affairs/eslint-config-appealsJavaScriptESLint config for Appeals JS--3
department-of-veterans-affairs/docketeerJupyter NotebookSimulation for testing Board of Veterans' Appeals docket auto-assignment algorithms--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/filterable-file-logLuaKong file log plugin with filters--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/COIN-0017--CARS Age Profile Report--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TS-Note-Vol-2-Issue-9--VA Executive Guide to Encryption--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/Performance-and-Accountability-Report-Part-Two--This document is part two of the 2014 Performance and Accountability Report--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/vulnerability-disclosure-policy--The vulnerability disclosure policy for the Department of Veterans Affairs.--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/COIN-145-Monthly-CRS-Totals-Report---09-30-2015--Monthly CRS Totals Report - 09/30/2015--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/TS-Note-Vol-2-Issue-6--VA Executive's Guide to Cloud Computing: Service Models--1
department-of-veterans-affairs/VA_Data_Assets_HR--This repository is for VA open Human Resurces (HR) data. --3
deptofdefense/SalSAPythonSalting Static Analysis--1
deptofdefense/anetJavaAdvisor Network
deptofdefense/gr-uaslinkPythonDARPA HackFest--2
deptofdefense/move.milHTMLThe entry point website to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).
deptofdefense/eMCMJavaScriptSearch and browse interface for the Manual for Courts-Martial--7
deptofdefense/data-mil-THOR-exampleJavaScriptAn example of visualizing data from using common open source tools--3
deptofdefense/dco-botJavaScriptBot for a GitHub webhook to check commits for DCO sign-off via AWS Lambda--4
deptofdefense/meta-darpahackfestBitBakeDARPA HackFest--0
deptofdefense/Pull-ADLSPowerShellA PowerShell script to automate and simplify ADLS queries on behalf of Unit Training Managers.--1
deptofdefense/ To:--1
deptofdefense/eagerewokTypeScriptDDS Internal Talent Management Prototype--1
deptofdefense/dds.milHTMLThe website of the Defense Digital Service.--4
dhs-ncats/pshttPythonScan domains and return data based on HTTPS best practices
dhs-ncats/trustymailPythonScan domains and return data based on trustworthy email best practices
dhs-ncats/cyber.dhs.govCSSSource code for
dhs-ncats/scannerDockerfileAutomated pshtt, trustymail, and sslyze scanning--1
dhs-ncats/lambda_functionsShellGenerate AWS Lambda environment zip files for use by 18F/domain-scan--2
dhs-ncats/pshtt_reporterPythonGenerate HTTPS reports based on scan data--3
dhs-ncats/trustymail_reporterPythonGenerate Trustworthy Email reports based on scan data--3
dhs-ncats/dmarc-importPythonA tool for parsing DMARC aggregate reports.--2
dhs-ncats/cyhy_amisHCLAWS infrastructure for Cyber Hygiene and BOD 18-01 scanning--4
dhs-ncats/cyhy-mailerPythonEmail Cyber Hygiene, Trustworthy Email, and HTTPS reports to the appropriate technical or distribution addresses--2
dhs-ncats/saverPythonSave scan results to a database--2
dhs-ncats/sslyze-lambdaPythonAWS Lambda function for sslyze--1
dhs-ncats/gathererShellGather domains as a precursor to scanning--3
dhs-ncats/orchestratorHCLOrchestrate gatherer, scanner, saver, and trustymail_reporter--3
dhs-ncats/elastic-ips-terraformHCLTerraform files that provide AWS elastic IP addresses for use by other dhs-ncats projects --2
dhs-ncats/dmarc-import-terraformHCLTerraform files that provide AWS infrastructure for parsing DMARC aggregate reports.--1
dhs-ncats/trustymail-lambdaPythonAWS Lambda function for trustymail--1
dhs-ncats/github_org_name_changeShellBash script to help folks update git remote URLs when a GitHub organization changes names--1
dhs-ncats/cyhy-ct-logs--Certificate transparency log monitoring for Cyber Hygiene--1
dhs-ncats/re-jira-import--Code to import RE data from Jira to Mongo--0
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-htopPythonAnsible role for installing and configuring htop--1
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-github-oauth--An Ansible role for retrieving an OAuth token for interacting with NCATS' private GitHub repositories--1
dhs-ncats/pca-vm-importHCLTerraform and Packer code for importing PCA VMs--1
dhs-ncats/bod-18-01-terraformHCLTerraform code for BOD 18-01 scanning--1
dhs-ncats/csetPLpgSQLCybersecurity Evaluation Tool--3
dhs-ncats/pca-teamserver-awsShellPacker, Terraform, and Ansible code for the PCA team server running in AWS.--2
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-cyhy-logrotatePythonAnsible role for installing and configuring logrotate for Cyber Hygiene hosts--2
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-mongo-logrotatePythonAnsible role for installing and configuring logrotate for MongoDB hosts--1
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-logrotatePythonAnsible role for installing and configuring logrotate--1
dhs-ncats/copy-old-es-databasePythonCode for copying the old ES database to the new account--1
dhs-ncats/ansible-role-bannerPythonAnsible role for installing DHS/NCATS banner text.--2
dhs-ncats/bod-18-01-celeryPythonCelery code for BOD 18-01 scanning--1
dhs-ncats/dmarc-import-lambdaPythonAWS Lambda function for dmarc-import--1
DIDSR/IQmodeloMatlabStatistical Software for Task-Based Image Quality Assessment with Model (or Human) Observers--1
DIDSR/iMRMCJavaiMRMC user manual and other resources
DIDSR/LesionBlenderMatlabRepo of m-files allowing automatic seamless insertion of lesions from one image into another for medical images.--1
DIDSR/eeDAPMatlabEvaluation Environment for Digital and Analog Pathology
DIDSR/VisualMANTIS-WebMANTIS--Graphical interfaces that use hybridMANTIS to display simulation information and visualizations in a desktop window or through a browser.--1
DIDSR/VICTREPythonVirtual Imaging Clinical Trial for Regulatory Evaluation--3
DIDSR/ROCtools--Software tools for ROC analysis: semi-parametric models, non-parametric analysis, curve fitting and plotting, statistical inference for ROC based indices (e.g., AUC)--1
DIDSR/ReconDBTMatlabReconstruction package for digital breast tomosynthsis--1
DIDSR/cartesianDETECT2CMonte Carlo optical transport package for modeling pixelated scintillators--1
DIDSR/VICTRE_MCGPUCudaVersion of MC-GPU used in the VICTRE project--1
DIDSR/ARTEMISFORTRANParticle transport, recombination and trapping in semiconductor imaging simulations--1
DIDSR/mantismcFORTRANMonte carlo x-rAy electroN opTical Imaging Simulation--1
DIDSR/breastPhantomC++A multi-modality anthropomorphic digital breast phantom--2
DIDSR/hybridmantisFORTRANFast Monte Carlo tool for modeling indirect x-ray detectors using CPU and GPU in parallel--1
DIDSR/MSim3V_IAFORTRANMSim3V_IA is a self-contained computer program that is designed to aid in the development of materials that accurately simulate the x-ray interaction properties of a user-specified target material.--1
DIDSR/ClassifierAssessmentMatlabClassifier variability assessment; Compare Two Correlated C Indices with Right-censored Survival Outcome--1
DIDSR/fastDETECTII--Optical transport in columnar CsI x-ray imaging detectors using the Monte Carlo method--1
DIDSR/bitree--Application to compress a voxelized computational phantom using a binary tree data structure.--1
DIDSR/breastCompressC++finite element based breast compression modeling--1
DIDSR/breastMassC++breast mass generation software--1
DIDSR/ROCmodelingRThis routine performs maximum likelihood ordinal regression on two samples of data for many published models for ROC analysis, calculating AUC and its error, and plotting ROC curves.
DIDSR/MCGPUHTMLGPU-accelerated Monte Carlo x-ray transport code to simulate medical x-ray imaging devices.
DIDSR/breastCropC++cropping breast phantoms--1
DIDSR/VICTRE_MOMATLABModel observer code written in Matlab for detecting mass and clustered micro-calcification in 2D and 3D mammography images.--1
DIDSR/mammoreplicatorPythonReplicating 2D mammograms with 3D printed surrogates--2
DIDSR/viperDataTeXThis repository contains supplementary materials (data, R functions, R markdown files) for Gallas2018_J-Med-Imag_v6p015501. If you are not familiar with GitHub repositories, please visit this front page.
digital-analytics-program/gov-wide-codeJavaScriptProvides a set of javascript files for US federal agencies--8
doecode/doecodeJava CSS HTML Java JavaScript Java Java JavaMain repo for managing the new DOE CODE site from the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) Repository for the GitHub IO site for the DOECode organization The project containing the client implementation for DOECode. Support REST client for archiving and repository backup service associated with DOECode Original Alpha version of DOE CODE, written in React. This version is no longer supported. Back-end services and application for the DOECode web app. Simple project template for initializing new DOECode repositories. This is a repository used by the DOE Code development team for testing GitHub's API and various features of our product, such as reading metadata from YAML files. This project defines metadata used for software and includes the main DOE Code metadata model. Contains batch processes used to support DOE Code Applications--17
doecode/doecode.github.ioCSSRepository for the GitHub IO site for the DOECode organization--7
doecode/clientHTMLThe project containing the client implementation for DOECode.
doecode/archiverJavaSupport REST client for archiving and repository backup service associated with DOECode--2
doecode/react-alphaJavaScriptOriginal Alpha version of DOE CODE, written in React. This version is no longer supported.--2
doecode/serverJavaBack-end services and application for the DOECode web app.
doecode/project-template--Simple project template for initializing new DOECode repositories.--2
doecode/dev-test-repo--This is a repository used by the DOE Code development team for testing GitHub's API and various features of our product, such as reading metadata from YAML files.--5
doecode/software-metadataJavaThis project defines metadata used for software and includes the main DOE Code metadata model.--5
doecode/batchJavaContains batch processes used to support DOE Code Applications--2
energyapps/templatesJavaScriptTemplates of map, chart, and timelines (OLD)--1
energyapps/quizzerCSSQuiz Generating Script, built in quiz-template--1
energyapps/solarHTMLSpace Based Solar Power--1
energyapps/app_frameCSSThe code base to pull down when creating a new project--2
energyapps/EM_timelineHTMLTimeline for the EM section of the website.--1
energyapps/labsHTMLNational Labs map (OLD)--1
energyapps/geothermalCSSGeothermal Map--1
energyapps/social-scraperPythonScraper scripts that collect social media information for
energyapps/history-of-nuclearHTMLHistory of Nuclear Energy--1
energyapps/socialPython CSSScraper scripts that collect social media information for Social Media Analytics--2
energyapps/quiz-templateCSSQuiz Template, where we build the css and dom--1
energyapps/generator-energyappsJavaScriptyeoman npm scaffolding for NEVER COMPLETED--1
energyapps/power-plants-mapHTMLMap of EIA-860 Power Plants--1
energyapps/Testing-Americas-Wind-TurbinesCSS Testing America's Wind Turbines (EERE/WIND)--1
energyapps/app-frame-foundationCSSApp Frame using Foundation Responsive Framework (DEPRECATED)--1
energyapps/systemdownHTMLSmall Static Page to display when servers are down OLD--1
energyapps/social-reportJavaScriptA new reporting dashboard for annual social media milestones--1
energyapps/budget_workflowJavaScriptCodebase for an example workflow to integrate into (OLD)--1
energyapps/utilities_data_processorPythonCreate an API that allows EIA's utilities data to be extracted weekly--2
energyapps/grid-quizCSSQuiz on the Grid using Quiz Template--1
energyapps/production-oldJavaScriptproduction data from seds d3 map BROKEN?--1
energyapps/egallon-oldHTMLEgallon OLD--1
energyapps/consumptionHTMLConsumption graphic--1
energyapps/bestpractices--Best Practices (OLD)--1
energyapps/embed-testsHTMLTesting quality of embed thumbnails from YouTube--1
energyapps/energyintensityCSSd3 project that shows co2 per capita, carbon economy, and energy intensity of economy by state--2
energyapps/lpoHTMLlpo (OLD)--1
energyapps/eia-datavizCSSData visualizations relating to EIA reports--2
energyapps/doe-budgetJavaScriptbudget (OLD)--1
energyapps/consumption-d3JavaScriptd3 for consumption infographic OLD--1
energyapps/labs_mapCSSHome of labs map, DOE main --1
energyapps/egallon-serveCSSegallon to be served by pym--2
energyapps/RSCII--Rooftop Solar Challenge Award Winners Impact--1
energyapps/sankey-old--Using the sankey d3 example for energy and chemical data (BROKEN?)--1
energyapps/turbineHTMLWind Turbine Graphic for the Department of Energy (OLD)--1
eregs/regulations-parserPythonParser for U.S. federal regulations and other regulatory information
eregs/eregs.github.ioCSSDocumentation for the eRegulations project. --15
eregs/regulations-corePythonAn engine that supplies the API that allows users to read regulations and their various layers.
