GSA Auctions API Data Fields

Data Name

Data type

Data Length


SaleNo String 11 This field identifies a specific sale number created by the region
LotNo Numeric 3 This code indicating the sequential order in which an item appears on an invitation for bid
AucStartDt String 10 Auction start date
AucEndDt String 10 Auction end date
ItemName String 69 This is the brief description of the item
PropertyAddr1 String 36 Agency name where property is located
PropertyAddr2 String 3 Agency 2nd line of clear text address
PropertyAddr3 String 36 P.O. Box/street address name of where property is located
PropertyCity String 29 Property location city
PropertyState String 2 Property location state
PropertyZip Numeric 9 Property location zip code
AuctionStatus String 1 Status of sale, values are A=Active, P=Preview, Space=Scheduled
SaleLocation String 36 Location of sale
LocationOrg String 36 Location organizational subdivision
LocationStAddr String 36 Location P.O. Box/Street address
LocationCity String 29 City sale Location
LocationST String 2 State abbreviation location
LocationZip Numeric 9 Sale location zip code
BiddersCount Numeric 5 Number of Bidders on the sale
LotSequence Numeric 3 Lot Sequence Number
LotDescript String 50 Lot Description
Instruction1 String 63 Special Inspection Instructions Line 1
Instruction2 String 63 Special Inspection Instructions Line 2
Instruction3 String 63 Special Inspection Instructions Line 3
ContractOfficer String 35 The Sales Contracting Officer that is assigned to the sale
COEmail String 65 The Email address for the Sales Contracting Officer that is assigned to the sale
COPhone String 10 The Phone number for the Sales Contracting Officer that is assigned to the sale
Reserve Numeric 8.2 The minimum dollar amount that the sale must reach before it may be awarded to a bidder
AucIncrement Numeric 6.2 The bid increment that the sale use during the bidding process
HighBidAmount Numeric 8.2 Highest bid amount
InactivityTime Numeric 4 The period of time in minutes that there is no bidding activity on a sale
AgencyCode String 3 Agency Code
BureauCode String 3 Bureau Code
AgencyName String 80 Agency Name
BureauName String 80 Bureau Name
ItemDescURL String 72 Item description URL
ImageURL String 66 URL of an item image

Common RESTful API Objects

Date Object
The date format is in ISO 8601, in UTC.

Example: 2013-02-27