Open and Structured Content Models Project

Always Future Ready
Two shared content models for "articles" and "events" – two commonly used content types on government web sites have been created to help government agencies easily publish content in multiple forms and on multiple platforms by a cross-agency working group sponsored by the Digital Services Innovation Center.

We Want You To

  1. Use and adapt these models within your own content management and publishing systems to help make your content platform agnostic and shareable with other agencies.
  2. Help us improve the models and plan our next steps by submitting pull requests or commenting on elements that you think should be included or need more clarification.

Keeping Up With The Open And Structured Content Modeling Conversation

The easiest way to keep up with what the working group is working on is to:

  1. Follow and join the conversation on GitHub.
  2. Keep up to date by reading articles on open and structured content that are being published on

About this Project/Working Group

In 2013, the Digital Services Innovation Center sponsored a cross-agency working group to develop shared and open content models for digital content across the federal government. The working group plans to create models for additional content types. In addition, members of the working group will help agencies adopt and adapt these models within their organizations through webinars and the DigitalGov platform. We also hope to foster a community of individuals and groups who are interested and wish to participate in this effort. We look forward to your comments, suggestions and contributions.