eregs/regulations-sitePythonWeb interface for viewing U.S. federal regulations and other regulatory information
eregs/fr-notices--Collection of manual tweaks to make parsing Federal Register notices easier--18
eregs/eRegulationsCSSDeprecated Repo. Use Repo--8
eregs/generator-eregs--Scaffolding generator for eRegs projects--1
FCC/CrawlerPHPCrawler is a bare-bones spider designed to quickly and effectively build an index of all files and pages on a given Web site as well as the link relationship (both incoming and outgoing) between each page. --1
FCC/lpfmpointsJavaScriptEvolution of LPFM Stations--4
FCC/lpfmPythoncreating the low power FM map--1
FCC/clearinghouseSDKPythonA Python SDK for the FCC's Accessibility Clearinghouse APIs--0
FCC/SABdata--FCC study area boundary data available for download from online SAB map.--1
FCC/design-standardsHTMLFCC Design Standards
FCC/Faceted-Search-WidgetPHPWordPress Sidebar Widget to allow filtering indexes by built in and custom taxonomies. --1
FCC/jQuery-and-Google-Analytics-Tools--Various jQuery and Google Analytics tools used on
FCC/Constraint-GeneratorJavaTVStudy Data Processing and Constraint Generation software to generate pairwise interference constraint files for use in the repacking process of the incentive auction software--1
FCC/usf_erate_fy2010--Universal Service Fund E-Rate program data for FY2010 from FCC Forms 471 (Blocks 1, 4, and 5)--0
FCC/Digital-Strategy-Progress--The FCC's digital strategy progress reports.--1
FCC/JSON2CSV-PHPPHPConvert JSON output from the FCC mobile measurement application to CSV--2
FCC/c2hgis-webJavaScriptConnect2Health - Mapping Broadband Health in America
FCC/pirateaction2JavaScriptpirate action version 2--10
FCC/vizmoJavaScriptVizMo - Visualizing Mobile Broadband
FCC/caf-2-final-map--Connect America Phase II – Final Map--1
FCC/QSearchPythonQSearch uses a persistent key-value data store to provide super fast lookups of uniquely identifiable items as a drop-in component for web site search.--0
FCC/gisp-fccmaps-nodeHTMLGIS Platform - FCC Maps
FCC/rightrailPHPPrototype of simple right rail content--1
FCC/spectrum-band-plans--Machine readable data of public FCC Spectrum band plans --0
FCC/vagrant-synthetic-data-machinePHPA CentOS 6.3 Vagrant box for generating synthetic data--0
FCC/ACEDirect--Open source video software for consumer-facing call centers in both government organizations and private sector companies that will allow callers who use American Sign Language to directly interact with customer service representatives.--3
FCC/gis-contour-nodeCSSContour API Node--4
FCC/unserved_fixed_broadband--This repository contains the data which fulfills the requirements of the Federal Communication Commission’s November 19 Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. It lists census blocks that are reported on the National Broadband Map as unserved by fixed broadband with advertised speeds of 3 Mbps downstream and 768 kbps upstream. The data relies on the current version of the National Broadband Map, using data as of December 31, 2011.--1
FCC/cost_map--visuals for cost map--0
FCC/gisp-areaapi-nodeJavaScriptGISP Area API--5
FCC/cost_model_illustrationPythonCAM output experiment map--1
FCC/caf1_round2--Connect America Fund Phase 1 Round 2--1
FCC/CGSA--This data provides the public with shapefile data that can be downloaded to view detailed CGSA boundaries.--1
FCC/bpr-map-2016--Broadband Progress Report Map - 2016--1
FCC/broadbandmap-processingPythonBroadband Map Processing--2
FCC/contours-api-nodeJavaScriptEnterprise Contours Node API--6
FCC/Auction901-Results--Results files for Auction901--1
FCC/broadbandmapHTMLFCC Fixed Broadband Deployment
FCC/connect2health-mapHTMLConnectivity & Health in Virginia--3
FCC/api-testsJavaScriptBenchmarks for the API Backends--1
FCC/mmba_JSON_bulkimporterPHPJSON to CSV conversion tool for FCC Speed Test JSON Result files written in PHP--1
FCC/amr-webCSSAM Revitalization Contour Web--4
FCC/monitoring-public-codeRubyAggregate ticket count monitoring for Zendesk instances --publicly available code--1
FCC/fixed-broadband-deployment-dataHTMLFixed Broadband Deployment Data
FCC/ACEServerHTMLACE Quill is an open-source, test platform, mobile caption phone prototype to support device operability and usability assessments.--1
FCC/ib-traffic-2010--International Bureau - International Traffic Data 2010--1
FCC/wireless-license-boundaries--Wireless License Boundaries--1
FCC/caf-2-auction-eligible-areasCSSConnect America Phase II Auction: Final Eligible Areas Map
FCC/ror-map--FCC Rate-of-Return Map--0
FCC/ACEAppTypeScriptACE Quill is an open-source test platform mobile caption phone prototype developed to support usability testing.--1
FCC/vtc_secure_linphoneCThis is Linphone, a free (GPL) video softphone based on the SIP protocol.--20
FCC/706_mapPythonmap for the 706 report--0
FDA/openfdaPythonopenFDA is a research project to provide open APIs, raw data downloads, documentation and examples, and a developer community for an important collection of FDA public datasets.--7
FDA/open.fda.govPython JavaScriptopenFDA web site.--16
FDA/precisionFDARubyprecisionFDA is a cloud based platform that provides an environment where the community can test, pilot, and benchmark new approaches to validating their next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis pipelines. PrecisionFDA offers community members a secure and independent work area where, at their discretion, their bioinformatics tools or data can be kept private or shared with the precisionFDA participants.--3
FDA/fda-hiveC++FDA High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE)--3
FDA/VAERS-Annotations--Vaccine Adverse Events Annoted--1
FDA/Aluminum-in-infant-vaccinesHTMLR Safety Assessment Algorithm for Aluminum in Infant Vaccines --1
fecgov/openFECPLpgSQLThe first RESTful API for the Federal Election Commission. We're aiming to make campaign finance more accessible for journalists, academics, developers, and other transparency seekers.--30
fecgov/FEC--A general discussion forum for This is the best place to submit general feedback.--22
fecgov/fec-cmsHTMLThe content management system (CMS) for the new Federal Election Commission website.--30
fecgov/fec-eregsCSSThe Federal Election Commission's web-based application that makes regulations easier to find, read and understand.
fecgov/fec-pattern-libraryHTMLPattern Library for the new
fecgov/fec-transition--Repository for planning and executing the transition of fec related projects from 18F back to the Federal Elections Commission--1
fecgov/fec-proxy--Reverse proxy app to combine multiple applications.--12
fecgov/fec-infrastructureHCL Terraform configuration and CircleCI for managing custom FEC infrastructure in AWS.--10
fecgov/fecfile-onlineCSSNew FEC electronic filing system--10
fecgov/fec-testing--FEC repository that tracks ideas through concept, design, usability testing, documentation, and feeds project improvements over time.--6
fecgov/fec-epics--Tracks high level epics for the FEC project--1
Federal-Aviation-Administration/APRAJavaAeronautic Product Release API (APRA) provides the private sector greater a better data for Aeronautical products and information. Solution Delivery developed and deployed web services for several aeronautical products including both information about those products and the ability to automatically download those products which satisfied one of the recommendations.--1
Federal-Aviation-Administration/Serial-Altitude-SimulatorC#Serial altitude encoder simulator for RS232 transponders
Federal-Aviation-Administration/sampledata--prototype sample data--3
Federal-Aviation-Administration/APRADataJavaThis repository holds all of the XML schemas used by APRA to generate JAXB bindings for the response processing.--1
Federal-Aviation-Administration/faa_authRubyFAA MyAccess authorization using capybara- --1
Federal-Aviation-Administration/APRATest--This is an apache maven project that uses the soapui maven plugin to run a set of tests against the API endpoint that is specified through a command line -D switch.--2
Federal-Aviation-Administration/ndc--datamapper binding to the NDC database--1
Federal-Aviation-Administration/ASWSJavaAirport Status and Flight Delay Info--2
FederalTradeCommission/Zapping-Rachel-Phase-1-DEF-CON-22PHPThe Creator Phase: Phase 1 challenged contestants to build a honeypot that identifies inaccurate information in incoming calls, such as spoofed caller IDs, or determines which calls are likely robocalls. Jon’s honeypot uses a combination of an audio captcha filter, call detail analysis, and recording and transcription analysis to determine, on a sliding scale, the likelihood that an incoming call was a robocall.--1
FederalTradeCommission/Zapping-Rachel-Phase-2-DEF-CON-22--The Attacker Phase: Phase 2 challenged contestants to circumvent an existing honeypot and prevent it from collecting information on incoming calls. Droid Rachel circumvents the existing honeypot by employing a four-step targeting process that screens out phone numbers potentially connected to a honeypot, and optimizes Droid Rachel’s ability to send robocalls using unsuspecting consumers’ Android phones.--1
FederalTradeCommission/Zapping-Rachel-Phase-3-DEF-CON-22PythonThe Detective Phase: Phase 3 challenged participants to analyze call data from an existing honeypot and develop algorithms that predict which calls are likely robocalls. --1
fedspendingtransparency/usaspending-apiPythonAn RESTful API for U.S. federal spending data.
fedspendingtransparency/usaspending-websiteJavaScriptWeb application for U.S. federal spending data
fedspendingtransparency/data-act-broker-backendPythonServices that power the DATA Act's central data submission platform
fedspendingtransparency/data-act-broker-web-appJavaScriptWebsite to test data validation and submission process--29
fedspendingtransparency/openbetaHTMLRefresh for the OpenBeta site--10
fedspendingtransparency/data-act-build-toolsPythonBuild and deployment scripts and tools for usaspending and data broker projects--12
fedspendingtransparency/usaspending-sqlPLpgSQLSQL Scripts used to run modifications to the USASpending Database--2
fedspendingtransparency/data-act-agency-tools--A repository that contains user submitted tools that assist in the creation of submissions to the DATA Act broker--1
fedspendingtransparency/DATAActStyleGuideCSSA style guide for the DATA Act site and broker--1
fedspendingtransparency/Data-Transparency-Town-Hall--Presentation and comments from the September 26, 2014 Data Transparency Town Hall--1
GIST-ORNL/wbstatsRwbstats: An R package for searching and downloading data from the World Bank API--2
GIST-ORNL/revengcRrevengc: An R package to reverse engineering decoupled and censored data--1
GIST-ORNL/ornlsolarRContains a report and data related to an ORNL project focused on detecting and characterizing buildings with installed solar panels using high resolution overhead imagery. In addition, contains code for classifying parcels containing solar panels as residential or commercial.--1
globegit/kerberos-browsercmsRubyKerberos authentication for BrowserCMS--1
globegit/humidityRubyRH calculator--1
government-services/services-model--A project to make accessible government services--3
GreatSmokyMountainsNationalPark/CourseManagerAppC#For Training--1
GreatSmokyMountainsNationalPark/python_tools--Helpful Python Tools for Data Automation--1
GreatSmokyMountainsNationalPark/GRSMSARDBVisual Basic----1
GreatSmokyMountainsNationalPark/GRSM_Trails--Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trails--1
GSA/dataHTMLAssorted data from the General Services Administration.--16
GSA/ source code and issue tracker--28
GSA/code-gov-webTypeScriptFederal Source Code policy implementation.
GSA/httpsPythonThe HTTPS-Only Standard for federal domains (M-15-13), and implementation guidance.
