Standard Milestones and Gates


Release Planning

INPUT: Backlog / Business Requirements Document (BRD)
OUPUT: Product Owner Approved Release Plan

Performed at the beginning of the Release cycle, Product Owners work with the Scrum team to determine Initiatives and Features to be released.

Sprint Planning

INPUT: Backlog / BRD and Release Plan
OUPUT: ScrumMaster Approved Sprint Plan

Product Owner(s) work with Scrum team to plan out individual user stories to be tackled during the sprint


INPUT: Completed User Stories
OUPUT: Business Owner User Story Acceptance

Scrum team shows Product Owner(s) completed work and receives feedback that is used to create new User Stories as well as defects. Once Demo/UAT is completed, the Scrum team has their approval to promote accepted work to production.


INPUT: Completed Sprint
OUPUT: Architectural User Stories

The Scrum team reviews the activities during the previous sprint and develop architectural user stories that help improve availability, predictability, scalability, etc… to meet the customer need.

Backlog Grooming

INPUT: Backlog
OUPUT: Updated Backlog

Product Owner works with the Scrum team to define User Stories and prioritize the backlog for subsequent sprints.


This site is dedicated to documenting and sharing the TSD Agile SDLC Process. It is a living breating set of documentation that will grow as our divisions maturity with Agile grows

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