Task Management

  • Tasks should be no longer than 8 hours in length. If a task is estimated to take longer than 8 hours, it needs to be broken up into small sub tasks. E.g. A large program document such as an System Security Plan can be broken up several tasks related to the sections of the document, or the collection of information to populate the document.
  • Tasks are assigned to a single team member.
  • Each task should include an estimate of hours, and hours remaining. The estimate of hours does not change, but time remaining can be reduced or increased.

Types of Tasks that we should see in each User Story:

  • Fortify Scans,
  • SSP Updates,
  • Test Case Development and Execution
  • 508 Scans
  • Subversion check-in


This site is dedicated to documenting and sharing the TSD Agile SDLC Process. It is a living breating set of documentation that will grow as our divisions maturity with Agile grows

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