The vision of Digital Signature Solution (DSS) is to deploy a solution, which contributes to the Digital Government Strategy, enabling a truly digital and paperless GSA.

The key goals of Digital Signature solution are:

1) Security, Certainty & Confidence in Business Processes through:

 a. Authentication: establishes an identity for an electronic transaction
 b. Integrity: ensures data is in its original form and is not altered in any way en route to the recipient
 c. Non-Repudiation: binds signers to the information that they sign
 d. Auditability / Timestamp: defines who signed, the order, and when


3) Interoperability

4) ROI: Shortest Payback Period of all IT investments

Using the API

We built the API to be as self-documenting as possible, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, we organized this site into four major areas.

  • Getting started introduces you to the operations offered by the API.
  • API calls gives you a hands-on experience of those operations with an interactive console.
  • Field reference lists and describes the type of information provided by the API.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Contact Us If you need support or need to get in touch, this is the place to look.