Updated on June 26, 2015

The SAM API has a release of v3 of the standard API and release of v2 of the search API. The updated field references can be found here. Another new page which contains a better overview of the changes can be found in our Versioning document.

The latest version of our Data Dictionary is available for download which will give a deeper look into the SAM system and how it functions.


The SAM API is a RESTful method of retrieving public information about the businesses or individuals (referred to as “entities”) within the SAM data set. The information can currently be retrieved on an entity-by-entity basis. The initial SAM API release was introduced in June 2014 and allowed users of the API to retrievely publicly available entity data. The next iteration of the API, released in fall 2014, provided the ability to search SAM entity data.

In addition to the entity information, we also provide status and progress information. This is allowing us to build our SAM Status Tracker. The status refers to the status of the entity’s registration - whether they are working on their registration, waiting for a validation from the IRS or the DoD (CAGE), or are active, for example. The progress is most relevant for those who are working on their registration; it indicates whether a user has finished filling out different sections of their registrations, as well as the progress of their validations with external organizations such as the IRS or DoD. This should indicate how far along in the process a user is in completing the work they need to do in order to successful be registered in SAM.

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We organized this site into four major areas.

  • API basics introduces you to the operations offered by the API.
  • API calls gives you a hands-on experience of those operations with an interactive console.
  • Field reference lists and describes the type of information provided by the API.
  • Feedback provides a forum for developers to share feedback and report problems.