GSA/pdf-fillerJavaScriptPDF Filler is a RESTful service (API) to aid in the completion of existing PDF-based forms and empowers web developers to use browser-based forms and modern web standards to facilitate the collection of information. --5
GSA/slash-developer-pages--A lightweight listing of /developer pages in government, including embed-ready html code and structured xml. --2
GSA/modernizationCSSReport to the President on IT Modernization--2
GSA/datagov-deployPHPMain repository for's stack deployment--18
GSA/AI-Assistant-Pilot--Inter-agency Federal AI Personal Assistant Pilot--2
GSA/govt-urlsRubyMost government websites end in .gov or .mil, but many do not. Allows you to tap into's list of government URLs that don't end in .gov or .mil.--8
GSA/plainlanguage.govCSSA resource to help federal employees write in plain language and comply with the Plain Writing Act of 2010--6
GSA/accessibility-for-teamsCSSA ‘quick-start’ guide for embedding accessibility and inclusive design practices into your team’s workflow--8
GSA/federal-open-source-reposJavaScriptUses Javascript to query the Social Media Registry and GitHub APIs and list details about all federal open source code on GitHub--3
GSA/code-gov-apiJavaScriptAPI powering the source code harvester
GSA/DataBeamPHPGeneric RESTful Interface for databases --2
GSA/piv-guidesJavaScriptImplementation information for using PIV in federal networks and applications--17
GSA/recalls_apiRubyAllows you to tap into a list of car, drug, food, and product safety recalls. Recalls are searchable by keyword, issuing agency, date, UPC code, vehicle-specific attributes, or any combination of these.--2
GSA/ — Helping the government community deliver better digital services.
GSA/devsecops-exampleHCL HCLExample implementation of the GSA DevSecOps Pipeline DEPRECATED - see
GSA/Open-And-Structured-Content-ModelsCSSOpen and structured content models drafted by a cross-agency working group.--2
GSA/sf-sandbox-post-copyApexA framework for managing automation tasks that are fired upon sandbox refresh in Salesforce orgs. --4
GSA/jobs_apiRubyAllows you to tap into a list of current jobs openings with federal, state, and local government agencies. Jobs are searchable by keyword, location, agency, schedule, or any combination of these.
GSA/ extension--18
GSA/training-pathway-data-practitionerJupyter NotebookOpen source training material for the GSA Data Science Practitioner Learning Program--8
GSA/fedramp-tailoredCSSFedRAMP Tailored.--8
GSA/asisRubyASIS (Advanced Social Image Search) indexes Flickr and Instagram images and provides a search API across both indexes.
GSA/cto-websiteHTMLTech at GSA website--16
GSA/punchcardRubyRepository of synonyms, protected words, stop words, and localizations--8
GSA/IAE-Architecture--Repository for IAE architectural documents.--4
GSA/jenkins-deployHCLdeploy Jenkins to AWS with Terraform and Ansible--7
GSA/sam_apiHTMLDocumentation to support upcoming data platform API and data sets--17
GSA/devsecops-cloud-custodian-rules--[WORK IN PROGRESS] A repo containing rule sets for cloud-custodian inside GSA AWS accounts. This repo does not contain cloud-custodian itself.--3
GSA/ficam-archJavaScriptThe Federal Identity Credentials and Access Management architecture and iterative roadmap - version 3.0+ of the FICAM Architecture; led by the ICAM Steering Committee's Architecture and Playbook Tiger Team; chartered under the US Government CIO Council. --9
GSA/sdg-indicators-usaHTMLU.S. National Reporting Platform for the Sustainable Development Goals--30
GSA/DevSecOps--Base infrastructure for future DevSecOps environment in AWS
GSA/Open-Data-Collaboration-SandboxCSSA sandbox for loose collaboration on assorted open data projects--7
GSA/github-federal-statsHTMLBash scripts to generate metrics on U.S. Federal usage of GitHub using the GitHub APIs
GSA/code-gov--An informative repo for all repos--8
GSA/digital-strategy--Machine-readable schema for describing action items within the president's digital strategy, and for reporting on its progress--2
GSA/participate-nap4--Participate in the 4th U.S. National Action Plan for Open Government--1
GSA/ckan-php-managerPHP PHPA tool for managing a CKAN data catalog A PHP client for the CKAN data catalog, used by
GSA/Mobile-Code-CatalogHTMLSource code from around, inside, and outside the federal government that can be helpful to federal agencies building mobile apps.--7
GSA/digital-strategy-report-generatorPHPGenerates reports to describe agencies' progress in realizing the goals of the President's Digital Government Strategy --6
GSA/security-benchmarksPythonGSA Security Benchmarks and Tools--6
GSA/gsa-doc-digital-signatureJavaThe GSA Document Signing Tools developed for government to use
GSA/fpki-guidesJavaScriptInformation on the Federal Public Key Infrastructure for program managers and agency engineers--13
GSA/dotgov-homeCSSHomepage for the DotGov program at the U.S. General Services Administration.--7
GSA/recruiterJavaScriptEmbeddable forms to recruit research participants. Sends results to a Google Sheet, deployed via Google Tag Manager.--2
GSA/ckan-php-clientPHPA PHP client for the CKAN data catalog, used by
GSA/participation-playbookCSSUS Public Participation Playbook--3
GSA/mygov-accountRuby[DEPRECATED see] MyUSA - reimagine how citizens interact with government through an experience designed around their needs rather than a confusing and fragmented bureaucracy.--14
GSA/Very-Simple-APIHTMLA barebones API--3
GSA/unclaimed_moneyRubyUS Government unclaimed money metasearch--6
GSA/ckanext-datagovthemeXSLTTheme for Data Catalog --10
GSA/ITDB-schemaCSSIT Dashboard submissions schema, documentation and example files.--16
GSA/open.gsa.govJavaScriptDeprecated, visit
GSA/terraform-vpc-flow-logHCLreusable Terraform module for setting up AWS VPC flow logs--2
GSA/open-gsa-redesignJavaScript CSSDeprecated, visit A fresh start for
GSA/catalog-appPythonUsed by A Docker based CKAN deployment - Development environment for See for Production Environment--10
GSA/devsecops-ekk-stackHCLTerraform that builds an EKK logging stack--3
GSA/GSAOpenSourceImplementation--[No longer supported] Look at the new open source guidance repo--4
GSA/code-gov-front-endJavaScriptFront-end of code.gov
GSA/openIAE JavaScriptSpace for IAE Architecture and code documentation--10
GSA/citizenscience.govHTMLThis is the new build of using Jekyll on Federalist. Feel free to contribute or submit an issue!--14
GSA/Developer-Feedback-for-Government-APIs--A hub for accepting public feedback on government APIs--3
GSA/i14yRubySearch engine for agencies' published content
GSA/GitHub-Administration--GSA's administration and implementation of
GSA/ansible-https-proxy--Ansible role to set up nginx as a secure proxy--2
GSA/.Gov-Content-as-an-API--Standards, Tools, and Guidance for offering web content as a web service--1
GSA/fbo-scraperPythonPredicting FedBizOps doc compliance with section 508--2
GSA/10xHTMLWebsite for the Office of Investments in GSA’s Technology Transformation Service--8
GSA/ansible-os-rhel-7--Ansible Roles for RHEL 7--5
GSA/laptop-managementShellALPHA/WIP for OSquery configuration for Mac and Linux Operating Systems--3
GSA/mygov-discoveryRuby[DEPRECATED] The MyGov Discovery API provides a service to discover related government content. Each page is assigned tags, which are used to find similarly tagged pages.--7
GSA/search.digitalgov.govRuby HTMLPages and layout for our website.--17
GSA/centers-of-excellenceCSSAll the excellent centers--10
GSA/coe-industry-day--Information on the Phase II Industry Day for the Centers of Excellence at USDA.--4
GSA/fedramp--Primary repository for FedRAMP PMO Activities--4
GSA/datagov-designCSSDesign assets associated with
GSA/API-Resources--A collection of example and template resources for agencies producing APIs--4
GSA/DevSecOps-Mgmt-Tools-DeployHCLDeploys MGMT tools for the DevSecOps infrastructure--3
GSA/codeinventory-githubRubyHarvests project metadata from YAML or JSON files in GitHub repositories.--1
GSA/sam-ui-elementsTypeScriptA JavaScript library for generating US and SAM WDS HTML elements and components.
GSA/fpkilintJavaScriptFederal PKI, X.509 certificate linter--6
GSA/GSA-APIs--Do you have feedback, ideas, questions, or feature requests for GSA APIs? Use this repository's Issue Tracker to join the discussion.--2
GSA/ XML Forms Report Data Parser--2
GSA/ansible-os-ubuntu-16--Ansible Roles for Ubuntu 16--2
GSA/code-gov-harvester-deprecatedJavaScriptStandalone code.json harvester and Lunr index creator - DEPRECATED--3
GSA/search-govRubySource code for the GSA's search engine
GSA/enterprise-data-inventory--The Enterprise Data Inventory is a CKAN based data management system for private and public data management--2
GSA/data-strategyCSSFederal data strategy website--5
GSA/devsecops-fleetHCLKolide Fleet implementation for GSA DevSecOps--3
GSA/Salesforce-Communities-LoginApexA responsive login page for Saleforce Communities using Bootstrap--2
GSA/datagov-customPHPcustom plugin--3
GSA/mygov-barCoffeeScript[DEPRECATED] The MyGov Discovery Bar allows visitors to government websites to find relevant content across federal agencies.--5
GSA/ style guide for
GSA/us-data-federationJavaScriptU.S. Data Federation website--3
GSA/Very-Simple-API-2--A CSV-based version--1
GSA/datafiles-wordpress-pluginPHPAllows sites to serve and track changes of root level XML, JSON, and other data files without directly uploading files to the server--1
GSA/ Infrastructure as Code--1
GSA/devsecops-jenkinsHCLUses GSA's 1x4 DevSecOps design to deploy a standard GSA Jenkins instance--3
GSA/code-gov-styleJavaScriptStyle for including buttons, banners, and cards--6
GSA/codeinventoryRubyA tool to harvest project metadata from an agency's repositories--3
GSA/christopherHTMLchristopher - public repo with code for testing auto dev scanning pipeline--1
GSA/opensource-framework--Open Source Framework for GSA - use this framework as a reference when open sourcing your code base--4
GSA/GSADigitalService--GSA Digital Service repo for sharing code and being transparent.--3
GSA/fssi-file-processorJavaApplication built and used by the FSSI Data Management team to ingest, process, and output data.
GSA/wp-open311PHPWordpress Plugin to interact with Open311 API--3
GSA/mygov-mobile-first-foundationJavaScript[DEPRECATED] A slightly reorganized version of Foundation, with core mobile styles up front (for the most part) and tablet and desktop second. --2
GSA/digital.govCSS CSS JavaScriptThe future site of
GSA/ansible-os-ubuntu-14--Ansible Roles for Ubuntu 14--13
GSA/open311-github--Middleware adapter to proxy the GitHub Issues API as an Open311 GeoReport v2 endpoint--1
GSA/epa_uv_indexRubyA Ruby client library for the EPA's UV Index REST API (
GSA/PricesPaidAPIPythonPrices Paid Portal API--3
GSA/FederalHierarchy-Crosswalk--CSV Containing a listing of federal agencies and organizations including any bureaus.--2
GSA/wordpress-seoPHPcustom plugin
GSA/logo--A collection of federal agency logos--4
GSA/ice-creamHTMLA vanilla Jekyll theme--1
GSA/it-accessibility-playbook--The Information Technology (IT) Accessibility Handbook from the US Federal Government CIO Council, Accessibility Community of Practice --2
GSA/sf_ANTbuildfilesApexAutomating ANT - Salesforce Deployment Scripts--1
GSA/codeinventory-metadata-generatorHTMLGenerates project metadata files that can be used to build an organization-wide code inventory.--1
GSA/sam-design-system-siteTypeScriptSAM design system site
GSA/SF-Event-Monitoring-Log-RetrievalPythonPython-based utility to fetch Salesforce Event Monitoring Logs and store them locally for consumption by log monitoring and analytics software.--1
GSA/devsecops-ebs-backupHCLQuick and easy implementation of EBS snapshots via AWS Lambda, with SNS notifications.
