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Open Government Plan 2016 - 2018

U. S. General Services Administration

Public Notice

The GSA’s Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) creates opportunities to engage new and existing stakeholders in support of the GSA’s mission. Our vision is to create a coordinated enterprise outreach strategy that enables the GSA stakeholders to have a better understanding and to increase their knowledge of the agency and our services. With this scope of purpose, public engagement activities include:

  • Use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to amplify messaging of press material, training, workshops, and informational sessions and to conduct live Twitter town halls and Facebook conversations with industry organizations on agency programs
  • Coordinating industry leader-stakeholder roundtables on various topics relating to agency activities and business
  • Holding national conference calls with industry stakeholders to provide insight into agency priorities and business
  • Identifying new and exciting opportunities for speaking engagements with senior leaders at a national level to address industry and small business leaders on the GSA’s programs and initiatives
  • Forming strategic partnerships with our federal partners to collaborate and amplify initiatives at local and national levels
  • Collaborating with the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.

OCM also handles external media requests, staffs events where media will be present, and proactively pitches the agency’s good news to media outlets. Our goal is to communicate the GSA’s strategy and plans to help create a more transparent and open agency. With this scope of purpose, media affairs activities include, but are not limited to:
- Use of press releases and other traditional public relations to create a more transparent and open agency - Providing public access to the GSA releases, testimony and the latest agency news on the Newsroom - Posting an agency blog that promotes the work of our GSA regions
- Using social media (Facebook, Twitter) to better communicate and collaborate with the public and gather input from industry leaders and citizens
- Disseminating strategic messages to help promote the agency mission and goals