Agile Scrum Terminology

Term Definition
Product Owner The individual on the Scrum team who serves as the voice of the customer, and who has the authority to make decisions about the product or project being delivered. Owns the backlog.
ScrumMaster Team leader responsible to help the team communicate and collaborate, to protect the team, to remove impediments, to mature the team, to coordinate outside the team, and to guide the team in following agile practices and principles.
User Story A system requirement written from the point of view of the user or customer. Typically follows the format: “As a , I want because .” Roughly equates to a System Change Request (SCR).
Epic User Story An Epic User Story is a requirement that is so large, that it must be broken down into smaller chunks that can be completed in a single sprint.
Initiative An initiative is a grouping of features or User Stories that are planned out in releases. This can be roughly equated to a BCR or Business Capability Request.
Release A deployable software package that is usually the culmination of several iteration cycles of incremental deliverables, and/or those iterations as a group. A release can be internal or external.
Sprint / Iteration Block of time, typically one to four weeks long, in which a team plans, implements, and delivers a set of functionality.


This site is dedicated to documenting and sharing the TSD Agile SDLC Process. It is a living breating set of documentation that will grow as our divisions maturity with Agile grows

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