GSA/mygov-formsCSS[DEPRECATED] --6
GSA/social-media-registry-apiJavaScriptAPI documentation for the Social Media Registry--1
GSA/federal-open-source-repos-phpPHPPHP Class to retrieve details about federal open source code hosted on GitHub --1
GSA/privacy-pages--Assorted notes on privacy pages--2
GSA/BSP_Mode1_ReportingHCLLambda functions for creating and Emailing reports for BSP Mode1 AWS Accounts--2
GSA/idmPHPIdentity Management for and Related Systems--6
GSA/ec2-brokerGoEC2 Broker for Cloud Foundry--1
GSA/GEAR2-NodeJSJavaScriptIntegrating nodejs with the current GEAR project, as we transition to GEAR 2.0. Documentation available at: Production site:
GSA/mygov-admin-tasksCSS[DEPRECATED] Frontend for creating/editing tasks through the mygov-account tasks api--1
GSA/mysql_to_cloudwatchPythonGrab logs from MySQL and send them to CloudWatch Logs--3
GSA/ infrastructure terraform live configuration--3
GSA/pbs-sensorRubyFinds rooms based on building sensor data.--1
GSA/ficam-guidesHTMLFederal Identity Credentialing and Access Management technical guides and common code, scripts, and tools for agency implementers--2
GSA/just_inform_webCSSSinatra app used to display the top 25 forms using data from
GSA/gsa-icam-card-builderJavaICAM Test Card Signer and Data Populator
GSA/q-and-aPHPwordpress q-and-a plugin mirror--1
GSA/wp-digitalgov-i14y-indexerPHPDigitalGov Search i14y indexing plugin for WordPress.--3
GSA/hyabusaJavaScriptMy BusinessUSA--2
GSA/devsecops-log-forwardingHCLWORK IN PROGRESS--3
GSA/code-gov-api-clientJavaScriptClient for Interacting with API--2
GSA/grace-rhel-amiMakefilePipeline to produce standard GSA RHEL AMIs for the GRACE platform--3
GSA/digitalgov-chromeJavaScriptA chrome plugin that helps editors edit and inspect government websites sites.--1
GSA/tsd-ga-framework--Technology Solutions Division's (TSD) Google Analytics Framework for all digital services--1
GSA/ficam-federationJavaScriptInformation on Federation within the US Federal Government. --3
GSA/code-gov-statsJavaScriptExtract some stats for using the Github API and Cloc--2
GSA/CIWC#Processes and validates new contractor information worksheets, securely stores the new data, then initiates sponsorship/adjudication.--3
GSA/service-trackingJavaScriptTracking things about federal services.--1
GSA/api-documentation-template-oldHTMLAPI documentation template.--2
GSA/InterimPerformance-Dot-Gov-2018HTMLInterim Website --12
GSA/ansible-role-kolide-fleet--Ansible role to install kolide/fleet--3
GSA/feedback.usa.govCSSFeedback USA website and related programs--3
GSA/ISE-Security-Benchmark-GPOs--GPO's based off the GSA Windows Hardening Guides--1
GSA/code-gov-developer-docsCSSQuick micro site for developer docs.--7
GSA/grace-exampleHCLExample implementation of the GSA Readily Available Computing Environment (GRACE) platform--2
GSA/opp-federalist--An initiative to move sites in OPP to Federalist--1
GSA/code-gov-stats-jupyter-notebookJupyter NotebookExtract some stats for using the Github GraphQL API --1
GSA/prototype-city-pairs-apiJavaScriptA prototype API using GSA City Pairs data. Not for production use. API documentation (separate repository) available at this link:--5
GSA/domain-knowledgeHTMLProject to support discovery, measurement, and analysis of the federal internet presence.--2
GSA/aws-account-brokerGoWORK IN PROGRESS: an AWS account broker, compatible with the Open Service Broker API--3
GSA/myusa-account-demoCSS[DEPRECATED] Demonstration on how to build an app that uses MyUSA for login--5
GSA/metric-countPHPcustom plugin--4
GSA/ckanext-saml2PythonSAML2 Athentication extension--2
GSA/ficam-pacsJavaScriptFederal Identity, Credential, and Access Management - Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)--3
GSA/ansible-os-rhel-6--Ansible Roles for RHEL 6--1
GSA/seo--Resources and Materials for Search Engine Optimization for .Gov Websites--1
GSA/ of
GSA/eMuseum-APIJavaScriptAPI documentation for the eMuseum API--1
GSA/us-data-federation-design--Design assets for U.S. Data Federation project--1
GSA/touchpointsRuby[WIP] User-centered feedback platform for continuous improvement of systems, services, processes, and policy.--2
GSA/sam-stylesHTMLSAM Styles--1
GSA/sam-cfda-siteHTMLopen sourcing IAE front end components via the Federalist--2
GSA/instant-comment-validationPHPComment validator for WordPress comment form, instead of sending users to default error page
GSA/icam-fismaCSSA guide to collecting ICAM-related FISMA metrics.--2
GSA/auctions_apiJavaScriptAn API for GSA auctions data. --4
GSA/mygov-account-php-sdkPHP[DEPRECATED] A lightweight SDK for PHP applications to interact with the MyGov Account APIs and OAuth login--1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-Federal-Crowdsourcing-and-Citizen-Science-Toolkit_8-2015--Artifacts from the 8/2015 Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit Crowdsource Compatibility Test-cycle--1
GSA/myusa-tasksRuby[DEPRECATED] Tasks API: Create task blueprints for MyUSA users to add to their profiles--1
GSA/Template-MicrositeCSSA template for a lightweight microsite using markdown. Good for collaboration, as well. --1
GSA/code-centralJavaScriptA federal source code inventory tracker--1
GSA/ customer collaboration and file transfer--3
GSA/code-gov-admintoolCSSAdministrative Tool for
GSA/back-soonHTMLA simple pop-up for agency websites during a lapse in funding--1
GSA/NAP-Stat--Track the status of commitments in the U.S. National Action Plan for Open Government--1
GSA/federal-apps-gallery-widgetsPHPA Sizable App Registration Rotator for Wordpress, Drupal and HTML5--1
GSA/sf-ProjectDashboardApexSalesforce app to collect and share project updates via dashboard.--2
GSA/technology-modernization-fundCSSGet down with the TMF.--6
GSA/PIC_dot_govHTMLPerformance Improvement Council Website--7
GSA/GSA-UX-UI-Playbook--​This repository contains information, guides, and prototype/examples of UI patterns and designs that anyone in GSA, or doing development work for GSA, can leverage and reuse.--1
GSA/code-gov-admin-backendJavaScriptBack-end for code-gov-admintool--3
GSA/ficam-managementJavaScriptFederal Identity Credential and Access Management - Program Management--3
GSA/piv-conformanceJavaTool to verify conformance to the PIV data model per most recent releases of FIPS 201 and associated publications--5
GSA/QueryToCSVC#Takes a query and saves it as a csv file--2
GSA/ infrastructure terraform modules--2
GSA/twitter-posts-to-blogPHPcustom plugin
GSA/governmentwide-classifications--A repository for various governmentwide classification systems and related ontologies--1
GSA/devsecops-subaccount-adminRubyProvides roles and policies for sub-account administration--2
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-NIH-HCI-1-2015--Issues reported for the for the NIH-HCI application compatibility test-cycle 12/2014.--1
GSA/CorpIT-GSARespJavaScriptDrupal theme used by ICSF web sites. Subtheme of Omega 3.x.--1
GSA/GEAR-Documentation--This repo will eventually house the API documentation for GEAR ( See the API demo in effect at:
GSA/cooking-with-gas--Recipes, resources & references for building with Google Apps Script--1
GSA/code-gov-about-pageHTMLAbout page component for code.gov
GSA/tbm_ml_discoveryJupyter NotebookPrototype looking into machine learning for processing data in the technology business management pipeline--1
GSA/ansible-fluentdRuby[WORK IN PROGRESS] Ansible roles to install for system log parsing and streaming under
GSA/datagov-filestore-landingHTMLLanding pages for the filestore--2
GSA/ test-cycle for the web site --1
GSA/data-strategy-topic-modelingJupyter NotebookNotebooks that topic model comments on OMB's Federal Data Strategy--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-wordpressRubySubsidiary repo for WordPress-related deployment code.--1
GSA/json-schema-validator-web-componentJavaScriptSimple Web Component that Validates a JSON File--1
GSA/miniature-telegram--GAS - Compare folder list to needed list and create missing folders--1
GSA/code-gov-dataJavaScriptData Files used by
GSA/open.usa.govCSSPublic Engagement & Open Governance initiatives of the USA--2
GSA/ficam-scripts-public--A collection of various scripts used for implementing Identity, Credential, and Access Management--2
GSA/devsecops-example-prodHCLDEPRECATED - see
GSA/third-party-services--Researching the use of 3rd party services by .gov websites--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-apache2PythonSubsidiary repo for Apache2 deployment code--2
GSA/ckanext-googleanalyticsbasicPythonBasic ckan extension to add google analytics tracking code in page header
GSA/Membership-UtilityApexView Permissions, Queues, Memberships for a given user--2
GSA/ home page repo--2
GSA/sfdx_pilotJavaScriptUser Training GIT (public) repository--2
GSA/digitalgov-workflowHTMLA site for managing the editorial workflow on GitHub--2
GSA/coe-discovery-bpa--Information on the Discovery BPA for discovery-related work performed by the Centers of Excellence.--1
GSA/ reported for the for the RWD application compatibility test-cycle. --1
GSA/simple-tooltipsPHPsimple-tooltips customized plugin for wordpress
GSA/data-jsonJavaScriptScripts for parsing data.json for agency Open Data initiative--1
GSA/mygov-feedback-reportingCoffeeScript[DEPRECATED] --1
GSA/saml-20-single-sign-onPHPcustom plugin
GSA/datagov-deploy-redisRubySubsidiary repo for Redis deployment code.--30
GSA/ implementation of
GSA/cautiousJavaScriptCautious Utility Functions in JavaScript--1
GSA/federal-open-source-repos-rubyRubyA simple way to access all the GitHub repos of US federal agencies. --2
GSA/ test-cycle for the web site for Administration for Children and Families (ACF) 7_2014--1
GSA/omniauth-mygovRuby[DEPRECATED] OmniAuth strategy for MyGov--2
GSA/ficam-accessJavaScriptThe Federal Identity, Credentialing and Access Management roadmap: Access Management--4
GSA/devsecops-iam-rolesHCLIAM roles and policies for the DevSecOps platform--2
GSA/inventory-appDockerfileDocker image for ckan app powering
GSA/Mobile-Web-Manual-Testing-Script--A test script you can use as a starting point for testing your mobile web site.--1
GSA/code-gov-gitsecretpatternsShellGit Secret Patterns--2
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-FTC-IdentityTheft.gov_11-2015--Artifacts from the 11/2015 Federal Crowdsourcing and Crowdsource Compatibility Test-cycle--1
GSA/modus-operandiRubyModus Operandi API--1
GSA/jekyll-centos-deployCSSDeploy jekyll site and run jekyll-rebuilder on centos 6--1
GSA/catalog-scheduler--catalog-scheduler docker image--3
GSA/service-design-analyticsHTMLProofs-of-concepts for visualizing service level indicators for federal agencies--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-elasticsearch--Subsidiary repo for Elasticsearch deployment code.--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-mysql--Subsidiary repo for MySQL deployment code.--1
GSA/RPA-FASChargeback--Repository for the FAS Chargeback RPA --1
GSA/sdg-data-usaPythonData for the US SDG NRP--2
GSA/SMR-site-embed--A lightweight method for calling an agency's Social Media Registry entries. --1
GSA/twitter-widgets-gallery--Gallery of widgets powered by the Social Media Registry--1
GSA/ the integration of federal APIs in
GSA/custom-contact-formsPHPcustom plugin
GSA/FM-PegasysWebPortalHTMLContains Pegasys Web Portal content--2
GSA/matter-makerHTMLA simple tool for creating front matter in markdown posts for Jekyll and Hugo--1
GSA/watchdog-test--Test repository for github-watchdog--1
GSA/grace-tenant-cleanupGoGo program to delete services from AWS accounts prior to decommissioning--1
GSA/FM-FedPayCSSThe FEDPAY is an invoice matching subsystem developed for processing FAS purchase orders in support of Accounts Payable for Pegasys. Invoices are validated against purchase orders to establish a purchase/payment transaction for goods and supplies. --1
GSA/contracting-hypotheses--Statistical Tests for Federal Contracting Hypotheses--1
GSA/sf-field-historyPythonPython-based utility to fetch Field History data from Salesforce objects.--1
GSA/catalog-fgdc2isoShellcatalog-fgdc2iso docker image--2
GSA/iae-uikit-php--IAE Web Standards UI Kit for PHP--1
GSA/sticky-posts-in-categoryPHPcustom plugin
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-NOAA-CrowdMag--iOS--Issues reported for the for the NOAA-CrowdMag iOS application compatibility test-cycle 12/2014.--1
GSA/data-strategy-classificationJupyter NotebookA notebook that uses word embeddings and linear algebra to classify comments on OMB's Federal Data Strategy.--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-nginx--Subsidiary repo for Nginx deployment code--1
GSA/compliance-dashboard-web-componentJavaScriptReusable compliance dashboard web component--1
GSA/code-reporting-toolsShellTools for reporting source code information--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-ckan-commonPythonBase roles/playbooks to install requirements for ckan-based apps--2
GSA/ansible-microstrategyMakefileWORK IN PROGRESS: Ansible role for installing Microstrategy--2
GSA/datagov-deploy-ckan-catalogPythonRepository of the elements solely tied to the CKAN Catalog instance--1
GSA/FedCMS-SliderPHPResponsive slider for use on the Sites.USA.Gov Wordpress platform--1
