Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a production API?

A: No this is strictly for reference purposes.

Q: Where is the production endpoint?

A: That is not available because this is not for production usage.

Q: How did you make the design decisions for this API?

A: We are using the draft GSA API Standards. This API is meant to demonstrate those.

Q: Which parts of the API Standards does this demonstrate?

A: It does not demonstrate all of them (yet). However, you can learn about the standards it does demonstrate here: Implementation of API Standards.

Q: Where did you get that great API documentation?

A: Glad you asked! You can find that documentation here:

Q: Where can I view the source code of this API?

A: You can find the source code here:

Q: Are these fares valid in either direction?

A: Yes. All fares are valid in either direction.

Q: Are these fares one-way or round-trip?

A: All fares are listed one-way.

Q: Are domestic and international fares queried the same way?

A: No. For domestic routes, please use the airport code. City codes (e.g., Washington(WAS)) are for use with international routes.

Q: Can you provide a sample API client or SDK for this API?

A: We are not providing these at this time. However, some tools can generate API clients based on the OpenAPI Specification 2.0 format in this file: citypairs.json. One example of tools is the online Swagger Editor: We do not provide any guarantees of functionality or security of these tools.