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U. S. General Services Administration

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The GSA has processes and systems in place and properly functioning to efficiently and effectively analyze and coordinate FOIA requests. The GSA has a very small FOIA backlog that the Department of Justice does not define as significant. The majority of these are extremely voluminous requests or ones that require significant research and search time and coordination across many regions and offices throughout the agency.

The GSA continues to improve FOIA performance and proactive disclosure through the use of technology and overall process improvement. The GSA FOIA Office goals focus on the further integration of technology to promote proactive disclosure. In every instance possible, the GSA operates with a “presumption of openness” in our release of information to the public. We utilize new technology and manage our FOIA operations in a manner that strengthens our response processes, promotes proactive disclosure and maximizes our customer service level with the general public.

  • On October 1, 2014, the GSA began using FOIAonline to manage Freedom of Information Act Requests and is the GSA’s repository for all records released under FOIA. With FOIAonline you can submit FOIA requests online, track the status of requests, search for requests submitted by others, access previously released records, and generate agency-specific FOIA reports.
  • In addition, the GSA FOIA Office has an easily accessible website at that includes:
    • (1) a description of our organizational structure for FOIA operations, with all specific contact information for the agency Chief FOIA Officer, FOIA Public Liaison, and the FOIA Requester Services Center Program Manager;
    • (2) descriptions and instructions about the process for responding to FOIA requests and how to submit a FOIA request; and
    • (3) links to agency FOIA Reports, including annual and quarterly FOIA Reports and Chief FOIA Officer Reports. The site also contains other pertinent information regarding the GSA FOIA office and operations and information to assist the general public.