GSA/developersCSS[Deprecated] - Developer Hub for GSA --1
GSA/ficam-scvp-testingJavaScripts, artifacts, and guidance for testing Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) responders
GSA/opp-code-gov-web--Copy of code-gov-web for the Office of Products and Programs--0
GSA/code-gov-fscp-react-componentHTMLFSCP Plugin for code-gov-web, built with Markdown and React--2
GSA/AAS_rootJavaScriptAAS Site--3
GSA/testsite922CSSalso a test site--1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-Connect.gov_3-2015--Issues reported for the for the application compatibility test-cycle 1/2015--1
GSA/usa-faqsPHPAn API and mobile interface for the FAQs--28
GSA/catalog-solr--catalog solr docker image--2
GSA/time-estimatorPythonEstimate time it took to develop source code using machine learning--1
GSA/grace-ubuntu-amiMakefilePipeline to produce Ubuntu AMIs for the GRACE platform--3
GSA/sf-lightning-componentsCSSReusable Salesforce Lightning components --1
GSA/wb2Jupyter NotebookData ingest for the Well-built for Wellbeing (WB2) data--2
GSA/inventory-solr--SOLR Docker image for
GSA/activerecord-validate_unique_child_attributeRubyActiveRecord extension to enforce uniqueness validations when accepting nested attributes--1
GSA/app_identifierPythonUses the GEAR API to identify apps that are mentioned in service tickets--1
GSA/code-gov-coding-languages--Standard List of Coding Languages used by
GSA/federal-apis--The APIs of the US federal government. --1
GSA/ASP-.NET-Core-TemplateCSSASP .NET Core Project Template
GSA/FM-FMISWebPortalHTMLContains FMIS Web Portal content--2
GSA/robots_tag_parserRubyA simple gem to parse X-Robots-Tag HTTP headers--2
GSA/labs--A community for Salesforce programs within the Federal government. --1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-NOAA-CrowdMag--Issues reported for the for the NOAA-CrowdMag Android application compatibility test-cycle 8/2014.--1
GSA/Holiday-UtilityApexUses Salesforce Holiday Object to determine holidays / non-business days--2
GSA/datagov-deploy-crm--Subsidiary repo for CodeIgniter-based CRM-related deployment code.--1
GSA/sdg-indicatorsHTMLRedirect for SDG project repositories--1
GSA/test2--testing functionality in Google Hangouts Chat--1
GSA/grace-circleci-builderGoGRACE CircleCI Project Build Execution tool
GSA/FM-SIFTCSS The SIFT is a subsystem developed to query receipt of payments of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Industrial Funding Fees (IFF) and GWAC (could be government wide contracts) via check, ACH or credit card history data.--2
GSA/grace-customerGoGRACE Customer Provisioning--2
GSA/tsd-agile-cm-manifesto--This repository documents the FAS Technology Solution Divisions (TSD) manifesto for Agile Configuration Management--2
GSA/prototype-city-pairs-api-documentation--API documentation for the prototype City Pairs API--1
GSA/ubuntu-common--Creates and Ansible role and installs necessary common Ubuntu software.--1
GSA/FM-CCSCSSChild Care Subsidy (Quadra) is used to process Child Care Subsidy forms submitted by the US Coast Guard, National Park Service (NPS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and GSA families. These forms are entered into this application, reviewed for validity and eligibility, and then used to pay invoices to childcare providers for qualifying employees. The child care subsidy program provides financial assistance to eligible families to assist with child care costs, and provides financial assistance to employees who have children enrolled, or who will be enrolled, in Licensed or Accredited Family Care Homes or Child Care Centers. Financial Operations and Disbursement Division and the External Services Branch use Child Care Subsidy to pay invoices to childcare providers for employees participating in the child care subsidy program. GSA pays the difference between the the actual costs and the family portion, as long as the actual costs do not exceed the maximum amounts for the most expensive GSA-sponsored child care center in the specified region.--1
GSA/sdg-nrp-scriptsPHPScripts and data to generate and manipulate YAML and CSV files for the U.S. National Reporting Platform for the Sustainable Development Goals --1
GSA/FM-Credit-and-Finance--Credit & Finance application--1
GSA/ resource to help federal employees comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)--1
GSA/grace-inventory-lambdaGoLambda function to create an inventory of the GRACE AWS services--2
GSA/code-gov-harvesterJavaScriptStand alone metadata harvester for
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-SBA.gov_7-2015--Artifacts from the 7/2015 SBA Crowdsource Compatibility Test-cycle--1
GSA/restrict-categoriesPHPcustom plugin
GSA/ansible-os-win-2016--Ansible Roles for Windows Server 2016--1
GSA/AdjudicationsC#Processes adjudication files by directory path.--3
GSA/sdg-indicators-archiveCSSArchive of SDG Indicators --30
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-TSA.GOV_9-2015--Artifacts from the 9/2015 Federal Crowdsourcing and Crowdsource Compatibility Test-cycle--1
GSA/tsd-agile-sdlcCSSAgile SDLC Documentation repository for GSA IT's Technology Solution Division--1
GSA/suggested-datasetsPHPcustom plugin
GSA/idpPHPIdentity Provider for and Related Systems--1
GSA/pod-schema-variants--Alternate versions of the Project Open Data schema--1
GSA/ data quality scoring proof of concept--1
GSA/API-ClassHTMLClass materials for API class.--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-tomcat--Subsidiary repo for Tomcat deployment code.--1
GSA/ integrations to third party services--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-jetty--Subsidiary repo for Jetty deployment code.--1
GSA/publictrustpki-repositoryCSSALPHA stage. This repo is for web content for the USG public trust pki services, audit artifacts, and certification practices statements for the to-be
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-Central-Artifact-Repository--Central Repository for \--1
GSA/embedding-data-catalogsPHPCode snippets and solutions for presentation layers to the catalog--1
GSA/twitter-widget-proPHPcustom plugin
GSA/arcgis-mapPHPArcGis map custom plugin for data.gov
GSA/datagov-deploy-ckan-inventory--Subsidiary repository for items related solely to the CKAN Inventory instance.--1
GSA/grace-tf-module-member-accountHCLTerraform module that instantiates a new AWS account in an Organization (for GRACE)--3
GSA/ specific fixes for custom-permalinks--1
GSA/ Docker Swarm on Bosh--2
GSA/code-gov-validatorJavaScriptSchema validation package for
GSA/FM-ULOC#Repository for the ULO application.--5
GSA/fssi-file-processor-gui--FSSI File Processor GUI--0
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-USCIS.gov_2_2016--Artifacts from the 2/2016 Federal Crowdsourcing and Crowdsource Compatibility Test-Cycle--1
GSA/CorpIT-CloudSandboxC#Contains source code related to cloud sandbox activities.--1
GSA/grace-tf-module-budgetHCLTerraform module for AWS budgets that is used in GRACE--2
GSA/bigfixPythonBigFix Custom Content Repository--1
GSA/code-gov-converterJavaScriptWIP: Converts publiccode.yml to code.json--1
GSA/jck-healthy-strategies-ingestPythonData ingest script for the JCK Healthy Strategies Pilot--1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-USDA_FSIS--Crowdsource test cycle for the USAD FSIS --1
GSA/ reported for the for the ABMC iPhone application compatibility test-cycle 8/2014.--1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-HHS-MAIN--Issues reported for the for the HHS_MAIN compatibility test-cycle 9/2014--1
GSA/fckeditorJavaScriptBased on fckeditor project at RubyForge--1
GSA/OMB-Max-Auth-for-SalesforceApexA simple authenticator for Salesforce using OMB Max--2
GSA/steveJavaScriptPublic repo with fake insecure code for static code scanning supporting code scan project.--1
GSA/redirRubyA temporary redirect Jekyll template--1
GSA/datagov-deploy-dashboardPHP[WIP] refactoring ansible deployment for each component - Ansible playbook for
GSA/code-gov-site-map-generatorJavaScriptGenerates Sitemap.xml for
GSA/MD-GitHub-Admin--Documentation on how the MD team can collaborate through GitHub--1
GSA/cf-cron-pythonDockerfileSchedule a python script with cron on cloudfoundry--1
GSA/DSSAPIDocumentation--Documentation for all DSS APIs--3
GSA/Opportunities-api-docs--Opportunities API documentation--0
GSA/sam-prototypesCSSPrototyping Module for Project--2
GSA/font-awesome-grunticon-railsJavaScriptFont Awesome icons without web fonts, courtesy of Grunticon--3
GSA/datagov-deploy-postgresql--Subsidiary repo for Postgres SQL deployment code--1
GSA/code-clerkJavaScriptHarvests project metadata from GitHub repositories--1
GSA/catalog-dbShellcatalog-db docker image--3
GSA/inactive-logoutPHPcustom plugin--1
GSA/ the design of API endpoints of
GSA/code-gov-fontCSSCustom font with icons used by code-gov-web. Based on font-awesome. Built using fontello.--1
GSA/code-gov-repos-parser--Parse out information from repos--1
GSA/Crowdsource-Testing-DHS.gov_9_2016--Artifacts from the 9/2016 Federal Crowdsourcing and Crowdsource Compatibility Test-Cycle--1
GSA/data.json-templateHTMLMustache templates for data.json--1
GSA/custom-post-view-generatorPHPcustom plugin
GSA/json-schema-web-componentJavaScriptWeb Component that Displays a JSON Schema--3
GSA/code-gov-adaptersJavaScriptA collection of adapters for
GSA/FAS-Chargebacks-Data-Capture-Tool--The FAS Chargebacks Data Capture Tool RPA provides a means of updating a google document used to work chargebakcs for FAS Business Lines. --1
GSA/grace-tftestGoGRACE Terraform Test--1
gsa-oes/office-of-evaluation-sciencesHTMLThis is the website of the Office of Evaluation Sciences. It showcases and explains our work.--25
gsa-oes/1732-FAFSA_Phase_III_PublicRPublic code for randomization and power simulations--1
HHS/uts-rest-api--A repository of code samples in various languages that show how to use the UMLS Terminology Services REST API--6
HHS/meshrdfJavaScriptCode and documentation for the release of MeSH in RDF format
HHS/pillbox_docsRubyPillbox at the National Library of Medicine--3
HHS/pillbox-data-processPythonPillbox for Developers data processing code--2
HHS/pillbox-enginePythonThe new Pillbox Engine. A local web-based application for downloading and management of DailyMed SPL Data
HHS/ckanext-datajsonPythonCustom CKAN extension for Healthdata.gov
HHS/pillboxCSSPillbox for Developers homepage--2
HHS/hhs.github.ioCSSHHS Organization Page--1
HHS/Source-Code-Inventory--An application and Wiki for managing an inventory of source code, compliant with the Federal Source Code Policy.--4
HHS/Structured-Content-ArticlePHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: Article--2
HHS/capstone.joseph.benson--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/Structured-Content-BlogPHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: Internal Blog Post--2
HHS/Structured-Content-AnnouncementPHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: Announcement--2
HHS/HHSonGitHub--A repository for guidance on use of the HHS organization account on GitHub.--1
HHS/Structured-Content-FAQPHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: FAQ--2
HHS/capstone.bernice.boursiquot--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/Structured-Content-News-ReleasePHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: News Release--2
HHS/capstone.jessica.bennett--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/DSCoLab--An information sharing repository for the HHS Data Science CoLab--1
HHS/Structured-Content-Leadership-BioPHPHealth and Human Services (HHS) Drupal Content Type Library: Leadership Bio--2
HHS/capstone.mary.doi--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.elizabeth.filauri--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.epark--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.connor.williams--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/DSCoLab-Spring-2018-Cohort--Collaboration repository for the Spring 2018 cohort of the HHS Data Science CoLab--1
HHS/capstone.hui.xue--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.KodieMcNamara--Capstone project repository--2
HHS/X_ITBM_HR--Configuration of the ServiceNow IT Business Management applications for Human Resources projects.--2
HHS/capstone.jamie.doyle--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.elaine.laiHTMLData Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.rachael.walsh--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.william.carter--Data Science CoLab Capstone Project.--1
HHS/capstone.amanda.dibattista--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.emcgill--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.johnfnader--Capstone project repository.--1
HHS/capstone.nadya.soto--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.rstreeterSASData Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/ Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.malcolm.haleRData Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.erika.davies--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/HHS-Responsive-Design--A public repository for sharing codes--2
HHS/capstone.marybeth.foley--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/X_ITBM--Configuration of the IT Business Management application suite in ServiceNow.
