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Open Government Plan 2016 - 2018

U. S. General Services Administration

GSA Open Government

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has been a leader in fulfilling both the letter and spirit of President Obama's Open Government Directive. Through aggressive public engagement and collaboration across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, GSA has made significant strides in helping to create an open, transparent and accountable government. Today, GSA continues to provide tools that create a more effective and responsive government for the American public.

GSA is responsible for annual purchases of more than $65 billion in products and services, nearly 10,000 buildings nationwide and more than 200,000 government vehicles. The GSA Federal Acquisition Service is the lead Federal government organization for procurement of products and services. The GSA Public Buildings Service acquires space on behalf of the Federal Government through new construction and leasing, and acts as a caretaker for Federal properties across the country. The Office of Government-wide Policy develops analysis-based government-wide policies to encourage agencies to develop and utilize the best, most cost effective management practices for the conduct of their specific programs. The Technology Transformation Service makes advanced technological solutions available for all agencies to use in providing quality citizen services. Since we are the business arm of the government, and an agency with government-wide policymaking duties, it is important for GSA’s operations, processes and initiatives to be as open as possible.

This is the fourth update of GSA’s Open Government Plan. It continues our efforts to raise the bar on good management and demands higher standards of accountability by asking the public to become active participants in our government. As Federal agencies become more responsive to the public, they will become better stewards and smarter users of taxpayer dollars.