Field reference for City Pairs data

The fields below are returned in the City Pairs data. Currently the API returns the physical element names from the CSV file. We may modify this in the future.

City Pairs fields
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Field name Description Data type
ID Unique identifier. integer
ITEM_NUM Item number. string
AWARD_YEAR Award Year. string
ORIGIN_AIRPORT_ABBREV Origin Airport Abbreviation. string
DESTINATION_AIRPORT_ABBREV Destination Airport Abbreviation. string
ORIGIN_CITY_NAME Origin City Name. string
ORIGIN_STATE Origin State. string
ORIGIN_COUNTRY Origin Country. string
DESTINATION_CITY_NAME Destination City Name. string
DESTINATION_STATE Destination State. string
DESTINATION_COUNTRY Destination Country. string
AIRLINE_ABBREV Airline Abbreviation. string
AWARDED_SERV Awarded Serv. string
PAX_COUNT PAX Count. string
YCA_FARE YCA Fare. integer
XCA_FARE XCA Fare. integer
BUSINESS_FARE Business Fare. integer
ORIGIN_AIRPORT_LOCATION Origin Airport Location. string
DESTINATION_AIRPORT_LOCATION Destination Airport Location. string
ORIGIN_CITY_STATE_AIRPORT Origin City State Airport. string
DESTINATION_CITY_STATE_AIRPORT Destination City State Airport. string
EFFECTIVE_DATE Effective Date. date-time
EXPIRATION_DATE Expiration Date. date-time