HHS/capstone.farmerca--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.patra.volarath--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.iacovos.kyprianou--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.arthur.pignottiRData Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.frank.blockRData Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.s28kiru--Capstone project repository--2
HHS/capstone.mark.luxton--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.sivakumar.kannan--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.Michael.Harris2HTMLData Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.jacquelyne.ivery--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.andrew.brecher--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--1
HHS/capstone.dwilkinson--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS/capstone.abhivyakti.sawarkar--Data Science CoLab Capstone project--2
HHS-AHRQ/MEPSSASThis repository provides example code for loading and analyzing data from AHRQ's Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). More information about the survey and access to public use data files is available on our website--4
HHS-AHRQ/MEPS-summary-tablesSASCode for creating the interactive MEPS summary tables--1
HHS-AHRQ/AHRQ-main-- Communication and collaboration across centers at AHRQ--1
HHS-AHRQ/MEPS-workshopSASSlides, agenda, and programming exercises for the most recent MEPS workshop--2
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/HHSDigitalMediaModuleDrupal7JavaScriptHHS Digital Media module for Drupal 7--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/WordpressCustomPostJavaScriptWordpress plugin to add a custom post type for HHS digital media syndication--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/HHSDigitalMediaModuleHTMLJavaScriptHTML & Javascript module for searching and embedding HHS Digital Media--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/HHSDigitalMediaModuleJoomla_2-5_3JavaScriptHHS Digital Media module for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/SyndicationSDK_ObjectiveCObjective-CObjectiveC SDK for HHS Digital Media API--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/SyndicationSDK_JSJavaScriptJavascript SDK for HHS Digital Media API--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/SyndicationSDK_PHPJavaScriptPHP SDK for HHS Digital Media API--2
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/HHSDigitalMediaModuleJoomla_1-5JavaScriptHHS Digital Media module for Joomla version 1.5--1
HHSDigitalMediaAPIPlatform/SyndicationSDK_JavaJavaJava SDK for HHS Digital Media API--2
HHSIDEAlab/provider-data-toolsPythonTools for working with CMS Health Provider Data--3
HHSIDEAlab/pjson--Provider JSON--3
HHSIDEAlab/medicaid_eligibilityRubyA system for assessing whether an individual is income-eligible for Medicaid.--8
HHSIDEAlab/mlvsPythonMedical License Verification System - A standardized medical licenses code and means for verification (Includes a reference implementation)--2
HHSIDEAlab/poet--Pre-OAuth Entity Trust API--4
HHSIDEAlab/django-providerregistryCSSThe NPPES Provider Registry as a Django Application Plugin--1
HHSIDEAlab/DDOD-HealthData.govJupyter NotebookIntegration between DDOD framework and
HHSIDEAlab/CHPL-OpenAPI--Certified Health Product List (CHPL) OpenAPI--1
HHSIDEAlab/python-poetriPythonPOET Reference Implementation--1
HHSIDEAlab/cms_codebook_demoHTMLConvert CMS Fee For Service Codebook to html--1
HHSIDEAlab/django_ldap_auth_backendPythonAn LDAP Authentication Backend for Django--1
HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-developer-helpHTMLBlue Button API Docs--4
HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-user-help--Beneficiary Help--1
HHSIDEAlab/hhsdevcloud-ansibleGroovyUsed to manage the HHS Dev Cloud. Contains Ansible playbooks, roles, etc.--1
HHSIDEAlab/django_settings_auth_backend--A Django Auth Backend that check for a username / password in the settings.--1
HHSIDEAlab/hhsdevcloud-chef-repoRubyContains the \--1
HHSIDEAlab/SmartDMEC++This repository for the Health Resilience Technology project. It includes source code for this open source, open government project.--1
HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-ansiblePythonUsed to manage the Blue Button servers in AWS. Contains Ansible playbooks, roles, etc.--1
HistoryAtState/frusXSLTForeign Relations of the United States - TEI XML source files
HistoryAtState/hsg-projectXQueryGet, build, and deploy hsg3--11
HistoryAtState/ redesign--16
HistoryAtState/travelsXQuerySource data for Foreign Travels of the President and Secretary of State--4
HistoryAtState/pocomXQuerySource data for Principal Officers & Chiefs of Mission
HistoryAtState/rdcrXQuerySource data for A Guide to the United States' History of Recognition, Diplomatic, and Consular Relations, by Country, since 1776--6
HistoryAtState/tagsXSLT XQuery HTML XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery HTML XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuery XQuerySource data for Subject Taxonomy of the History of U.S. Foreign Relations--8
HistoryAtState/milestonesXQuerySource data for Milestones in the History of U.S. Foreign Relations--3
HistoryAtState/twitterXQueryArchive of tweets by the Office of the Historian's official twitter account--4
HistoryAtState/visitsXQuerySource data for Visits by Foreign Leaders and Heads of State--4
HistoryAtState/peopleXQueryA database of persons included in Office of the Historian publications and datasets--2
HistoryAtState/frus-historyHTMLSource data for History of the Foreign Relations Series--4
HistoryAtState/Feedback--Do you have feedback or requests for the Office of the Historian's website, datasets, or APIs? Use this feedback tracker to start the discussion. Click on the \--1
HistoryAtState/conferencesXQuerySource data for Conferences--3
HistoryAtState/frus-not-yet-reviewed--Work in progress on the FRUS digital archive. Warning: These volumes have not yet been reviewed.--3
HistoryAtState/hacXQuerySource data for Historical Advisory Committee--7
HistoryAtState/tumblrXQueryArchive of posts on the Office of the Historian's official Tumblr account--2
HistoryAtState/wwdaiXQuerySource data for World Wide Diplomatic Archives Index--3
HistoryAtState/releaseXQueryA collection of utilities for preparing releases--3
HistoryAtState/administrative-timelineXQueryAdministrative Timeline of the Department of State--3
HistoryAtState/other-publicationsXQueryOther Publications--5
HistoryAtState/termsXQueryA database of terms drawn from Foreign Relations of the United States lists of terms & abbreviations--2
HistoryAtState/carouselXQuerySource data for homepage carousel announcements--9
IIP-Design/cloudflare-logclientJavaScriptA simple tool for downloading log files from CloudFlare's Enterprise Log Share REST API--1
IIP-Design/vc-modalPHPExtends Visual Composer with a modal popup shortcode.--2
IIP-Design/design-dev-boxHTMLOffice of Design's Wordpress Base Dev Box--5
IIP-Design/Share-DockerNginxWorking proof of concept for using Docker + Wordpress + Rsync volume for faster local development--1
IIP-Design/ShareAmericaPHPWebsite root repository for ShareAmerica--9
IIP-Design/wp-auto-login-and-custom-emailPHPA simple WordPress plugin for single sign-on based on the user's email address.--2
IIP-Design/Flexible-SidebarPHPA Wordpress plugin that allows content editors to override global sidebars with page or post specific sidebars.--3
IIP-Design/iip-static-assets--Centralized repository for static assets used on various IIP platforms.--5
IIP-Design/cdp-widget-article-feedJavaScriptReact component that pulls and displays content from the Content Distribution Platform (CDP) via a REST API--3
IIP-Design/America-Related-ContentPHPA plugin for relating content by taxonomies--3
IIP-Design/iip-second-authorPHPSimple WordPress plugin to add backend support for second post author--1
IIP-Design/YALIPHPYALI Webroot Repo--10
IIP-Design/ShareAmerica-Dev-BoxHTMLThe dev box for ShareAmerica--1
IIP-Design/formidable-bottombarCSSCustom WordPress shortcode for including a Formidable email form overlay at the bottom of a page--1
IIP-Design/coronaPHP Website root repository for Corona theme development--1
IIP-Design/ylai-themePHP Young Leaders of the Americas child theme--6
IIP-Design/YSEALIPHPYoung Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) website root--1
IIP-Design/versionbumpJavaScriptA small script to read the version of an npm package.json fle and write it to a version.json file--1
IIP-Design/YLAIPHPYoung Leaders of the Americas Initiative web root--7
IIP-Design/TechCampsPHPTechCamps web root--6
IIP-Design/ Wordpress multisite development box--4
IIP-Design/TranslationsPHPWeb Root for
IIP-Design/CoursesPHPA base repository for the IIP Courses site.--5
IIP-Design/interactive-themeCSSWordPress theme for interactive site, child theme of Corona--2
IIP-Design/America-API-ClientPHPWordpress plugin for consuming the America API--5
IIP-Design/iip-commons-embedPHPWordPress plugin that converts embed codes from the IIP Content Commons into WordPress shortcodes --1
IIP-Design/wp-hide-login-formPHPA WordPress plugin to hide the login form on the login page.--1
IIP-Design/a11y-accordionJavaScriptjQuery Accordion that mostly complies with WAI-Aria 1.0 Authoring Practices.--2
IIP-Design/cdp-widget-article-singleJavaScriptReact component that pulls and displays content from the Content Distribution Platform (CDP) via a REST API --2
IIP-Design/ShareAmerica-ThemeCSSShareAmerica's theme, a child of Newspaper--6
IIP-Design/america-ajax-search-filterPHPClient side search and filter--2
IIP-Design/cdp-shortcodesPHPCDP Shortcodes--1
IIP-Design/Courses-ModuleJavaScriptA react application for consuming courses data from the America API--6
IIP-Design/TechCamps-themeHackTechCamps Wordpress theme--6
IIP-Design/iip-gutenblocksJavaScriptWordPress plugin that provides custom content blocks through the Gutenberg editor--1
IIP-Design/orchestraJavaScriptThe orchestration layer for the API--1
IIP-Design/wpml-url-fixPHPA WordPress plugin to resolve a URL issue with the WPML language switcher when the WPML plugin is active.--2
IIP-Design/America-Post-FormatsPHPA set of common fields, templates, and functionaly specific to Wordpress post formats--2
IIP-Design/iip-interactiveCSSChatroll Shortcode for IIP Properties--1
IIP-Design/create-iip-pluginJavaScriptCLI tool to bootstrap a WordPress plugin.--1
IIP-Design/inject-videoJavaScriptjQuery plugin that replaces a placeholder image with YouTube video.--1
IIP-Design/america-node-apiJavaScriptView list of operations--1
IIP-Design/yali-themeCSSChild theme of the IIP-Design/corona-theme for WordPress. Built using Twig templating.--6
IIP-Design/sb-rss-feed-plusPHPThis plugin will add post thumbnail to RSS feed items. Add signatur or simple ads. Create fulltext RSS (via special url)--1
IIP-Design/corona-themePHP A base theme developed for the Office of Design's Wordpress projects--3
IMDProjects/IM_ClimatePythonStation Finder and Data Requestor for ACIS climate data
IMDProjects/VitalSignsMapsColdFusionMap widgets for I&M Vital Signs--1
IMDProjects/NPScapeVisualizationRVisualization utilities for the NPScape landscape dynamics project--1
IMDProjects/GeneralVisualizationRVisualization code for network projects--1
IMDProjects/Sandbox--Testing This Sandbox--1
IMDProjects/IMDBoundsPythonCode and info for processing IMD boundaries--1
IMDProjects/ETVLeaflet--Enjoy the View test map using ESRI-leaflet--1
IMLS/library-search-compareJavaScriptLibrary Search & Compare--5
IMLS/public-libraries-survey--FY 2019 IMLS Public Libraries Survey Data Elements Discussion.--2
IMLS/state-program-reportRubyCode to produce data from the State Program Report, IMLS's reporting system for the Grants to States Program. Read more about Grants to States on
IMLS/state-program-report-tabulatePythonPython script that tabulates the wide CSV output of state-program-report--0
IMLS/data.json--Metadata for IMLS data assets on
informaticslab/photon-droidJavaMMWR Express App for Android
informaticslab/ptt-advisorObjective-CPTT Advisor iOS app to provide clinical decision support for prolonged partial thromboplastin time (PTT).
informaticslab/toxguideObjective-CToxic Substance Quick Reference Guides for the iPhone Prototype--2
informaticslab/umlsoapnodeJavaScriptUMLS SOAP access via NodeJS--1
informaticslab/sitePHPJoomla installation for main Lab web site--4
informaticslab/codeCSSHTML site for code - very basic.--1
informaticslab/jupiterHTMLapollo with powerful new extensions--8
informaticslab/vrminesim--Mobile Virtual Reality Mine Safety Training iPad Prototype--1
informaticslab/ServiceDeskJiraDashboardPluginJavaA plugin for the Jira Service Desk dashboard--1
informaticslab/STDXC#STD app built with Xamarin--1
informaticslab/iiu-carekitSwiftExample project for using Apple's CareKit--1
informaticslab/cardboardC#Repository for nifty cardboard code
informaticslab/deathreport-androidJavaDeath reporting reference app for Android--1
informaticslab/MCMS--The IIU mobile content management system--2
informaticslab/AppLabSitePHPTracking code for the IIU applab website--3
informaticslab/wp-applabPHPWordPress version of App Lab--2
informaticslab/lydia-iosHTMLLydia Project Mobile App for iOS
informaticslab/lab-graphics--Graphical elements used by CDC R&D Lab--4
informaticslab/samwiseJavaHealth literacity assessment prototype--1
informaticslab/respguideObjective-CNIOSH Facepiece Respirator Guide Prototype--2
informaticslab/pedigreeObjective-CFamily Heath iPhone App prototype--3
informaticslab/retroObjective-CHIV Risk Assessment Tool prototype--2
informaticslab/lydia-pyPythonPython script to generate HTML and JSON content
informaticslab/converterJavaScriptA node/npm/mocha/chai testbed--1
informaticslab/phtweetJavaTwitter monitoring for public health situational awareness.--1
informaticslab/iiu-glassJavaA Google Glass starter app--1
informaticslab/anubisHTMLGoogle Polymer Death Reportng Certification Guideline--1
informaticslab/iiu-healthSwiftA prototype to explore the use of HealthKit and ResearchKit
informaticslab/lydia-jqmJavaScriptSecond generation STD mobile app using jQuery Mobile--1
informaticslab/lydia-droidHTML2014 STD Treatment Guide for Android
informaticslab/shirlyObjective-CCross-Platform prototype app to display the 2010 CDC STD Guidelines--3
informaticslab/pytronPythonA Raspberry Pi based Display Controller--1
informaticslab/W5HProtoJavaAn android wear prototype application pulling mostly from STD Guide.
informaticslab/JiraCalendarJavaThe Jira Calendar plugin--2
informaticslab/umlsiteJavaAn apache tomcat/maven for accessing the UMLS Metathesaurus.--1
informaticslab/bluebirdObjective-CGuided twitter messages for surveillance prototype.--1
informaticslab/508-ExtensionJavaScriptChrome Extension for testing 508 Web Accessibility--1
informaticslab/applabPHPWebsite for Mobile Apps using Bootstrap--1
informaticslab/apolloHTMLIntegrated Surveillance Portal web site.--7
informaticslab/elastic-showcaseJavaScriptAngular application to showcase what the IIU has learned from building an application with elasticsearch.--3
informaticslab/umlsoapjavaJavaLibrary for connecting to UMLS metathesaurus in Java--1
informaticslab/std1Objective-CSTD Guide, Version 1 prototype--2
informaticslab/informaticslab.github.comCSSPages repo--1
informaticslab/esquire1JavaScriptFirst generation code for Esquire project --3
informaticslab/yodaJavaScriptElastic Showcase--3
informaticslab/anubis_ionicJavaScriptIonic - Death Reporting Certification Guideline --1
informaticslab/sitemonPythonMonitor sites and servers--1
informaticslab/lifeguardObjective-CLocation based app for iOS.
informaticslab/appl-py-dockCSSApp Lab using Django and Docker--1
informaticslab/nomenclatureJavaWeb prototype to demonstrate related laboratory ordering terms--1
informaticslab/lifeguard-flaskHTMLA Lifeguard backend test server built with Python and Flask--2
informaticslab/UMLServerJavaScriptA little Node/Express server that will serve anyone asking (primarily Jupiter) some UMLS term data from a MySQL database.--1
informaticslab/AngularTwoJavaScriptTesting code for Angular 2.0--0
informaticslab/lydia-watchkitSwiftApple Watch prototype of STD Tx Guide--1
informaticslab/healthnewsHTMLVisualization tool for public health related news surveillance.--2
informaticslab/phix--Public Health Information eXchange--1
informaticslab/sitecat--A SiteCatalyst-like Flask/Python web app--1
informaticslab/mmwr-navObjective-CMMWR Navigator iPad Prototype--2
informaticslab/mmwr-mapObjective-CMMWR Map Navigator Prototype--2
informaticslab/appl-pyCSSA Django-based mobile application showcase for PHIResearchLab--6
informaticslab/commsphere-gwtJavaWeb prototype for coordinating public health event communications--1
informaticslab/mobile-framework-testing-appsJavaScriptSet of small prototypes to test cross-platform developer tools.--1
informaticslab/pptgenJavaAn apache poi/tomcat/maven prototype for generating pptx from a website.--2
informaticslab/std2Objective-CSTD Guide iPhone Prototype, Version 2--2
informaticslab/anubis_ionic_v2JavaScriptanubis in ionic version 2
informaticslab/iiu-angular-starterJavaScriptAngular 1.X Project Starter--1
informaticslab/rpmsPHPCDC R&D Lab Research Project Management System
informaticslab/clipObjective-CCentral Line Insertion Practices (CLIP) adherence monitoring iPad app prototype--2
Innovation-Toolkit/passport-myusaJavaScriptPassportJS Authentication Strategy for
InternationalTradeAdministration/developerportalHTMLWelcome to the Trade Developer Portal. Through this site, the Federal government gives software developers access to authoritative information on U.S. exports and international trade via standard APIs. The data accessible here is targeted at helping U.S. small businesses export and expand their operations in overseas markets.--3
InternationalTradeAdministration/csl-search-legacyHTMLSearch the Consolidated Screening Lists--3
InternationalTradeAdministration/dbia--Doing Business in Africa landing page--1
InternationalTradeAdministration/automationHTMLITA QA Automation Repository--2
InternationalTradeAdministration/salesforceApexITA Saleforce Repo--12
ioos/compliance-checkerPythonPython tool to check your datasets vs compliance standards
ioos/pyoosJupyter NotebookA Python library for collecting Met/Ocean observations
ioos/conda-recipesJupyter Notebookconda-recipes for IOOS packages--16
ioos/erddapyJupyter NotebookPython interface for ERDDAP
ioos/thredds_crawlerPythonA crawler/parser for THREDDS catalogs
ioos/notebooks_demosJupyter NotebookNotebook demonstrations and examples
ioos/service-monitorPythonA web based catalog of IOOS services and datasets
ioos/BioData-Training-WorkshopHTMLIOOS Biological Data Training Workshop 2018 Materials--6
ioos/system-testJupyter NotebookIOOS DMAC System Integration Test project --10
ioos/ncmlPythonPython tools for manipulating NCML (NetCDF Markup) files--3
ioos/ioosngdacPythonIOOS National Glider Data Assembly Center (V2)--7
ioos/catalog-ckanJavaScriptIOOS Catalog as a CKAN extension
ioos/compliance-checker-webPythonWeb-based front-end for the IOOS Compliance Checker project
ioos/sos-injector-dbJavaInject stations/observations from an arbitrary database into an IOOS 52 North SOS
ioos/sos-injectorJavaInjection modules for registering sensors and inserting observations to an SOS (developed against 52 North)--5
ioos/ioos-netcdf-hugoCSSDescription of the IOOS NetCDF Metadata Profile and other related artifacts.--1
ioos/APIRUSPythonAPI for Regular, Unstructured and Staggered model output (or API R US)--5
ioos/metadataTransformationsXSLTXML Stylesheet Transformations to support (primarily) translations to/from ISO 19115-2 and views of ISO 19115-2. --3
ioos/i52n-sosJavaIOOS 52°North SOS
ioos/catalogPythonIOOS Catalog general repo for documentation and issues--5
ioos/registryCSSGetting data services registered in the IOOS Service Registry--6
ioos/metamapPythonIOOS Metadata Mapper frontend--1
ioos/model-data-framework--Documentation, tools and issues for implementing standardized tools for working with model data (data output from models)--1
ioos/phenomenaJavaGenerate static ontology members for IOOS parameters using Maven schemagen plugin--3
ioos/glidersHTMLThe front page / home page for IOOS National Glider DAC
ioos/glider-dacPythonThe IOOS Glider DAC site/scripts/tools--5
ioos/wickenPythonmetadata companion library for paegan data model
ioos/cf4jJavaCF Standard Names for Java--1
ioos/catalog-docker-ckan-harvestShellDocker Image for the CKAN Spatial Harvester Processes--2
ioos/freezing-avenger--Experiments in aggregating national met/ocean data into a single SOS instance. How big is too big?--1
ioos/comt_catalogPythonTHREDDS catalogs for
ioos/hfradar-dac-landingHTMLIOOS HF Radar DAC Landing Page
ioos/comtShellIOOS Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed. See:--4
ioos/odvcJupyter NotebookOcean Dimensionless Vertical Coordinates
ioos/comt_2--IOOS Testbed 2 Server NcML & metadata files--3
ioos/thredds-ugrid--:earth_americas: :beginner: IOOS COMT-funded project to support Unstructured Grid (UGRID) datasets in netCDF-Java and THREDDS--3
ioos/sos-injector-exampleJavaExample usage of the sos-injector
ioos/metadataValidations--Schemas and Schematrons for validating ISO 19115-2 and related standard metadata.--1
ioos/mbon-docsRubyMBON portal documentation--3
ioos/cc-plugin-nceiPythonCompliance Checker Plugin for NCEI Templates
ioos/atn-dacHTML:fish: Landing page for the IOOS Animal Telemetry Network--2
ioos/ocean-acidificationHTMLLanding page for IOOS Ocean Acidification
ioos/atn-dac-landingHTMLIOOS Animal Telemetry Network DAC Landing Page
ioos/catalog-docker-ckanPLpgSQLDocker Image for the CKAN Web Service--3
ioos/ioos-sos-commonJavaShared IOOS SOS resources--1
ioos/ioos-usHTMLThe homepage for
ioos/vocabularies--Instructions and Guidelines for use of Controlled Vocabularies in IOOS-compliant data services--5
ioos/catalog-harvestingPythonPython Modules to synchronize third party metadata sources with a central metadata repository (WAF)
ioos/cisoJupyter NotebookCython iso surface calculator
ioos/cc-plugin-sgridPythonCompliance Checker Plugin for SGRID files:
ioos/sos-dif--IOOS SOS DIF Schema Documentation--1
ioos/ioossos2kmlPythonGenerate user-friendly, consistent KML's from IOOS SOS Milestone 1 end points, for fixed-location stations--1
ioos/atn-docsBatchfile:fish: Documentation for the IOOS Animal Telemetry Network Data Assembly Center--2
ioos/animal-telemetryCSS Ruby----21
ioos/sos-guidelinesCSS RubyGuidelines for development and deployment of the IOOS SOS v1.0--21
ioos/cc-plugin-ugridPythonCompliance Checker Plugin for UGRID:
ioos/ioos-sos-validatorJavaValidation library for IOOS SOS responses
ioos/catalog-docker-pycswShellDocker Image for the PyCSW Web Service Synchronized with CKAN--2
ioos/isobot--Crawler bot to update WAF for CSW catalogs--1
ioos/comt-landingHTMLIOOS COMT Landing page
ioos/cc-plugin-gliderPythonGliderDAC Compliance Checker plugin
ioos/flot_graph_examplesJavaScriptbeginning examples using the flot javascript library to graph from web services such as ncSOS,ndbc SOS and thredds(wms get feature info and ncss)--1
ioos/sensorml2isoPythonA simple Python module to query an IOOS SOS service for active sensors and output ISO 19115-2-compliant xml metadata following a template.
ioos/catalog-docker-baseShellDocker Image for the base CKAN build for all CKAN related images
ioos/comt_notebooksPythonSome Ipython notebooks used in the IOOS Coastal Ocean Modeling Testbed (COMT)--2
ioos/ioos-chrome--Icons and other stock IOOS material--1
ioos/catalog-harvest-registryJavaScriptWeb UI for registering and managing harvests
ioos/glider-dac-statusPythonStatus Application for Glider DAC--4
ioos/ioos-sos-issues-generic--A parking place for the general issues that are common for i52N and ncSOS--1
ioos/ncsos-deployment--NcSOS deployment best practices, successes and issues--1
ioos/comt_1_archive--IOOS Testbed 1 Server NcML & metadata files--2
ioos/conventions-for-observing-asset-identifiersCSS Ruby----21
ioos/ioos-csv-tsvCSS Ruby----21
ioos/osmcHTMLLanding page for IOOS OSMC page
ioos/eds--Environmental Data Server and web application for IOOS.--1
ioos/petulant-bearPythonPresents etree interface to netcdf4-python objects using NCML data model
ioos/glider-dac-monitoringPythonGlider Deployment Monitoring for GliderDAC--1
ioos/biological-data-servicesCSS Ruby----21
ioos/ioos-sos-compliance-testsEagleOGC CITE CTL tests for IOOS SOS implementations
ioos/ github pages--4
ioos/ioos_jekyll_themeCSSJekyll theme for IOOS GitHub pages--3
ioos/total_water_prediction--Total Water Prediction Project--1
ioos/db2ncsosPerlscripts to go from database query or time-series files+simple metadata -> hash -> ncSOS/NODC compatible netcdf using file templates--1
IRSgov/IDES-Data-Preparation-Dot-NetC#The IDES Data Preparation .NET project repository demonstrates a sample working application developed using .NET Framework.
IRSgov/IDES-Data-Preparation-JavaJavaThe IDES Data Preparation Java project repository demonstrates a sample working application developed using Java.
IRSgov/IDES-Data-Preparation-OpenSSL--The IDES Data Preparation OpenSSL project repository demonstrates commands to encrypt data packets and decrypt notifications received from IDES.
IRSgov/IDES-Data-Preparation-UnixShellThe IDES Data Preparation Unix repository demonstrates a sample shell script for FATCA data packaging.--2
IRSgov/IRS-Privacy-Policy--Privacy Notice: This service is controlled and operated by a third party and is not an official government website. By interacting with the IRS through this service, you may be providing non-government third parties access to your personal information. The IRS does not keep or share any personally identifiable information that you provide through this service. The IRS strongly discourages you from providing sensitive personally identifiable information (such as your social security number or tax account information) and will delete any comments containing such information without responding.--2
KeplerGO/pykePythonEasy command line tools for Kepler, K2 & TESS data analysis.
KeplerGO/lightkurvePythonA friendly package for Kepler & TESS time series analysis in Python.
KeplerGO/ScientificOpportunitiesTeXA repository detailing important science project ideas with Kepler & K2 archive data.--3
KeplerGO/k2flixPythonCreate beautiful quicklook movies from the pixel data observed by NASA's Kepler/K2/TESS spacecraft.
KeplerGO/kpubPythonCurate publications related to NASA's Kepler/K2 missions using the ADS API.--4
KeplerGO/kadenzaPythonConverts raw cadence target data from the Kepler space telescope into astronomer-friendly FITS files.
KeplerGO/oktopusPython🐙: Maximum likelihood model estimation using scipy.optimize
KeplerGO/k2mosaicPythonMosaic Target Pixel Files (TPFs) obtained by NASA's Kepler/K2 missions into CCD-sized images and movies.
KeplerGO/KeplerScienceWebsiteHTMLWebsite for the Kepler/K2 Science Center.
KeplerGO/K2ephemPythonCommand-line tool to check whether a Solar System body is (or was) observable by NASA's K2 mission.
KeplerGO/K2fovPythonCheck whether targets are in the field of view of NASA's K2 space telescope
KeplerGO/kepler-3d-printing-model--Print your own Kepler spacecraft!--1
KeplerGO/K2FootprintFilesPythonMachine-readable files that detail the footprints of the K2 Campaign fields.--2
KeplerGO/k2-visibility-appPythonA web app to check the visibility of targets in K2 Campaign 16.--1
KeplerGO/k2-quality-controlPythonAutomated quality control of Kepler/K2 data products.--2
KeplerGO/kepler-dashboardHTMLA metrics dashboard for NASA's Kepler and K2 missions--1
KeplerGO/PyKE-sandboxPythonA backwards-incompatible, python3 compatible, pyraf-free version of PyKE: a suite of tools to analyze Kepler/K2 data --1
KeplerGO/k2-footprint-plotsPythonBeautiful plots of K2's Campaign footprints--2
KeplerGO/kepler-science-tutorials--Illuminating science tutorials with Kepler/K2--1
KeplerGO/lightkurve-paperTeXdump: wrote maskfile.txt--4
KeplerGO/KeplerHackWeekCSSWebsite for the Kepler Hack Week--2
KeplerGO/YouHadOneJobPythonScripts that had one job.--1
KeplerGO/slack-gobotCoffeeScriptA bot for Kepler GO's slack channel.--1
KeplerGO/K2shirtPythonGenerate a sick K2 t-shirt.--1
KeplerGO/epicwashPythonPrevents K2 EPIC catalogues from containing pre-existing or duplicate entries.--1
KeplerGO/old-ideasJupyter NotebookIdeas for projects related to Kepler/K2--2
LibraryOfCongress/bagit-pythonPythonWork with BagIt packages from Python.
LibraryOfCongress/concordiaPythonCrowdsourcing platform for full text transcription and tagging
LibraryOfCongress/bagit-javaJavaJava library to support the BagIt specification.
LibraryOfCongress/chronamPythonThis software project is no longer being actively developed at the Library of Congress. Consider using the Open-ONI ( fork of the chronam software. Project mailing list:
LibraryOfCongress/data-explorationJupyter Notebook----6
LibraryOfCongress/baggerJavaThe Bagger application packages data files according to the BagIt specification.
LibraryOfCongress/viewshareJavaScriptA web application developed by Zepheira for the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) which allows users to create and share embeddable interfaces to digital cultural heritage collections. A project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects.
LibraryOfCongress/gazetteerPythonA historical gazetteer project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects. --2
LibraryOfCongress/bagger-jsJavaScriptUpload BagIt-format deliveries to S3 entirely in the browser--4
LibraryOfCongress/wdl-viewerJavaScriptA fast, responsive HTML5 viewer for scanned items, developed for the World Digital Library. A project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects.--1
LibraryOfCongress/django-tabular-exportPythonUtilities used to export data into spreadsheets from Django applications. Currently used internally at the Library of Congress in the WDL cataloging application.
LibraryOfCongress/premis-v3-0--PREMIS schemas are written in XML. They are open source community tools that allow PREMIS users to validate PREMIS records against a version of the PREMIS schema.--2
LibraryOfCongress/bagit-conformance-suitePythonTest cases for validating BagIt implementations--3
LibraryOfCongress/MarcMods3.6xslXSLTMARC>MODS--the mappings and corresponding XSLTs are open source community tools developed by NDMSO at LC.--3
LibraryOfCongress/iptables-gemRubyA project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects.--1
LibraryOfCongress/pimtoolboxRubyThe Library of Congress and the Florida Center for Library Automation developed the PREMIS in METS (PiM) Toolbox. The project provides PREMIS:METS conversion and validation tools that support the implementation of PREMIS in the METS container format.--1
LibraryOfCongress/mods2bibframeXSLTmods2bibframe XSLT --2
LibraryOfCongress/pairtreeCSSA project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects.
LibraryOfCongress/MarcMods3.5xslXSLTMARC>MODS 3.5--the mapping and corresponding XSLT are open source community tools developed by NDMSO at LC.--3
LibraryOfCongress/simple-artifact-uploaderJavaA plugin for the Gradle build management tool that allows us to automatically upload completed binaries to the Artifactory deployment server.
LibraryOfCongress/ADCTestC++ADCTest is a desktop application, written in C++, that provides provides simple pass-fail reporting for the tests detailed in the FADGI Low Cost ADC Performance Testing Guidelines as well as more detailed results--2
LibraryOfCongress/inside-baseballPythonExplore baseball collections from the Library of Congress and the National Museum of African American History and Culture --2
LibraryOfCongress/locatorPythonLocator is a python parser for GPO locator code (or bell coded) files, focused on html conversion.--2
LibraryOfCongress/marc2mads20--MARC>MADS--the mappings and corresponding XSLTs are open source community tools developed by NDMSO at LC.--1
M-O-S-E-S/mgmTypeScriptMOSES Grid Manager--1
M-O-S-E-S/mosesShellmilitary open simulator enterprise strategy deployment--1
M-O-S-E-S/opensim-oar-utilitiesPythonA collection of scripts for operating on OpenSimulator OAR files--1
M-O-S-E-S/offline-messagesTypeScriptoffline messages service for Halcyon-based OpenSimulator grids--1
M-O-S-E-S/mgm-webclientTypeScriptReact.js client front-end for mgm api back-end--1
M-O-S-E-S/freeswitch-apiTypeScriptfsapi endpoint for OpenSim Voice, with endpoints for Halcyon.exe, freeswitch, and SLVoice.exe clients--1
M-O-S-E-S/mgm-nodePythonCommand and Control script used to allow mgm to start and stop processes on a separate host.--1
mcc-gov/data-mcc-govJavaScriptMillennium Challenge Corporation's Open Data Catalog--1
mcc-gov/IATI_GeneratorPHPCode that MCC uses to generate IATI XML v1.03--1
mcc-gov/gists--Just random snippets of code--1
mcc-gov/iati-genPythonScripts to generate IATI compliant file for MCC using data from MCC Open Data Catalog--2
mcc-gov/backendPythonBackend scripts to generate data from internal databases--1
mcc-gov/scrapersPythonTools to scrape or convert data--1
missioncommand/mil-sym-jsJavaScriptMIL-STD-2525 symbol rendering JavaScript library for modern web applications
missioncommand/mil-sym-javaJavaMIL-STD-2525 B and C rendering library and web service
missioncommand/emp3-webJavaScriptExtensible Map Platform (EMP) web development kit
missioncommand/mil-sym-androidJavaMIL-STD-2525 symbol rendering library
missioncommand/emp3-androidJavaExtensible Map Platform (EMP) Android Development Kit
missioncommand/missioncommand.github.ioHTMLRepository for the Mission command Open Source Github Pages site--1
missioncommand/emp3-android-examplesJavaExtensible Map Platform (EMP) Android development kit reference implementation examples
missioncommand/emp3-mirror-cacheJavaGeospatial data sharing and collaboration service--2
nasa/openmctJavaScript JavaA web based mission control framework.
nasa/NASA-3D-ResourcesMathematicaHere you'll find a growing collection of 3D models, textures, and images from inside NASA.--2
nasa/mctJavaOpen MCT has moved to and is now a web application. The desktop version is retained here for posterity.--14
nasa/earthdata-searchRubyEarthdata Search is a web application developed by NASA EOSDIS to enable data discovery, search, comparison, visualization, and access across EOSDIS' Earth Science data holdings.--20
nasa/trickC++Trick Simulation Environment. Trick provides a common set of simulation capabilities and utilities to build simulations automatically.
nasa/World-Wind-JavaC++World Wind, an open source 3D interactive world viewer, was created by NASA's Learning Technologies project, and released in mid-2004. It is now developed by NASA staff and open source community developers.--0
nasa/api-docsJavaScriptThe API documentation for several NASA APIs. --3
nasa/XPlaneConnectCThe X-Plane Communications Toolbox is a research tool used to interact with the X-Plane flight simulator
nasa/ site leveraging the Open Source Catalog on, powered by Polymer--9
nasa/osalCOperating System Abstraction Layer
nasa/Open-Source-CatalogJavaScriptcontains the NASA open source software catalog for automatic deployment to
nasa/apod-apiPythonAstronomy Picture of the Day API service--6
nasa/eefsCEEPROM File System--1
nasa/nasa-latex-docsTeXOfficial Documentation: --4
nasa/CrisisMappingToolkitPythonNASA Ames Crisis Mapping Toolkit
nasa/QuIPCQuIP provides an interactive environment for computing and presenting images and image sequences, manipulating and storing arbitrary data, and general scientific computing and plotting. The current release supports unix-like operating systems (tested on Linux and Mac OSX), and Apple's iOS mobile operating system. GPU acceleration is supported with either CUDA or OpenCL. There is built-in support for psychophysical experimentation, with general-purpose staircase routines and analysis of psychometric functions.--2
nasa/T-MATSHTMLAn open source thermodynamic modeling package completed on behalf of NASA. The Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS) package offers a MATLAB/Simulink toolbox that gives a developer the ability to create simulations of such thermodynamic systems as turbomachinery and gas turbines. Keywords: TMATS, Control System, Numerical Methods, Newton-Raphson, Jacobian Calculation, Propulsion, Aircraft Engine, Jet, Turbofan, Turbojet, Compressor, Turbine, Nozzle, Inlet, open source
nasa/NASTRAN-93FORTRANNASTRAN is the NASA Structural Analysis System, a finite element analysis program (FEA)--1
nasa/DERTJavaDERT is an open source software tool for exploring NASA's digital terrain models in 3D
nasa/astrobeeC++ JavaNASA Astrobee Robot Software--1
nasa/pvslibPythonNASA PVS Library of Formal Developments--4
nasa/autodoc--Create Microsoft Documents automatically using Text and Template files--1